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  • Darkwing Duck:
    • Taurus Bulba's Gang
    • Fearsome Five
      • Big Bad - Negaduck, the definite leader, who fits the other roles so well, too - right down to Dark Chick.
      • The Dragon - Megavolt, with a flashy, obvious power and a popularity that might just be the greatest both among the fandom and among the writers.
      • The Evil Genius - Bushroot, botanist whose plant attacks are relatively indirect and often bolstered by experimental chemistry.
      • The Brute - Liquidator, a water elemental whose innate power is potentially far greater in terms of raw threat than anyone else in the show, whose weakness is that he is relatively unimaginative.
      • The Dark Chick - Quackerjack, whose special ability is "wackiness" (his 'gimmick' of making deadly toys isn't a superpower).
  • Real Monsters
  • Samurai Jack: The Bounty Hunters
    • Big Bad - Princess Mira, a deposed royal desperate to regain her kingdom by killing Jack for Aku
    • The Dragon - Jujunga, an intimidating indigenous Australian whose blowdarts are tipped with the deadliest poisons.
    • The Evil Genius - I and Am, catlike creatures with Twin Telepathy and more cunning between them than the rest of the group, Mira excluded, combined.
    • The Brute - Boris, a tremendous Russian who doesn't know the meaning of the word "finesse." Overestimates his own abilities; His plan for killing Jack hinged on Jack's sword breaking against his skin. Extremely dimwitted.
    • The Dark Chick- The Gentleman, a Southern style dandy and master of the duel. Equipped with Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and Dual-Wielding knives
    • Bigger Bad - Aku
    • The Sinister Six (The Spectacular Spider-Man version)
      • Big Bad - Doctor Octopus, the leader of the bunch and probably the most competent.
      • The Dragon - Electro, who wields more raw power than anyone else on the team, and is also the most loyal to Doc Ock.
      • The Evil Genius - Vulture, a Gadgeteer Genius.
      • The Brute - Sandman and Rhino share the position.
      • The Dark Chick - Shocker. The closest thing to an ordinary guy on the team. While quite formidable, his teammates tend to outstrip him in power and/or smarts.
      • Sixth Ranger Traitor - Kraven the Hunter & Mysterio. They join the group briefly, but then leave to pursue their own interests.
  • Teen Titans
    • The Brotherhood of Evil
      • Big Bad and Evil Genius- The Brain (he's the leader of the whole group, and far away the most intelligent)
      • The Dragon- Monsieur Mallah (the Brain's loyal and powerful enforcer)
      • The Brute- Madame Rouge (she's not dumb, but uses brute force the most and usually gets sent to do kidnappings and killings)
      • The Dark Chick- General Immortus (why exactly was he there again? EXPERIENCE!)
  • Transformers Animated
    • Decepticons (Notably, they don't really come together like this until the final episodes)
      • Big Bad - Megatron
      • The Dragon - Starscream initially, then Blitzwing takes the role
      • The Evil Genius - Shockwave (Soundwave normally takes this role, but he never actually joins the group in this series)
      • The Brute - Lugnut
      • Wild Card - Starscream, along with all his clones
  • Transformers Prime
    • Big Bad- Megatron
    • The Dragon- Starscream though following his defection, the role now seems to rotate among Soundwave, Knock Out, and Airachnid, depending on Megatron's mood.
    • The Evil Genius- Soundwave and Knock Out (Soundwave is the espionage expert, Knock Out is tech advisor and medic)
    • The Brute- Breakdown
    • The Dark Chick- Airachnid
    • Sixth Ranger: Dreadwing, who joins in season 2 and several episodes later is promoted to the vacant Dragon position.


  1. Mainly in their first and most antagonistic appearance.
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