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DC Comics

  • The Flash Rogues (current, not Silver Age)
    • The Big Bad - Captain Cold, the unequivocal leader
    • The Dragon - Heat Wave, the only one who ever challenges Cold's authority
    • The Evil Genius - Weather Wizard, a histrionic scientist who developed his own equipment
    • The Brute - Mirror Master, easily the most powerful of the lot and the most brutal killer
    • The Dark Chick - The Trickster, a relative newcomer still earning his keep in the group
  • The inner circle of the Society during the Infinite Crisis
    • Big Bad: Lex Luthor, feared by all of the others and questioned by none of them. Eventually revealed to in fact not be Luthor but his even worse counterpart from another dimension.
    • The Dragon: Deathstroke, the world's most expensive assassin and a match for the entire Justice League.
    • Evil Genius: The Calculator, a former joke villain who has since become the underworld's greatest source of information.
    • The Brute: Dr. Psycho, always the first to advocate violence despite being physically weak himself. Usually serves as the field leader.
    • Dark Chick: Talia, the (at the time) late Ra's Al Ghul's Femme Fatale daughter.
    • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Black Adam, though they betrayed him first.
  • The Injustice Gang (Morrison era JLA)
  • First Incarnation (Rock of Ages Storyline)
    • Big Bad: Lex Luthor
    • The Dragon: Ocean Master
    • Evil Genius: Dr Light. Luthor and Mirror Master help but Light's role is most strictly defined this way.
    • Brute: Circe. She's a goddess and has the most power of any team member aside from Lex.
    • Dark Chick: The Joker
    • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Mirror Master. One of Batman's strategies involves headhunting him.

Marvel Comics


  • The core One Sith from Star Wars Legacy
    • Big Bad - Darth Krayt (Evil Overlord, leader, and prophet to the new Sith)
    • The Dragon - Darth Wyyrlok ("I am the first of his servants... the one nearest to him, the one closest to his thoughts...")
    • Evil Genius - Darth Maladi (Mad Scientist and spymaster)
    • The Brute - Darth Nihl, later Darth Stryfe (most powerful warriors of the group, but generally the least cunning and creative)
    • Dark Chick - Darth Talon (probably the least powerful, but is the most loyal to Krayt and has some serious Foe Yay with Cade Skywalker)
    • Now the updated version from Legacy:
      • And now the re-updated version in Legacy - War:
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