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  • Again, Lost - Season 4
  • Kamen Rider Gaim
    • Yggdrasill Corporation
      • Big Bad: Takatora Kureshima, head of Yggdrasill's Zawame City branch
      • The Dragon: Lock Dealer Sid, Yggdrasill's main enforcer and the one in charge of testing out Lockseeds by distributing them to the youths of Zawame City
      • Evil Genius: Ryoma Sengoku, head Mad Scientist and Number Two to Takatora
      • The Brute: Yoko Minato, Ryoma's Bodyguard Babe
      • Dark Chick: DJ Sagara, a "pirate" radio host who keeps the masses entertained and distracted from Yggdrasill's conspiracy
    • Also from Gaim are the Overlord Inves
  • Ultraman Mebius - The Four Heavenly Kings and their master
    • Big Bad: Alien Empera, the master of the Four Heavenly Kings and mastermind behind their invasion
    • The Dragon: Yapool, Empera's most fervent henchman and former Big Bad of Ultraman Ace
    • Evil Genius: Alien Mephilas, a cunning and manipulative warrior who uses advanced technology to brainwash people against Mebius
    • The Brute: Grozam, whose plan to defeat Mebius was just to face him in a one-on-one fight
    • Dark Chick: Deathrem, whose plan involved manipulating everyone into turning against Mebius
  • Game of Thrones - The second Targaryen invasion as of season six.
    • Big Bad: Daenerys
    • The Dragon: Yara
    • The Brute: Sand Snakes
    • Evil Genius: Tyrion
    • Dark Chick: Olenna
    • Sixth Ranger: Jon Snow
  • Game of Thrones - The Iron Throne as of season 7.
  • Gotham - Order of St Dumas.
  • Big Bad: Theo Galavan
  • The Dragon: Tabitha Galavan
  • The Evil Genius: Father Creel
  • The Brute: Jerome Valeska
  • The Dark Chick: Silver St Cloud.
  • Gotham - Arkham Asylum (season 2).
  • Big Bad:Hugo Strange
  • The Dragon:Dr Peabody
  • The Evil Genius: Mr Freeze later Ed Nygma
  • The Brute: Azrael (Theo Galavan)
  • The Dark Chick: Firefly.
  • Gotham - The Court of Owls.
  • Big Bad: Sensei
  •  The Dragon: Kathryn Monroe
  •  The Evil Genius: Hugo Strange
  •  The Brute: Execiutoner
  •  The Dark Chick: 514A
  •  Bigger Bad: Ra's Al Ghul.
  •  Gotham - Sofia Falcone's Gang
  •  Big Bad: Sofia Falcone
  •  The Dragon:Professor Pyg
  •  The Evil Genius: Barbara Kean
  •  The Brute: Tabitha Galavan
  •  The Dark Chick: Selina Kyle
  •  Gotham - Legion of Horribles
  •  Big Bad: Jerome Valeska
  •  Co-Dragons: Mad Hatter and Scarecrow
  •  The Evil Genius: Mr Freeze
  •  The Brute: Solomon Grundy
  •  The Dark Chick: Firefly
  •  The Sixth Ranger Traitor: Penguin.
  •  Gotham - League of Shadows
  •  Big Bad: Ra's Al Ghul
  •  The Dragon: Nyssa Al Ghul
  •  The Evil Genius: Hugo Strange
  •  The Brute: Bane
  •  The Dark Chick: Barbara Kaen.

Arrow: Blood Cult

Big Bad: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

The Dragon: Isabel Rochev/Ravager

The Evil Genius: Sciencist

The Brute(s): Cyrus Gold later Deathstroke's army​

The Dark Chick: Brother Blood.​​​​​​

Arrow: League of Assassin's

Big Bad: Ra's al Ghul

The Dragon/Brute: Sarab (Maseo Jamashiro)

The Evil Genius: Al Sah Her (Malcolm Merlyn)

The Dark Chick: Nyssa al Ghul

Starscream: Al Sah Him (Oliver Queen).

Arrow: HIVE

Big Bad: Damien Darhk

Co-dragons: Malcolm Merlyn and Murmur

The Evil Genius: Cooper Sheldon

Brutes: Andy Diggle and Brick

The Dark Chick: Ruve Adams

The Sixth Ranger Traitor: Quentin Lance and Anarky

Starscream: Partners.

Arrow: Prometheus team

Big Bad: Adrian Chase/Prometheus

The Dragon: Black Siren

The Evil Genius: Talia al Ghul

The Brutes: Derek Sampson and Captain Boomerang

The Dark Chick: Evelyn Sharp.

Arrow: Helix

 Big Bad: Cayden James

 The Dragon: Ricardo Diaz

 The Evil Genius: Anatoly Knyazev

 The Brute: Vigilante

 The Dark Chick: Black Siren.

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