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  • The second and final fight between Kenshiro and Shin ends when Shin tries killing Yuria (or rather, a mannequin in her likeness) in order to nip Kenshiro's newfound ambition in the bud. This instead ends up pressing Ken's Berserk Button, and he takes one of Shin's knife-hand strikes through the hand... without flinching in the slightest, grabbing Shin's hand and hurting him instead. When Shin tries using his other hand to block Ken's next attack, Ken punches through said hand and lays Shin out with the Hokuto Juji Zan ("North Star Cross Kill") attack, punching a bloody cross onto Shin's chest in a brilliant Ironic Echo of Shin carving the Big Dipper onto him before. After all is said and done, Ken lets Shin know that his ambition was nothing before Ken's rage.

Kenshiro: "My rage was what overcame all of your techniques. A rage more powerful than any ambition."

  • The scene where Kenshiro destroys a tank using only the power of Hokuto Shinken. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Kenshiro sends Jagi straight to Hell.
    • Credit where it's due, while Jagi may have been an absolute wimp compared to Kenshiro, he knew just how to push people's buttons. First by manipulating Shin, and later Rei, into attacking Ken and then, just before Jagi dies, he reveals to Ken that Toki and Raoh are still alive. Ken is so shocked by this revelation that he has trouble processing it.
  • Trying to hurt Lin is a HUGE no-no in Kenshiro's books. The Colonel found that out the hard way.
  • In the second season, Kenshiro taking a huge chunk out of a hill to plug a breached dam that was blown up by three mooks of Yuda and bitch-slapping two of the mooks who blew up the dam with it (after causing the Elite Mook leader of the group to asplode a short while before), then plugging the breach with said chunk of hill.
  • Many of Toki's moves are incredibly fun to watch and completely painless to experience. One move in particular, the Hokuto Ujo Hagan Ken, involves him firing pressure point-activating beams from his forearms. Now you know why plenty of Hokuto no Ken fans call him "Nuclear Jesus".
  • When Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya team up, Kenshiro takes a nap, while Mamiya questions his choice to nap at a time like this. Suddenly, Kenshiro snaps awake, reaches out to his side and catches a flying arrow that was heading straight for Mamiya's head.
  • Juza the Cloud's last stand against Raoh. It's even more awesome in the anime where his body keeps fighting until all of his blood starts to spill out, reflecting the clouds above in a big pool.
  • The Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken. Enough said.
    • The scene in question, where Kenshiro rescues Lin from Zeed, is the first time that he busts out this move in the series, and it definitely qualifies as one of the first awesome moments of the series, as it establishes in a big way just what Kenshiro and Hokuto Shinken can do.
  • "Get up, Raoh! It's time for you to return to heaven!"
  • The first time Kenshiro and Raoh confront each other. The first hint that Raoh is unlike anyone Ken ever faced is that he is an excellent practitioner of Hokuto Shinken. The second? The battle starts off with Ken and Raoh's spirits charging up and creating enough force to only... blow the two of them high up in the sky and start fighting there!
  • Souther and Kenshiro's final battle is just awesome in general. It's easily one of, if not the most vicious, climactic fight scenes in the entire series.
  • Raoh sends his entire army running for their lives after they kill Fudoh the Mountain instead of him. What was previously thought to be a Badass Boast by Raoh was later shown to be a serious instruction, and that he should've been killed by his army instead for stepping back and over the line.
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