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  • Alas, Poor Villain: Rudolf, Fernand, and Berkuf get sad send-offs.
  • Die for Our Ship: Clive regularly gets this, especially from the Het is Ew part of the fanbase that wants Mathilda to be with other women. Gray is a close second from fans who want Clair to be with other women, or with Alm.
    • Poor Tatiana is loathed by Camus/Nyna shippers, especially due to their Echoes ending where it's outright stated that Zeke aka Camus goes back to Valentia after the events of Mystery of the Emblem and marries Tatiana.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Gray and Mae, among some others, got a large fanbase.
  • Game Breaker: Dread Fighters are some of the most notable ones. They are likely to avoid attacks, half magic damage and deal critical hits more often than other fighters. And if you remake them into it again, they're nearly unstoppable and basically the only way to complete the bonus dungeon.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Both Berkut and Fernand have extremely good reasons to be the way they are. But they commit many terrible acts and mistakes that not only cost them dearly, but hurt their loved ones deeply.
  • Iron Woobie: Clive is a nice, if a bit snobbish Supporting Leader who goes through massive Hell in the game, and if either his girlfriend or his sister die, it can even be worse. (And even if they live, his once best friend WILL die in Clive's arms almost at the end). But aside of a few moments (like the scene that takes place if Mathilda dies), he's always kind and strong.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Emperor Rudolf I was among the few to realize the gods Mila and Duma degenerated from madness, meaning he had to ensure the future of Valentia by any means necessary. He leads a grand conquest of the Valentian continent to feed a starving Rigel as well as make himself a target for a group of heroes to defeat so Rigel and Zofia could unite. Despite leading a war of aggression, Rudolf ensures minimum casualties are sustained and a trusted ally, Ezekiel, keeps his more militant commanders in check. By the time his infamy reaches the ears of Alm, his plan has been set in motion. Before his final battle, he orders his men to surrender upon his death to ensure no further casualties. He may have made mistakes, such as enabling Berkut's pride or telling no one but Mycen of his real heritage, but in the end, his gambit worked: his son became the first king of a united Valentia that lived on for millennia.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Berkut making a Deal with the Devil that involves sacrificing Rinea for power certainly costed him a number of sympathy. It's even lampshaded: Alm is horrified at the sight and calls him a monster, and when Rinea's soul comes to greet him, Berkut fully realizes how badly he fucked up with her and cannot believe that she doesn't hate him.
    • Jedah crossed the line years ago when he sacrificed two of his three daughters to Duma.
    • Desaix crossed it when he ordered Lima's children to be murdered, with Celica and, in the remake, Conrad barely managing to escape. Even in-universe.
  • The Scrappy: Many fans can't stand Clive. It's partially because of his personality (which isn't seen as "cool" or "rebellious" enough) and partly because of his relationship with Mathilda (since fans think he gets between their favorite ships for her).
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Hoo boy. While many fans agree that the storytelling and graphics were a step forward from the original Gaiden, the same can't be said for much of the gameplay:
    • Only being able to carry one item at a time. If you have a sword user who's in need of a little resistance, you have to choose between giving them one of the good swords or a ring to hold onto. Or a mage who needs defense and range can't hold the Mage Ring and a shield at the same time.
    • The accuracy issues. While some can be justified, like archers shooting from several spaces away, even the most skilled units can miss with a 90% chance just because the RNG feels sadistic.
    • The map designs. Many players found them boring or annoying, especially the swamp and forest maps. Some ambushes could give you a huge expanse of land or swamp and just one enemy all the way on the other end.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: The Gaiden corner used to be peaceful... Keyword is, used to be. Echoes has brought forward quite the shipping wars, principally between Faye/Alm and Celica/Alm fans (with the first calling Celica a Designated Love Interest who's to blame for Faye being an Unrequited Tragic Maiden, and the second saying that Faye is an obsessive bitch who would murder Celica and anyone else to get Alm for herself), Mae/Celica and Boey/Mae shippers (with the first calling Boey an asshole for not being lovey-dovey to Mae, and the latter accusing all the opposing fans of being Het is Ew), and between Clive/Mathilda fans and Mathilda/other women shippers (who also tend to be Het is Ew types and accuse Clive of "holding Mathilda back" and "forcing her to Stay in the Kitchen" due to their shared ending where she retires from the military). Some Camus/Nyna fans have also been spotted throwing fits at Zeke/Tatiana and their supporters, since Zeke is actually an amnesiac Camus, and these fans see Tatiana as a bitch who's "stealing" him from Nyna.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Poor Clive. While he's not exactly the worst unit in the game, his bases and growths aren't very impressive compared to Mathilda, Zeke, Mycen, Conrad, and any villagers who can potentially become cavaliers.
    • Python has this reputation among the archers, due to his slow starting stats and his tendency to get doubled. Though at least it makes sense when you consider his battle performance matches his character.
    • Luthier and Delthea are on opposite ends of the mage spectrum. The former is skilled, but his magic growth is weak and he has a tendency to get doubled. The latter has excellent magic and a good critical rate, but terrible defense and HP, she lacks access to Thunder, which can be cast from three spaces away. That said, though, many would rather give Delthea a Mage Ring than put up with Luthier's mediocrity.
  • That One Boss: The mercenary with the leather shield. He's a reminder, that you should make someone a mage. (Preferably, either Tobin or Kliff. Not, that newbies would know it.)
    • Rudolf is one of the most imposing bosses in the game. He has an obscene 52 HP, 30 Attack, 24 Speed, 25 Defense, and 16 Resistance. He will be able to double even your Dread Fighters, take all but the heaviest blows, and retaliate for massive damage. In addition, he has an Angel Ring that gives him a dangerous boost to his crit rate. Finally, he has 9 movement, allowing him to shoot across the battlefield in an instant. Your best bet is to overwhelm him with Delthea's Ragnarok and Kliff's Sagittae and take advantage of his refusal to attack his son Alm, and the chapter mercifully ends once he goes down.
    • Jedah. In the first encounter, you can hardly touch him, but at least you only need to survive. In the second encounter, taking him down is highly recommended. Better, you use your Dread Fighters to take hits and then have a strong and tough fighter deal one or two heavy blows.
  • That One Level:
    • Grieth's Citadel. It has Witches, a skeleton-summoner and Grieth himself is a Dread Fighter.
    • Nuibaba's Abode. It has a lot of spellcasters who heal each other, Dread Fighters, a Gargoyle-Summoner and a Bow Knight. To top it, Nuibaba herself uses Medusa and can reach your party from a high range.
  • The Woobie: Alm and Celica go through hell in this game. Rinea from the Echoes remake has it rough as well.
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