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  • Complete Monster: Subverted with Garon, he initially comes across as one, but then the plot reveals that he's under Anankos' control, and while he was a bitter Jerkass at the end of his proper life, it's not clear whether he reached this stage or not before croaking. Played utterly straight by Iago, Hans and Anankos (or better said, his real self. His actual Human Soul was benevolent.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Ryoma and Scarlet can't be paired up, despite them sharing many scenes of Ship Tease and other characters saying they're like an old married couple.
  • Ship Mates: Due to Oboro's crush on Takumi, fans that ship him with anyone else tend to pair Oboro with Silas or Niles aka two Nohrians that she can get along well with.
    • Azura gets a lot of Ship Tease with male Corrin, so fans that play as female Corrin or ship male Corrin with other characters tend to pair Azura with Laslow (whom Azura gets along with surprisingly well) and sometimes Jakob (who's Birds of a Feather with her).
  • Woolseyism: Attempted, but not necessarily for the best:
    • The Beruka-Saizo C support is changed from an long conversation to a sequence of ellipses, apparently by invoking Rule of Funny.
    • Soleil is canonically bi, but there's more emphasis on her girl-loving side than anything else. Out of her S-supports, only those with a Male Avatar and Forrest are decidedly romantic; in the others she either turns the guy down or they're Just Friends.
    • Some of Hisame's dialogues empathized his love of pickles for Rule of Funny. Some considered it genuinely hilarious, others thought it was just Flanderization.
    • In a case that worked a bit better, some S supports among the Second Gens were made more platonic. Especially in the case of the Kanas, widely considered to be too young to fully consider dating - though several of their supports/endings combos imply that they'll eventually hook up with the chara they interacted (i.e., Female Kana and Siegbert, Male Kana and [insert: Mitama, Nina or Rhajat]).
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