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 Main Characters

Alm (Arum)

A youth raised in Ram Village by the legendary Zofian general Mycen alongside Celica. After Dozeh kills the King of Sofia, Alm ends up joining the resistance in Mycen's place and eventually ends up as their leader, leading them against Desaix and later the army of Rigel. Unbeknownst to him, his real name is Alpine Alm Rudolf, and he is actually the son of Rigel's King Rudolf. He was left with Mycen as part of a plan between the two to free humanity from Mila and Doma's influence.

 Class: Fighter (Gaiden), Demon Fighter (Awakening DLC)

  • Badass
  • Bow and Sword In Accord: On promotion.
  • Break the Cutie: He's a kind young boy who dreams of a life outside his village and wants to make a difference in the world by helping other people. The tail end of the second and the final act of the game go out of their way to wreck this kind boy: first by dropping a "guess what, the man you just killed is your father" bomb, forcing him to kill his cousin and a girl he likely could have been friends with, then pitting him against his brainwashed love interest, ultimately making him kill her. Luckily, Celica gets better, but still. Alm cries a lot during this portion of the game, and really, who can blame him?
  • Childhood Friends: With Celica, Gray, Tobin, Kliff and, in the remake, Faye.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Again, with Celica. With Faye as an Unlucky Childhood Friend.
  • The Chosen One: Oddly enough, he appears to be the chosen one for Rigel, not Zofia.
  • The Hero: Not just because be promotes to one. It's because he was destined to save the continent of Valentia.
  • I Am Who?: He's told at some point that not only he's The Chosen One, but he is the Prince of Rigel. "At some point" means right after killing his father, the King, in battle, as a part of said King's Thanatos Gambit. Understandably, poor Alm does NOT take it well.
  • Jumped At the Call: After Mycen refuses Lukas' request to lead the Deliverance, he quickly accepts the envoy's offer. Although his friends are quick to call him out on this, he manages to convince them that something needs to be done.
  • Magic Knight: In Awakening's DLC, as a Demon Fighter.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros: He appeared first as DLC in Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Martial Arts Headband: Although in-game, it looks more like a circlet.
  • Mysterious Past: Which is revealed later. He's a case of Rags to Royalty, Sleeping Beauty style: he's not only The Chosen One for Rigel, but the Crown Prince of the Rigelian Empire, raised away to be a part of his Magnificent Bastard father's Thanatos Gambit to free Valentia from the Gods and reconstruct it.
  • Official Couple: With Celica.
  • Parental Abandonment: He was raised by the old knight Mycen. His father was the Emperor of Rigel, who asked Mycen to raise him away from the court as part of his plan to free Valentia. His mother isn't mentioned in game, but an Echoes CD drama HEAVILY implies that she still lives, under the identity of a "Holy Mother" who leads a small hidden village and takes care of an Orphanage of Love.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Despite both Faye and Clair making eyes at him and Faye even confessing her love, Alm only has eyes for Celica.
  • We Cannot Go on Without You: If he goes down on the battlefield, that's it. Game over. Ignore the fact that he's leading an group of disgruntled knights and their mercenaries.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Or maybe green hair; the game and the box art are highly inconsistent with each other, to say nothing of all the other artwork of him floating around. Oddly enough, in his Awakening art, he appears to have both. Echoes and Heroes settle on green-blue.


A priestess of Zofia living in Novis Monastery under the watchful eye of Nomah, although she was raised in Ram Village by Mycen alongside Alm. Unbeknownst to most people, she is actually Anthiese, the lost princess of Zofia who was taken from the capital as an infant by Mycen in order to save her from Dozel. After the disappearance of Mila, she sets off on a journey to discover just what happened to her and why.

 Class: Priestess


Playable Characters (Alm's route)

Lukas (Luka)

A member of Clive's resistance movement, who comes to Ram Village in order to recruit Mycen, although he seems okay with Alm going in his place.

 Class: Soldier

  • Blade on a Stick: It's the signature weapon of the soldier class.
  • Crutch Character: While not as harmful to use in the long run as Jagen or Arran is, he serves as this until the villagers can promote. And in the first real battle in the 3DS remake, he actually points out the he shouldn't get all the kills or that the villagers will be hard to train.
  • Herald: His main purpose is to give Alm the Call to Adventure.
  • Mighty Glacier: Might not look it, but he is. Soldiers promote to Baron in this one; who have an short movement radius, insanely high defense, an resistance to arrows, and high attack power.
  • Mentor: While Alm knows how to wield an sword, Lukas is there to explain the finer arts of war to Alm and his friends during the first chapter.
  • Mr. Exposition: His role in the first chapter is to explain most of the gameplay mechanics, point out the traits of an few potentially dangerous enemy units, and to help explain how Desaix took over Zofia and why Deliverance was founded.


One of Alm's friends from Ram Village, who joins alongside him in the Deliverance. He seems to have feelings for Clair, and marries her after the war if both of them survive.

 Class: Villager

  • Ambiguously Brown: In Echoes.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: To a degree, with Clair in Echoes.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Can potentially cross it in the end, depending on the circumstances:
    • If his love interest Clair dies in battle, a shattered Gray will leave Ram alone and will never seen again despite his friends' desperate attempts to find him.
    • If Clair lives but his best friend Tobin dies, he stays around but goes the Drowning My Sorrows way. Echoes softens the blow via saying that, while he also fell in drunken depression over losing his friend, Clair ultimately got him to react, then the two married and named their firstborn son after Tobin.
  • Magikarp Power; Downplayed, out of the Villagers trio/quartet he's the only one that can be promoted right off the bat. (He does better in the Mercenary line, by the way)
  • Mighty Glacier: Has LOTS of Defense and Strength, but lacks Speed and Luck.
  • No Social Skills: In Echoes he comes off as well-intentioned, but very blunt and with a chronic lack of self-awareness.
  • Second Love: For Clair.
  • Standard Hero Reward: When he hears that Clair was being held prisoner in a nearby fort, he hints to Tobin that this will happen to him in the near future. Clair doesn't initially fall for him, but she might in the epilogue if the two of them are alive.
  • Those Three Guys: With Tobin and Cliff. Upgrades to "Those Three Guys And a Girl" when Faye joins in Echoes.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Tobin.

Tobin (Robin, Bird)

One of Alm's friends from Ram Village, who joins alongside him in the Deliverance. He seems to have feelings for Clair, but loses her to Grey.

 Class: Villager

  • Always Someone Better: In Echoes, he admits to Alm that he feels that he cannot catch up to him and he finds it frustrating. He feels similarly towards his best friend Gray.
  • Blind Idiot Translation: The original fan translation had his name "Bird" for some reason. While obviously there's some connection in that robins are indeed birds, given that "Bird" sounds nothing like "Robin" and isn't even a name, it's a pretty absurd leap nonetheless. Echoes settles on "Tobin", however, to avoid confusion regarding him and the Avatar from Fire Emblem Awakening.
  • Magikarp Power: Fits in better than Grey, as he needs to get one level-up to promote from Villager into another class. He tends to do well as The Archer, just in case.
  • Only in It For the Money: He's quick to join Deliverance when Lukas mentioned that their soldiers are reasonably paid and mentions that he has an family to feed. And while he initially argues with Gray about this, the subject is eventually forgotten in favor of more important things, like Alm declaring war against Rigel. But under certain circumstances (read: as long as Gray doesn't die), he gains the wealth that he was after and Alm awarded him with nobility in the remake's ending.
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Whenever Alm does something rash, Tobin is quick to reasonably criticise it and Gray is usually around to argue with him.
  • Those Three Guys: With Gray and Kliff. Upgrades to "Those Three Guys And a Girl" when Faye joins in Echoes.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Gray. If Gray dies in battle, Tobin is said to have disappeared for a while and then become a famous knight, but from then on he never smiles again.
  • Weak but Skilled: He has the highest Skill and Speed out of the three/four Villagers.

Kliff (Cliff)

One of Alm's friends from Ram, who joins alongside him in the liberation army. After the war, he parts ways with Alm and the others and vanishes.

 Class: Villager

  • Badass Bookworm: The most quiet of the Ram Villagers, he also loves reading. And he can be quite strong with a bit of effort.
  • But Now I Must Go: After the war, he says goodbye to his friends and leaves Valentia, never to return. His Echoes ending adds that a talented mage who claimed to be his son came to the continent and served the King.
  • City Mouse: Implied to be this in Echoes since he mentioned in a Base Conversation that he used to go to a school in a city.
  • Death by Adaptation: He's killed off in both the 1992 manga and the novels.
  • Jumped At the Call: He eagerly joins Alm's quests if recruited, saying that he wants to see the world with his own eyes.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In Echoes he's rather skittish, but does cherish his friends.
  • Magikarp Power: Slightly more so than the other two, since he and Faye join at a lower level. He fits more than Faye, though: he has sharper growths, whereas she is more balanced. (And he does better as a Mage, while Faye will be okay in any class she's given.)
  • Optional Party Member: Gray and Tobin join Alm no matter what in Echoes, but Kliff and Faye can be potentially left behind. If Celica's party drops by Ram, she can recruit him too.
  • Those Three Guys: With Gray and Tobin. Upgraded to "Those Three Guys And a Girl" when Faye joins in Echoes.

Silque (Silk)

A cleric of Mila who was captured by bandits but saved by Alm. After the war, she traveled to Rigel in order to heal the wounded.

 Class: Sister

  • Luke I Am Your Father: She and Kliff are half-siblings from the same mother in the novels, and he tells her this as he dies Taking the Bullet for her.
  • Plucky Girl: Abandoned by her mother in a Mila shrine, went through lots of hardships in her life, was captured by bandits... and she never lost her will to smile and help others.
  • Ship Tease: She and Kliff have crushes on each other in the manga. Sadly, he dies before it can go anywhere.
  • White Mage: Technically, she's an dedicated healer; but she has two offensive spells in her arsenal.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Literally, in her case. The tone depended on the artwork, until Echoes made it light blue.

Claire (Clea)

A Zofian Pegasus Knight and the younger sister of Clive. She was captured by Desaix's men, but was later saved by Alm. She marries Grey after the war if both of them survive.

 Class: Pegasus Knight


Clive (Clerbe)

A Knight of Sofia who rebelled against Desaix after the latter killed the king and queen. He and his men were forced to flee into a cursed shrine to avoid Desaix's forces. After meeting with Alm, he makes Alm the leader of the resistance and joins his army. After the war, he marries Matilda and becomes the leader of the Valentian Knights.

Class: Cavalier

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: He's pretty good-looking in Echoes, but Heroes upgrades his physical beauty notoriously.
  • Amazon Chaser: He is Mathilda's biggest fanboy.
  • Beauty Mark: One under his lower lip.
  • The Chains of Commanding: He admits in Act 3 that he isn't the best when it comes to making moral decisions and dealing with the rising casualties of war. And being a Princely Young Man, he's also favors the nobility to an certain extent. Which is why he promotes Alm, who has an better sense of justice than he does.
  • Childhood Friends: With Fernand, until the latter's Face-Heel Turn.
  • The Leader: He was originally the captain of the Knights of Zofia, but the assassination of King Lima IV and Desaix's coup has forced him into running an resistance cell.
  • Required Party Member: The plot demands that Alm meets with the leader of the Deliverance and Clair won't let anyone attack Zofia Castle until you meet him first.
  • Supporting Leader: He willingly gives Alm the leadership of the Deliverance and becomes his Number Two.

Forsyth (Fols)

A Knight of Sofia serving under Clive in the liberation army known as Deliverance. Also Python's best friend.

 Class: Soldier


Python (Pay, Paison)

A Knight of Sofia serving under Cleve in the Deliverance. After the war, becomes a vigilante.

 Class: Archer

  • Ambiguously Bi: In Echoes. On one hand he refers to Alm and Lukas as "studs" and kinda flirts a bit with them and Forsyth. On the other, a talk with Lukas has him saying that he doesn't mind dating girls (unlike Leon, who does shoot down the idea in his talks with Celica)
  • The Archer: He'll be the only one in Alm's route if none of the villagers are promoted to one.
  • Brilliant but Lazy: He could easily become an lieutenant in Deliverance, but he lacks the ambition to actually try to become one.
  • Broken Pedestal: According to Echoes, Python's father was a well-known carpenter who succumbed to alcoholism. Python was so angry and heartbroken that he left home and became a soldier.
  • Brutal Honesty: Not only he's sharp-tongued, but he also minces no words when he talks. Well-seen in his talks with Clive, when he calls him out on his bias to the nobility.
  • Childhood Friends: With Forsyth.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Strongly implied to cross this if Forsyth dies.
  • Foil: Where Forsyth is hardworking and enthusiastic, Python is pretty mellow and lazy.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: His worldview is that working hard doesn't immediately improves your life, so why bother?
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Just like Forsyth is one for him in Echoes. If Python dies, Forsyth falls into what's implied to be a VERY serious depression and requests a transfer to the borders, staying there with the local girl he marries and cutting near all his ties with his old life.
  • Vigilante Man: Leads a band of these if he lives.

Luthier (Ryuuto)

A mage from the forest village who requests Alm's aid in saving his sister Delthea from the sorcerer Tatarrah. After the war, he leaves the country, fearing that his magic was still too inexperianced.

 Class: Mage

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: He wasn't ugly in the original Gaiden, but in Echoes he's a gorgeous Long-Haired Pretty Boy.
  • Blow You Away: Starts with the powerful wind magic Excalibur.
  • The Cameo: Makes a brief one in the FE1 manga.
  • Heroic Lineage: He tells Alm in Echoes that he and Delthea are descendants of a Zofian Lady of Black Magic and that's where their magical talent comes from. And according to him, no one can be a good magic user if they don't have magic-using people in their family tree.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: He's quite aware that he isn't as gifted as his sister Delthea, but keeps on studying and practising magic anyway.
  • Mighty Glacier: The rare Mage version. His spells can pack quite the magical punch, but he lacks speed.
  • Motherly Side Plait: A VERY Rare Male Example. While his fate depends on the player's strategies / whether or not they play on Classic or Casual mode in the game, he does die in the novels. By a brainwashed Delthea's own hand, even.


A legendary Knight of Zofia, who was captured by Desaix and planned to be executed, but was saved by Alm. After the war, she retired from active service and married Clive.

 Class: Paladin


Delthea (Dyute)

Luthier's younger sister, a mage who was bewitched into fighting for the sorcerer Tatarrah. After Tatarrah's death, she is freed from her trance and joins Alm's army.

 Class: Mage


Tatiana (Teeta)

A saint from the Church of Rigel. Before the war, she found an amnesiac knight and nursed him back to health, falling in love with him. When the war started, she was taken captive by the corrupted knight Jerome and locked away by the sorceress Nuibaba in order to force that knight, Zeke, to fight against Zofia. After Nuibaba is defeated she is released by Alm, which allows Zeke to turn on Jerome.

 Class: Saint

  • Battle Couple: With Zeke.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: In Echoes, she's a bit scatterbrained and easily distracted. Not too bad, but still.
  • Florence Nightingale Effect: She found the wounded Zeke on a beach, took care of him, and they fell in love.
  • Insecure Love Interest: She admits this to Alm in Echoes, wondering if Zeke had another girlfriend in his life before meeting her. She adds that she feels terrible about it, and that if Zeke really wanted to be with his old flame, she'd allow him to.
  • White Magician Girl: Probably the most powerful one in the whole game.

Zeke (Zeek, Sieg)

An amnesiac Knight who was nursed back to health by Tatiana and adopted by King Rudolf, who renamed him Ezequiel (with "Zeke" as an Affectionate Nickname) one of his most trusted vassals. Before the war started, Rudolf told Zeke to look for a boy with a mark on his arm, and if he finds that person, he should fight alongside him. Despite his objections, he was forced to fight against Zofia after Tatiana was taken captive. After Alm saves Tatiana, Zeke joins him, noticing a certain mark on his arm. Unbeknownst to Tatiana, during the war, he recovers his memories and afterwords briefly leaves Valetia...

 Class: Gold Knight


Mycen (Maisen)

The veteran knight of Zofia who raised Alm and Celica. Originally one of the Zofian King's most trusted knights, he was framed of Desaix's crimes and forced to flee from the capital, but not before saving the very young princess Anthiese from Desaix. Around this time, Mycen was visited by an old friend: King Rudolf of Rigel. Rudolf left his own son to the knight, explaining that if Valencia is to be saved from the whims of the gods, Rudolf would have to become a destroyer so that the chosen heroes, of which his son is one, could rise up and stop him. After Rudolf's death, he explains the true reasons behind the war to Alm and finally joins his army.

 Class: Gold Knight

  • A Taste of Power: The first battle of the game consists of him telling the children to stay out of the way as he mauls the opposition (which is mostly units who don't stand a chance against a Gold Knight).
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Crutch Character: Set up as such, but quickly subverted. He is actually more of a...
  • Eleventh-Hour Superpower: Well, kinda. As a Gold Knight, he is strong enough to manage in the endgame, but his growths are pretty much nonexistent.
  • Mentor: While he taught Alm and his friends how to wield an sword, Alm is the one who got the lion's share of his tutelage.
  • Secret Keeper: He knows two of the most important secrets in the game: that Celica is Princess Anthiese of Zofia, and that Alm is the son of his old friend aka Emperor Rudolf.
  • Mr. Exposition

Playable characters (Celica's route)


A mage training in the Novis Monastery who travels with Celica. Bickers with Boey a lot.

 Class: Mage



A novice mage training in the Novis Monastery. Inexperienced, but determined to protect Celica.

 Class: Mage


Genny (Jenny)

A Sister of Mila working at the Novis Monastery. When Celica begins her quest, Genny accompanies her. After the war, she marries an unknown man, loosely implied to be Saber (mostly in the original).

 Class: Sister


Saber (Sevr, Savor)

A sailor hired by Celica to protect her group as they sail across the pirate infested waters. After the war, he joins Jesse's newly founded desert kingdom alongside his wife, who is implied to be Genny (moreso in the original).

 Class: Mercenary

  • Dark-Skinned Redhead
  • The Drunken Sailor: He's recruited in an local pub he frequents and one of the first thing he does when he gets to Zofia is to ask the locals where the tavern is.
  • Eyepatch of Power: To cover the eye that he lost when ambushed by noblemen that hated him due to being of lowborn origins.
  • Required Party Member: One can't leave Novis without hiring him.
  • Team Dad: Especially towards Celica, whom he's constantly looking after and checking up on.


An armored knight who fights against pirates alongside his sworn brother Leon and sellsword Kamui after they killed his family. After the death of the pirate leader Grieth, he joins Cellica's army. After the war, he trains young soldiers at Alm's request.

Class: Knight

  • Ascended Extra: Extra is an exaggeration, but he does get an uncharacteristically big position on the game's cover art.
  • Blade on a Stick
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Crusading Widower: Valbar's whole family, including his wife and son, were slain. He fights to avenge them at first, and even when he slowly moves on, he admits to Celica that he will never stop missing them and at times feels a bit numb from the loss.
  • Crutch Character: He's an bit of an weird case, in the sense that he's basically invulnerable in the remaining pirate raids and against Grieth's army. And he barely gets any experience points during those chapters. But his utility sharply drops when the Duma Faithful enters the fray on account of his class is extremely weak against magic. And while he's kind of useful at the end of the game, his low movement range usually works against him.  
  • Distressed Dude: Along with Leon and Kamui, he's outnumbered by Barth's pirates in his introduction chapter. Celica and her party arrive just in time to help them out.  
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: A pretty nice one
  • Mighty Glacier
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He is introduced in the middle of one against pirate boss Dahha.


An Archer who fights alongside his sworn brother Valbar. After Valbar's family is avenged, he joins Celica's army alongside him and Kamui. In the remake, he actually is in love with Valbar but keeps his feelings to himself out of respect for his friendship and the death of his family.

 Class: Archer

  • All-Loving Hero: He may be vain and flamboyant, but he also loves people and sincerely wants to help and save them.
  • Agent Peacock: Sure, he can be flamboyant at times; but he isn't an slouch on the battlefield.
  • The Archer: And a very skilled one.
  • Badass Gay: This gay guy is a crack shot.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: After losing his First Love, Leon was completely devastated until Valbar befriended him and pretty much took him under his wing.
  • Camp Gay: He was attracted to an fellow soldier in the Zofian army until he died in their first battle. Now he's attracted to Valbar and thinks Kamui is flirting with him. He occasionally acts effeminately at times.
  • Death Seeker: Implied in his Famous Last Words from both games.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: A rare benevolent example. Leo is girly-looking, girly-mannered (i.e. uses feminine speech patterns in the original JPN) and extremely vain, but he's also very kind and devoted.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass: Some Echoes notes state that Leon used to be bullied when young, so he took up archery to toughen himself up.
  • Sweet Tooth: He likes yogurt and honey in Echoes.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: As said above, Leon loves believing in the goodness of humanity.


A sellsword hired by Valbar to aid him in his revenge against the pirates. He joins Celica's army alongside Valbar and Leo. After the war, he joins Jesse's desert kingdom; if Jesse is dead, he creates the kingdom in his place.

 Class: Mercenary



A villager who joins Celica's army in order to save his siblings from Grieth.

 Class: Villager


Jesse (Jessie)

A mercenary who was captured by Grieth's men while trying to save Est. After the war, he would go on to create his own kingdom in Grieth's former territories.

 Class: Mercenary

  • Chivalrous Pervert: In Echoes. He talks a lot about the beauty of women (to the point that Celica is flustered enough to run off from him), flirts around quite a bit.. and will do anything to help a girl who truly needs it.
  • Distressed Dude
  • Hair of Gold: A blond man, and one of the good guys.
  • It Has Been an Honour: If he dies in Echoes, in his Famous Last Words he thanks Celica's crew for taking him in.
  • Rags to Royalty: He goes from a Mercenary to a King if he lives. According to some notes from Echoes, he's a subversion: he was from a very noble Zofian clan (albeit an illegitimate son) but threw it all away willingly because he hated the nobles' uptight life and he wanted to avert being caught in a power struggle with his beloved younger half-brother (and the family's legitimate child).

Sonya (Soni, Sonia)

A mage unwillingly serving under Grieth, but is held in check by Dean. She can join Celica's army after Grieth's death. It is later revealed that she is the daughter of Jedah, and ran from him to avoid being sacrificed to Duma like her sisters were.

 Class: Mage



A swordfighter who wields the powerful Brave Sword. Like Sonya, he serves under Grieth's orders and is being held in check by her. He can potentially Celica's party after Grieth's death. After the war, he leaves to a continent in the south in search of more conflict.

 Class: Swordfighter

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: He had a rather... special Anime Hair in Gaiden, but is made more ruggedly handsome (and with a less ugly hairstyle) in Echoes.
  • Blood Knight: Implied in his ending.
  • Cool Sword: His Brave Sword. Doubling as a Tragic Keepsake: it was his late boss' treasure.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: According to Echoes, he came from a long line of soldiers and became a Zofian lord's right-hand man, plus was about to be Happily Married to his boss' lovely daughter. But he once left in a mission and, when he returned, he found the mansion being attacked by monsters, lost his eye while fighting his way back inside, and saw his girlfriend transformed into a monster (probably a Witch). He had to slay her, and then he swore revenge on the culprit.
  • Death by Adaptation: In the 1992 manga, he's killed protecting Sonya and Celica.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a scar across his eye.
  • Name's the Same: Is not a Dragon Knight.


The head of the Novis Monastery, and the man who taught Mae, Boey, and Genny magic. He has been watching over Celica for years, and after she left on her journey, he secretly followed her, joining her army after she found him fallen through a hidden passage. After the war, he unifies the churches of Mila and Duma.

 Class: Sage

  • Cool Old Guy: He's the oldest unit in Celica's group at 71 and still able to take down some enemies.
  • Crutch Character: If you don't get Boey to Level 12 and promoting him to a sage, you can use him instead. But if you go along with him, he won't get much power-ups.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: Despite being a powerful sage in-story, he is a subpar prepromote in battle.


Mila (Mira)

Duma's younger sister, the Goddess of the Earth who watches over Zofia. Her blessings make the crops grow, at the cost of having the people know no sense of toil from having grown them themselves. Her disappearance sets off Cellica on her quest.

Desaix (Dozer, Dozeh)

The Prime Minister of Zofia, who killed the king and tried to seize control of the nation for himself. Building up to this, he proceeded to kill each heir to the Sofian throne as they were born, but was discovered by Mycen. He was able to pin his crimes on Mycen, forcing him to flee, but not before saving princess Anthiese. In the present day, his army is defeated by the resistance lead by Alm, forcing him to flee to his fortress. Despite holding the knight Mathilda hostage and the reinforcement of the Rigel army, Desaix is killed by Alm's forces.

 Class: Baron

  • Blonde Guys Are Evil: In Gaiden. In Echoes, his hair is light-brown.
  • Evil Chancellor: He killed off just about everyone who was above him in order to seize Zofia's throne for himself.
  • Eye Scream: In the manga, Alm gouges his eye out as revenge for his killing of Kliff.
  • Mighty Glacier: In his first encounter, he has high physical defense, an resistance to magic, and low attack speed. And all of this stems from the Dracoshield that he's carrying. Throw in his class' resistance to arrows, his high health, and the fact this is at the end of the first chapter; and you have an nearly invincible boss.


A Zofian general serving under Desaix. During Alm's retaking of the capital, Slayde set up a double of Desaix so that he could escape, but is killed in battle in the process.

 Class: Paladin

  • Beard of Evil
  • Recurring Boss: In Echoes. Although he's only fought three times,
  • The Quisling: After the second chapter, he leaves Desaix and defects to Rigel. And in return for providing them with some valuable information, he's placed in charge of an prized fortress.



Mila's brother, the God of Power who watches over Rigel. Under Duma's guidance, the people of Rigel have become militant and ruthless. It was Duma who supplied the Falchion which sealed Mila, and Duma serves as the final adversary in Alm and Celica's journey.

 Class: Dark God

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: In Echoes. Taken even further in Heroes, where his face is fully seen and he turns out to be a REALLY Hunky Hot God.
  • Bigger Bad: He's an part of the reason why Valentia is plunging into chaos. The Rigelian invasion is just the fallout of his insanity.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Implied, since it was said that dragons tend do go insane after living in the mortal realm long enough.
  • Damage Sponge Boss: He's dangerous enough as it is, but his vast health reserves are literally off the scale. The game only displays 52 hit points, Duma has at least 100.
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • Final Boss
  • Graceful Loser: After being killed by Alm, he regains his sanity and gives Alm some valuable advice instead of declaring that humanity deserves to die.
  • Sanity Slippage: As his species of dragons age in the realm of mortals they run the risk of losing their minds.

King Rudolf of Rigel

The King of Rigel, the man who sealed away Mila, allowed the cruel pratices of Judah and his men, and allied his nation with the traitorous Desaix. Only not quite. In reality, Rudolf was a just man who noticed the corruption of the Zofian people due to Mila's babying and' the cruelty of the Rigelian people due to Doma's savage teachings, and saw that humanity was doomed to ruin. In order to prevent this, he smuggled his only son into Zofia and gave him to his Number Two Mycen, explaining that in order to save humanity, Rudolf would have to become a destroyer so that the chosen heroes would rise to stop him and free humanity from the chains of the Gods. (Plus, he raised his orphaned nephew Berkut as his apparent heir, but didn't tell him about his younger cousin and his plans). Several years later, he adopted the amnesic knight Zeke and instructed him to follow the person with a certain mark on his arm, as that person would be Rigel's savior. He would ultimately die fighting against Alm's army, revealing Alm's heritage in his dying breath.

 Class: Gold Knight

  • Alm, I Am Your Father.
  • Badass Grandpa: Is the third oldest not-immortal character of the game at 50 after Nomah (71) and Mycen (65), but manages to be one of the most imposing bosses of the game.
  • Big Bad: For the most part of the game.
  • A Father to His Men: Implied in his last speech to his army, since he orders his men to stand down and surrender if he dies while thanking them for serving him..
  • Parents as People: Both in the biological and Parental Substitute ways. First, he sincerely loved his biological son Albine aka Alm but gave him away to Mycen so he could start brewing his Thanatos Gambit to bring down the Gods and save Valentia, and he made Alm himself a part of said plan.. Later, according to Echoes he took care of his orphaned nephew Berkut and genuinely loved him like a son, but committed serious mistakes while raising him into a powerful knight: not only he didn't knock off Berkut's already existent obsession with power and nobility, coming from his Missing Mom/Rudolf's late sister-in-law, but he did NOT tell him that he wasn't the real heir of the Rigelian Throne.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: This is the Emperor of Rigel, fighting the final battle on horseback, on the front lines with the rest of his men.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Worthy Opponent


The cruel head priest of the Church of Duma, who gained the position by ousting the benevolent sage Halcyon. He lures Celica into being set up to sacrifice to Duma by targeting her concern for Alm; however, he is thwarted when Alm's army arrives at the Duma Altar, and is killed in the resulting battle. He is the father of Sonya, Marla, and Hestia, and intended to kill them as sacrifices to Duma and did so with two in Echoes.

 Class: Exorcist (Gaiden), Cantor (Echoes))

  • Abusive Parents: Sacrificed his two oldest daughters to Duma for greater power. He's also quite nasty to Sonya in their battle conversation.
  • Archnemesis Dad: To Sonya
  • Manipulative Bastard: He preys constantly on Celica's insecurities, trying to convince her to give herself up to Duma so Mila can be released. Even worse in Echoes, where he forces her to see Alm killing his father Rudolf in battle on top of this. Celica almost accepts, but when she directly questions if her soul is truly that needed, Jedah seizes and brainwashes her.
  • Obviously Evil
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: He is 147.
  • Sinister Minister
  • Undying Loyalty: When presented with the proposal that humanity can survive without the powers of the gods, Jedah would rather have Duma cause the apocalypse instead of pursuing a more peaceful option.


A cruel general of Rigel. Known for how he terrorizes the people, he is enemies with Zeke, but forced him to fight alongside him by having Nuibaba kidnap Tatiana.

 Class: Gold Knight



A Rigelian sorcerer who guards the floodgate between Sofia and Rigel. He brainwashed Delthea into serving him.

Class: Arcanist



A Rigelian necromancer stationed on Terror Mountain, who is said to have sold her soul for her Medusa magic. In order to get Zeke to fight against Sofia, she and Jerome kidnapped Tatiana.

 Class: Arcanist (Gaiden), Witch (Echoes)

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: In the remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, she's a lovely-looking Wicked Witch.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: According to Echoes notes. She once was a rather naturally pretty lady and Happily Married, but when her face was heavily scarred, her husband ditched her for her sister. Then the two conspired to kill her, wounded her near fatally and left her for dead. Desperate and angry, Nuibaba made her Deal with the Devil with Medusa, and her first action after being empowered by her was killing her sister and husband in revenge.
  • Deal with the Devil: She sold herself to Medusa in exchange for being able to use her power.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: She has her own plans for The Chosen Ones, since she believes that sacrificing at least one of them will give her eternal life and youth.
  • Expy: In Echoes, as a Vain Sorceress who sacrifices women to keep her youth, she's pretty much the Fire Emblem version of Elizabeth "Blood Countess" Báthory.
  • I Have Your Wife: To Zeke.
  • Human Sacrifice: How she stays beautiful. It's generally assumed that, if Alm's group faces and kills Zeke rather than fighting her, she does this to Tatiana and to a cute-looking Rigelian Cleric who can also be rescued from Nuibaba's Abode.
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: She is 124, but looks young because she keeps herself young via sacrifices.
  • Vain Sorceress: In Echoes, since as said above she captures and sacrifices young women to keep her youth and beauty.

Marla (Mara)

One of Jedah's daughters, set to be sacrificed to Doma. She attacks Alm's army, but is defeated. She later joins her father alongside Doma, but is killed in battle.

 Class: Witch


Hestia (Heste)

Another of Jedah's daughters, set to be sacrificed to Doma. Like her sister, she attacks Alm, and later dies defending her father and Doma.

 Class: Witch


Halcyon (Hark)

A wise and benevolent Great Sage of Duma who was exiled by Jedah as the exorcist came to power. He and his followers hid in the Sage Hamlet and aids Celica's party when they come through. He promotes Alm to Hero on Celica's request.

In the remake, he also raised Celica's older half-brother, Prince Conrad, and trained him as a knight.


Barth (Dahha)

A pirate serving under Grieth. He killed Valbar's family, causing the knight to swear revenge.

 Class: Thief


Grieth (Geyse)

The Bandit King who commands all the pirates and bandits terrorizing Sofia from his desert fortress. He and his men kidnapped Est, causing Palla and Catria to chase them to Valentia, as well as a priestess of Mila named Irma who was a friend of Celica's mother Liprica.. Deen and Sonya serve under him, but both of them hate him.

 Class: Dread Fighter

  • Arc Villain: He's Celica's main antagonist in Chapter 3 for imprisoning two recruitable characters and a priestess from the Mila Temple, as well as being the leader of a band of thieves who were terrorizing eastern Zofia.
  • The Don: He's the closest to this in Valentia since he's running an human smuggling ring and commands a small army of bandits.
  • Pirate

 Characters exclusive to Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Faye (Effie)

Another of Alm's friends, specifically created for the remake. She has a huge crush on Alm and joins his group to fight by his and their friends's sides rather than stay at home in Ram.

 Class: Villager

  • Badass Adorable: Cute as a button, and can be potentially VERY powerful.
  • Break the Cutie: She's implied to have been the most traumatized in the Ram villagers group after Slayde's attack on the village.
  • Canon Foreigner: She didn't exist in Gaiden.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Twin Braids of Action.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Implied to be the Villager who least wishes to actually leave Ram.
  • Magikarp Power: Mixed with Jack of All Stats. She also needs to toughen up more than Gray and Tobin, like Kliff does, but will do pretty well no matter what class the player chooses for her. (The Cipher cards show her as a Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight/Harrier and occasionally as a Mage/Priestess, but as said below players tend to prefer her as a Cleric)
  • No Social Skills: She wass the only girl in the Ram village group after Celica's forced departure, so when she talks to other girls than Celica, she's at a loss and can be even rather rude at first.
  • Optional Party Member: Gray and Tobin join Alm no matter what in Echoes, but Faye and Kliff can be potentially left behind. If Celica's party drops by Ram, she can recruit her too.
  • Older Than They Look: She's already 18, but if anything looks younger than Alm, who is a year younger.
  • Unrequited Tragic Maiden: For Alm.
  • White Magician Girl: A good part of the players promote her into the Cleric line, due to her learning unique spells that are seen as very worth using (like Anew, the Echoes equivalent of the Dance command)
  • Yandere: Averted. Her supports with Alm have her near swearing to kill for his sake, but other than some gameplay tweaks this doesn't really come up. She shows a bit of jealousy when he mentions Celica but she never stops considering her a friend, never blames her for Alm's romantic rejection, and is overjoyed if Celica is the one recruiting her.


Prince Berkut of Riegel

  • Black Knight: Not only he's a pale young man with black hair, but he has a black armor and opposes the heroes.
  • Broken Ace: He's handsome, of noble blood, charismatic, an extremely good fighter and leader, incredibly popular in Rigel AND he's about to marry a beautiful and kind woman like Rinea. However, his gigantic arrogance and the just as gigantic insecurities hidden behind it make him very emotionally and mentally unstable.
  • Canon Foreigner: Again, he didn't exist in Gaiden.
  • Dance of Romance: His and Rinea's first apparition has them dancing together. Even more, a dancing-related Fire Emblem: Heroes banner features the two of them.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: As said above, he's a tall man with dark hair/eyes and very pale skin.
  • Pride: His Fatal Flaw. He's immensely snobbish, firmly believes that non-nobles are lower in the totem pole, his hidden insecurities do nothing but make him even more arrogant, and finding out that he is NOT the true heir of Rigel (and ALM is the true Prince) causes him to pretty much lose his mind.
  • Recurring Boss: Again, he's fought several times.
  • Younger Than They Look: He is said to be around Alm's age or slightly older, but his big stature and deep voice make him look older. Accordingly, his Fire Emblem: Heroes artwork makes him look a little younger.



  • Anger Born of Worry: Slaps Celica when she's about to give herself up to Dolth so he'll stop hurting Mae and Boey.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He once almost lost his younger sister Anthiese aka Celica, spent years thinking she had died, and after finding out that she still lived, he decided to protect her. AT ALL COSTS.
  • Char Clone: A benevolent version. He's a powerful fighter, wears a Cool Mask, had a Dark and Troubled Past, and his little sister is extremely important to him. Said little sister is none other than Celica
  • Man in White: A Paladin with white clothes and armor. Even his mask is white too!
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He and his sister Celica look SO much alike, fans easily deduced that they were siblings before he was even seen unmasked.


King Lima IV of Zofia

  • And Now You Must Marry Me: At least two ladies from his harem were forced to join it: Celica's mother / his Queen Consort (Liprica) and Conrad's Rigelian mother
  • Asshole Victim: Given that he was a tyrant who was apathetic to the issues of his kingdom, the player probably won't fell sorry for him.
  • The Caligula: And how.
  • Hate Sink: He's widely loathed in-universe. While there are many reasons to oppose Desaix, him killing Lima isn't one of them.
  • Evil Redhead: Had reddish hair and was quite the tyrant.
  • Royal Brat: A grown-up version.

Queen Liprica of Zofia


  • Exposition Fairy: As the best friend of the late Queen Liprica, she knows many of the secrets behind Celica's past.
  • Hair of Gold: A blonde and kind Cleric

Forneus the Alchemist

The Creation






The Holy Mother

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