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  • The Cipher Admins (and their superiors) in Pokémon Colosseum
    • The Big Bad - Evice: Well he is the final boss.
    • The Dragon - Nascour: Although the game sets him up as the Big Bad, he's actually only the second-in-command.
    • The Evil Genius - Ein: Head scientist and the one in charge of making the Shadow Pokemon.
    • The Brute - Dakim: A hulking muscular guy who acts as Cipher's main enforcer. Fits the bill easily.
    • The Dark Chick - Lady Venus: The most feminine of the group who uses her beauty and acting talents to take over an entire town. Miror B. might also count but...
    • Sixth Ranger - Miror B.: Not technically separate, but notably distant from the rest of Cipher early on. He then defects from them in Pokemon XD.
  • Neo Team Rocket from Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver.
    • The Big Bad - Giovanni, as event Celebi shows.
    • The Dragon - Archer, the final executive, who disbands Team Rocket.
    • The Evil Genius - Petrel, the master of disguise.
    • The Brute - Proton, who is "often labeled as the scariest and cruelest guy in Team Rocket".
    • The Dark Chick - Ariana, though she introduces herself as "interim boss in the place of Giovanni", Archer seems to be the true leader of executives.
  • Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel - The Black Cross
    • Big Bad - Pamela Arwig
    • The Dragon - Eifer Skute
    • The Brute - Schirach Fühler
    • The Evil Genius - Lecht Refraktia
    • The Dark Chick - Rink Refraktia


  1. the only one of the five to try both a sneak attack and a boss fight before his stage even begins. His division in the Neo Arcadian army is also stated as the Intelligence Unit. He could also be considered the second Dragon as well, considering he's the most loyal to Copy X, to the point of trying to take Zero with him.
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