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  • Evil Is Sexy: Basically the entire faction of Nohr evokes this, specially Camilla, in Birthright. Even if you play Conquest, the story plays more like an evil campaign. Either way, most Nohr's characters are nominal villains who are only following their king, so the evil is kind of borderline.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Ryoma and Scarlet can't be paired up, despite them sharing many scenes of Ship Tease and other characters saying they're like an old married couple.
    • While Niles/male Avatar is popular, Leo/Niles practically exploded in popularity surpassing even the "canon" option. It doesn't hurt that their supports and other interactions ooze Ho Yay.
    • Jakob/Flora developed a big following when it was revealed she had feelings for him, yet they could not support.
  • Ship Mates: Due to Oboro's crush on Takumi, fans that ship him with anyone else tend to pair Oboro with Silas or Niles aka two Nohrians that she can get along well with.
    • Azura gets a lot of Ship Tease with male Corrin, so fans that play as female Corrin or ship male Corrin with other characters tend to pair Azura with Laslow (whom Azura gets along with surprisingly well) and sometimes Jakob (who's Birds of a Feather with her).
  • That One Boss:
    • Conquest!Ryoma. Swordmaster is a hell of a broken class, he's packing a legendary weapon, and if you're really unlucky he'll crit even your bulkiest armor unit to pieces. In chapter 25, the Avatar has to defeat him to complete the chapter. He's pissed as hell at them by now, and his stats show it.
    • Conquest!Takumi, aka the final boss is even worse. Packing one of the strongest bows in the game, Close Counter, surrounded by enemies, extra-long range, Paired Up with a shadow double of himself? Hope you brought plenty of healers.
  • That One Level:
    • Chapter 12 of Conquest is brutal even on Casual and Easy mode, largely in part due to Ryoma being That One Boss.
    • Chapter 19 of Conquest can be a pain in the ass as many of the Kitsune enemies are illusions, so killing them doesn't do anything towards the map objective.
    • Birthright is the "easy" route, but Chapter 21 is no picnic. If you hit the wrong Dragon Vein, the floor turns to lava, limiting your movement and leeching your units' HP.
  • Woolseyism: Attempted, but not necessarily for the best:
    • The Beruka-Saizo C support is changed from an long conversation to a sequence of ellipses, apparently by invoking Rule of Funny. YMMV on this one, though, as a number of fans were not impressed.
    • Soleil is canonically bi, but there's more emphasis on her girl-loving side than anything else. Out of her S-supports, only those with a Male Avatar and Forrest are decidedly romantic; in the others she either turns the guy down or they're Just Friends.
    • Some of Hisame's dialogues empathized his love of pickles for Rule of Funny. Some considered it genuinely hilarious, others thought it was just Flanderization.
    • In a case that worked a bit better, some S supports among the Second Gens were made more platonic. Especially in the case of the Kanas, widely considered to be too young to fully consider dating - though several of their supports/endings combos imply that they'll eventually hook up with the chara they interacted (i.e., Female Kana and Siegbert, Male Kana and [insert: Mitama, Nina or Rhajat]).
    • Arguably, the name change from Benoit to Benny for North American audiences, due to the associations of the former to a certain divisive wrestler.
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