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  • There is a reason that Ike/Soren is so popular. A lot of it is from this conversation.
  • Elincia reuniting with Geoffrey, Lucia and Bastian is just so adorable, especially considering she thought they were dead and nope, not only are they not dead, they're ready to kick ass and take names for her!
  • In RD, Leanne trying to save Naesala from Skrimir just made me say "Awwwwwwwww!" Of course he steps in and makes sure she doesn't get mauled, but still.
  • If you visit a certain house in part 3 chapter 1 with Rolf, Boyd, or Oscar, you get a special info conversation with that house's occupant. She's Rolf's mother and Oscar and Boyd's stepmother, who abandoned the family when their father fell ill. The woman demands to see Rolf, but Boyd and Oscar are pissed at her for leaving them and let her know. They leave the decision up to Rolf, but he refuses to see the woman, telling Boyd and Oscar she's just a stranger to them and that they've always been the only family he's ever known. The brothers may pick on each other, especially Boyd and Rolf, but their familial love is strong and they'd never give each other up for the world
  • Boyd and Mist's relationship growth if you pursue their support chain. They argue quite a bit in the beginning, but the A support has her bawling into his shoulder after finding out the truth about what happened with her and Ike's parents. In Radiant Dawn, Mist admits she's not feeling well due to the growing chaos and the medallion's energy affecting her, and when Boyd can't talk her into staying behind he promises to protect her. When she passes out, he clears a path for Ike to get Mist to the medallion and promises to stay alive for her sake. It's clear the two have developed quite the affection for one another within those three years, and if you get their A support in Radiant Dawn, they marry. Mist is so happy she cries during the wedding vows.
  • The fact that for what a massive jerkass Shinon is, he really cares about Rolf. Their info talk in Radiant Dawn has them making a bow together, and Shinon gives it to Rolf free of charge. When Rolf frets that he doesn't have anything to pay him with Shinon gets mad and tells him to just be the best archer he can be. The talk concludes with Rolf calling him "Master" and Shinon being quite happy with this.
  • Rolf and Mist's friendship in Path of Radiance. The two are always hanging out together, with Mist comforting him when they're kidnapped by bandits. When Greil dies, Rolf stays with Mist while she cries herself to sleep and then lets Ike know she's finally resting after all that. Their support chain has the pair arguing about Rolf losing his innocence, only for Rolf to cry as he tells Mist he has to think like a killer or else the enemy will take her and the others away from him. Mist apologizes for misunderstanding, and the two express their hope that the war will be over someday.
  • During part 4 of Radiant Dawn on your second playthrough onward, Pelleas begins to suspect Almedha is not really his mother and has it brutally confirmed for him by Izuka during their battle conversation. During the story scenes, he's shown to be sick of Almedha smothering him and pushes her away. But in the epilogue, he tells her that despite everything he was grateful to her, because it was through her that he knew a mother's love after spending his early years alone.
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