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The Sasuke Retrieval Squad is a five-man band mined from four groups of 3-person five-man-bands. Some hats get swapped in the process.

The Leader Shikamaru
The Lancer Naruto
The Chick Chouji
The Smart Guy Neji
The Big Guy Kiba
Sixth Ranger Rock Lee
Team Pet Akamaru

And in the Konoha History Arc

The Leader Shikamaru
The Lancer Naruto
The Smart Guy Sakura
The Big Guy Choji
The Chick Ino
Sixth Ranger Sasuke

Shippuden tends to fall this way:

The Hero Naruto
The Lancer Sai
The Smart Guy Kakashi
The Big Guy Yamato
The Chick Sakura
The Sixth Ranger Shikamaru

Ninin ga Shinobuden

The Hero Shinobu
The Lancer Sasuke
The Big Guy Onsokumaru
The Smart Guy Miyabi
The Chick Kaede

Noein: To Your Other Self

The Hero Yu Goto
The Lancer Isami Fujiwara
The Big Guy Ai Hasebe
The Smart Guy Miho Mukai
The Chick Haruka Kaminogi

One Piece: The Straw Hat Pirates

The Hero Luffy
The Lancer Zoro
The Big Guy Sanji (Also occasional Smart Guy), Franky and Chopper when he's in his chunky form
The Smart Guy Usopp, Robin, and Chopper (when he's being a doctor), sometimes Nami
The Chick Nami, sometimes Usopp
Tagalong Kid & Team Pet Chopper
Team Mom/Cool Big Sis Robin (initially a Sixth Ranger); previously Nami also held this position.
Sixth Ranger Brook

And now we have the Jailbreak Gang, with some elements from a Five-Bad Band as well:

The Hero Luffy
The Lancer Mr. 2 Bon Kurei
The Big Guy Jinbei
The Smart Guy Buggy & Ivankov
The Chick Mr. 3
Token Evil Teammate Crocodile
The Dragon Mr. 1
Sixth Ranger Inazuma, who is Ivankov's Lancer.

Ojamajo Doremi

The Hero Doremi
The Lancer Onpu
The Smart Guy Hazuki
The Chick Momoko
The Big Guy Aiko
Sixth Ranger Hana-Chan
Tagalong Kid Pop

Ouran High School Host Club

The Hero Tamaki
The Lancer Kyouya (also The Smart Guy)
The Big Guy Mori and Hani
The Smart Guy Hikaru and Karou (who are also a bit of a The Lancer)
The Chick Haruhi (also the Sixth Ranger)
Tagalong Kid Honey

Outlaw Star

The Hero Gene Starwind
The Lancer Jim Hawkings (also The Smart Guy)
The Big Guy Aisha ClanClan (also The Lancer)
The Smart Guy Gilliam (also the Team Pet)
The Chick Melfina
Sixth Ranger Twilight Suzuka (even though she actually joined the crew before Aisha did)


The Hero Gene Starwind
The Lancer Aisha ClanClan
The Big Guy Twilight Suzuka
The Smart Guy Jim Hawkings
The Chick Melfina
Team Pet Gilliam

Pani Poni Dash!

The Hero Rebecca Miyamoto
The Lancer Himeko Katagiri
The Big Guy Miyako Uehara
The Smart Guy Rei Tachibana
The Chick Sayaka Suzuki
The Generic Guy Kurumi Momose
Sixth Ranger Media
Token Evil Teammate Ichijou
Team Pet Mesousa

Paradise Kiss

The Heroine Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
The Lancer Jouji "George" Koizumi
The Big Guy Arashi Nagase
The Smart Guy Daisuke Isabella Yamamoto
The Chick Miwako Sakurada
Sixth Ranger Hiroyuki Tokumori

Petite Princess Yucie

The Hero Yucie
The Lancer Greta
The Big Guy Elmina
The Smart Guy Cocoloo
The Chick Beth
Sixth Ranger The judge who represents the Magic World


Hero Wannabe Ash Ketchum
Lancer-in-Chief Pikachu
The Smart Guy Brock
The Big Guy Togepi
The Chick Misty

Powerpuff Girls Z

The Hero Momoko/Blossom/Hyper-Blossom
The Lancer / The Big Guy Kaoru/Buttercup/Powered Buttercup
The Chick Miyako/Bubbles/Rolling Bubbles
The Smart Guy/Tagalong Kid Ken
Mentor Archetype Professor Utonium
Team Pet Poochi/Peach
Sixth Ranger Shirogane Z (Mojo Jojo mistakenly believes that is one)

Prétear - Leafe Knights

The Hero Hayate
The Lancer Sasame
The Big Guy Go
The Smart Guy Kei
Tagalong Kids Mannen, Hajime, and Shin
The Chick / Eighth Ranger Himeno (she's been chosen by the Leafe Knights)
Team Pet Tippi

The Prince of Tennis - Seigaku version (again, more charas than in the usual Five Man Band, but they take turns at one or another role. This counts for all teams.)

The Hero Two: Ryoma Echizen and Kunimitsu Tezuka
The Lancer Takeshi Momoshiro (Echizen's Lancer), Shuusuke Fuji (Tezuka's)
The Big Guy(s) Eiji Kikumaru (also The Hero), Kaoru Kaidoh, Takashi Kawamura
The Smart Guy Sadaharu Inui
The Chick Syuichirou Oishi (also The Lancer to Eiji when they play)
Team Pet(s) and Tagalong Kid(s) Sakuno, Tomoka, the first years
The Mentor Ryuzaki-sensei, sometimes Nanjirou and Yamato

The Prince of Tennis - Hyoutei version

The Hero Keigo Atobe
The Lancer(s) Ryo Shishido and Yuushi Oshitari
The Big Guy Munehiro Kabaji
The Smart Guy Yuushi Oshitari
The Chick(s) Gakuto Mukahi, Choutarou Ohtori (as the "nice one" or "mediator")
Sixth Ranger Hiyoshi Wakashi
Sacrificial Lamb Haginosuke Taki (actually "executed" by Shishido, to get back on the team)
The Mentor Tarou Sakaki

The Prince of Tennis - Fudomine version

The Hero and The Mentor Kippei Tachibana
The Lancer Akira Kamio
The Big Guy Tetsu Ishida
The Smart Guy Shinji Ibu
The Chick(s) Masaya Sakurai, Kyousuke Uchimura, Tatsunori Mouri (mostly by default, but they have potential to fill other roles)
Team Pet An Tachibana

The Prince of Tennis - Rikkaidai version

The Hero Seiichi Yukimura
The Lancer Genichirou Sanada
The Big Guy Akaya Kirihara (inversion via Unstoppable Rage since he's not as tall as the rest of the team members)
The Smart Guy Masaharu Niou, Hiroshi Yagyuu, Bunta Marui (self-proclaimed genius) and Renji Yanagi (The Genius Bruiser Yanagi is the most standard version, but Yagyuu and Niou are two dangerous Masters Of Disguise, and Niou is a Master of Illusion)
The Chick Jackal Kuwahara (Team Mom version)
Tagalong Kid Shiita Urayama

The Prince of Tennis - Shitenhouji version

The Hero Kuranosuke Shiraishi
The Lancer Kenya Oshitari (Lightning Bruiser)
The Big Guy(s) Gin Ishida (Genius Bruiser) and Kintarou Tooyama (not big, but he's ridiculously strong and a Genius Ditz Wild Child)
The Smart Guy(s) Koharu Konjiki and Hikaru Zaizen
The Chick Yuuji Hitouji (by default)
Sixth Ranger Senri Chitose
The Mentor Osamu Watanabe

The Prince of Tennis - Yamabuki version

The Anti-Hero Jin Akutsu
The Lancer Kiyosumi Sengoku
The Big Guy(s) Masami Higashikata, Kentarou Minami
The Smart Guy(s) Nitobe and Kita
The Chick and Team Pet Taichi Dan
Sixth Ranger Touji Muromachi
Trickster Mentor Mikiya Banda (aka Banji)

The Prince of Tennis - Seigaku's Tagalong Kids can be seen as a Five-Man Band, themselves

The Hero and The Chick Sakuno Ryuzaki
The Lancer Tomoka Osakada
The Big Guy Satoshi Horio
The Smart Guy Katsuo Mizuno
The (other) Chick Kachirou Kato

Princess Tutu - Near the end

The Hero Mytho
The Lancer Princess Tutu
The Big Guy Autor
The Smart Guy Fakir
The Chick Rue

Psycho Busters - The young phychics

The Hero Kakeru
The Lancer Joi
The Big Guy Kaito
The Smart Guy Xiao Long
The Chick Ayano

Psyren - The main group of Drifters

The Hero Ageha
The Lancer Oboro
The Big Guy Hiryuu (of the Genius Bruiser variety)
The Smart Guy Kabuto
The Chick Sakurako (but rather of the Lady of War kind)
The Mentor Matsuri

Psyren - The Elmore kids

The Hero Fredrica (sometimes The Lancer to Marie)
The Lancer Shao (also The Smart Guy)
The Big Guy Kyle
The Chick Marie (sometimes The Hero)
The Medic Van
The Sixth Ranger Ageha
The Mentor Tenjuin Elmore

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - subverted like hell, naturally

The Hero / The Chick Kaname Madoka
The Lancer Miki Sayaka
The Big Guy Akemi Homura
The Mentor Tomoe Mami
Team Pet Kyuubey
Sixth Ranger Sakura Kyouko

Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Spin-Off, Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, has the Pleiades Saints.

The Hero Saki Asami (clearly the one in charge)
The Lancer Nico Kanna (with some elements of The Smart Guy)
The Smart Guy Umika Misaki (with some elements of The Lancer)
The Big Guy Kaoru Maki and Mirai Wakaba
The Chick Satomi Usagi
The Heart Kazumi (formerly The Hero)
Team Pet Jubey

Real Bout High School - The Shinsengumi

The Hero Ryoko Mitsurugi (The main character of the series)
The Lancer Aoi Asahina (Devout Catholic and Yamato Nadeshiko of sorts who knows G is in there somewhere)
The Big Guy(s) Megumi Momoi and Xiaoxing Huang (Tough grappler who puts herself though Training From Hell (with a pitching machine) and a tiny Anime Chinese Girl with Instant Knots)
The Smart Guy Midori Misato (The Cracker as a good guy)
The Chick Asuka Kuronari (Wannabe ninja; Extremely emotional)
The Tagalong Kid Hitomi Yuuki (Ryoko's best friend)

The Record of a Fallen Vampire - Bridget's original group

The Hero Bridget (has elements of The Smart Guy as well)
The Lancer Renka
The Big Guy Fuuhaku (he's the physically biggest character in the series, though we never see what he looks like underneath)
The Chick Ethel (he's several centuries younger than all the members except Yuki)
The Sixth Ranger Yuki

Record of Lodoss War - Parn's Party

The Hero Parn (Hot-blooded upstart swordsman. Originally wants to clear his father's name; later moves up to saving the world in general.)
The Lancer Etoh (Cleric; heals wounds, specializes in fighting ethereal demons. Shades of the Tagalong Kid.)
The Big Guy Ghim (Standard axe-wielding dwarf warrior. Makes up in strength what he lacks in height. Failure Knight.)
The Smart Guy Slayn (Wise wizard, old friend of Ghim. Occasionally pulls double duty as The Mentor.)
The Chick Deedlit (High elf fencer/elementalist. Parn's girlfriend.)
Sixth Ranger Woodchuck (Morally ambiguous thief, joins up last. Knife Nut.)

Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Student Council functions like a warped version of a Five Man Band:

The Hero Touga (he's definitly not the Hero, but he's good at looking like one)
The Lancer Saionji
The Big Guy Juri
The Smart Guy Miki
The Chick Nanami

Robotech: Second Generation (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross)

The Hero Dana Stirling (Jeanne Francaix))
The Lancer Sean Phillips (Charles de Etouard)
The Big Guy Angelo Dante (Andrejz Slawski)
The Smart Guy Louie Nichols (Louis Ducasse)
The Chick Bowie Grant (Bowie Emerson)

Robotech: Third Generation (Genesis Climber Mospeada)

The Hero Scott (Stick) Bernard
The Lancer Rand (Ray)
The Big Guy Lunk (Jim Austen)
The Smart Guy Lancer (Ironically)
The Chick Rook
Tagalong Kid Annie (Mint)

Romeo X Juliet - The Capulet Resistence

The Heroine Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet
The Lancer and The Big Guy Curio
The Smart Guy Francisco
The Chick Cordelia (Team Mom)
Tagalong Kid Antonio (though he's more action-oriented than most) and later, Regan
The Mentor(s) Conrad (Team Dad), Lady Ariel, Ariel's son, Willy
Sixth Ranger(s) Tybalt, Romeo
Sacrificial Lamb Dr. Lancelot (who had traces of The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Traitor Camilo

Ronin Warriors

The Hero Ryo
The Lancer Alternatively Sage/Seiji and Cye/Shin, though the former better fits the mold
The Big Guy Kento/Shuu
The Smart Guy Rowen/Touma (ostensibly)
The Chick Mia/Nasuchi (Team Mom, also a bit of The Smart Guy and The Strategist thanks to her booksmarts. At times, Cye/Shin could also qualify.)
Team Pet White Blaze/Byakuen
The Sixth Ranger Anubis/Shuten, followed by Kayura
The Mentor The Ancient One/Kaosu
Tagalong Kid Yuli/Jun

Rosario to Vampire - The Newspaper Club

The Hero Tsukune/Outer Moka
The Lancer Kurumu
The Big Guy Mizore/Kokoa
The Smart Guy Ruby/Yukari
The Chick Inner Moka
The Sixth Ranger Gin/Fongfong

Rose of Versailles

The Hero Oscar Francois de Jarjayes (the local Action Girl and main character)
The Lancer Andre Grandier (Oscar's childhood friend and borderline Morality Pet. He's more agreeable than most Lancers, though)
The Big Guy Alain de Soissons (to whom Oscar applies Defeat Means Friendship)
The Smart Guy Bernard Chatelet (fast in making plans and strategies, an Intrepid Reporter)
The Chick Rosalie Lamorliere (Oscar's close friend, very emotional and sensitive)

Rurouni Kenshin

The Hero Kenshin
The Lancer Sanosuke
The Big Guy Yahiko (a Bratty Half-Pint who can take one heck of a beating)
The Smart Guy (Genius Bruiser) Saito
The Chick(s) Kaoru, Misao
The Sixth Ranger Aoshi
The Mentor Hiko
The Medic Megumi
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