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    • Ser Gregor Clegane's Band
      • The Big Bad -- Gregor Clegane, the leader of the band.
      • The Dragon -- Chiswyck, one of Clegane's most prominent (and cruelest) soldiers.
      • The Evil Genius -- Raff the Sweetling, shown to be more clever than the average brute.
      • The Brute -- "The Tickler", who serves as Clegane's head torturer, despite being of average size and appearance.
      • The Dark Chick -- Shitmouth, who is stated to be kinder and more gentle than the others (though that isn't saying much.)
    • The Iron Throne and it's allies (Houses) as of book 3. See Five-Man Band/Literature for a different interpretation.
      • Big Bad/Dragon-in-Chief - Lannister
      • Tagalong Kid - Baratheon of King's Landing
      • The Brute - Bolton
      • Evil Genius - Frey
      • Dark Chick - Tyrell

The human villains in David Eddings' The Elenium present an interesting example

  Kalten (describing the villains so they can be located): Adus is easy. Just put armour on a gorilla and you've got him.

The villains in David Eddings' The Tamuli

  • Sword of Truth, Sisters of the Dark AKA The Viper
    • Big Bad - Sister Ulicia (undisputed leader, probably the most powerful)
    • The Dragon - Sister Armina (closest to Ulicia's age, her right hand, last one to die before Ulicia)
    • Evil Genius - Sister Tovi, Sister Cecilia (least attractive but the primary schemers after Ulicia)
    • The Brute - Sister Merissa, Sister Liliana (cruelest and most impulsive by far)
    • Dark Chick / Sixth Ranger Traitor - Sister Nicci (wildly different motives and outlook, considered "different" by the others, ultimately betrays them)

 [1] One of the comparatively rare cases where the gender of the characters involved doesn't quite match up to those of their archetypes: Three is female, Two isn't.

The Career Tributes from The Hunger Games:

Lucifer's followers, Paradise Lost

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