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  • Die for Our Ship:
    • Edelgard from Hraesvelgr can marry both Byleths, is the most popular option for Female Byleth AND is strongly implied to still love him/her even if her route's not chosen and therefore she can't be Byleth's lover. The Edelgard/F!Byleth fans tend to look down on near every other Byleth ship in one way or another. Especially Edelgard/M!Byleth, which is said to be "heteronormative".
      • Some of them also hate, HATE Rhea/Byleth as an extension of the "Edelgard vs. Rhea" fandom war, whining about Rhea's manipulative streak to paint her as an evil monster who doesn't deserve Byleth at all (while she's hardly an innocent, she isn't completely evil). Rhea/Byleth fans aren't exactly innocent either, as the better known ones and their cohorts tends to constantly shit on Edelgard and Edelgard/Byleth to make Rhea look like the better option (while downplaying her massive, tragic flaws and bad decision)
    • Dorothea Arnault is canonically bisexual, being able to marry either of the Byleths and having some A-paired endings with ladies what ooze Les Yay. Many yuri fans openly and aggressively complain about the girl being paired with any men, period, insisting that she's "coded lesbian" and that she'd only care about guys (especially Black Eagles men, who are all nobles while she's a commoner) to be a Gold Digger to them.
    • Some bashers of Edelgard also happen to be Hubert/Ferdinand shippers who pair the boys together while at the same time suggesting neither of them should be "forced" to stay with Edelgard, even in her own route.
    • Female Byleth is starting to get this from people who ship Dimitri with anyone else, but especially Dedue.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Claude von Riegan is the only "lord" character who doesn't get this. Even his biggest fans acknowledge that he's sketchy as hell and only love him more for it. The others? While all of them have led extremely harsh lives that none deserved, their ways to deal with such terrifying pains and pasts do cause lots of grief to many innocents and toss Fódlan into a gigantic war... but telling this to to their fans will cause MASSIVE Internet Backdrafts.
    • Edelgard von Hraesvelgr's poor decisions and harsh attitude are glossed over so fans can go "poor baby, it's not her fault, she's had such a hard life!", even when other routes than hers make her pay dearly for her actions and she dies in all of them.
    • The fans of Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd ignore the atrocities he committed during his downward spiral because he's just so cute and troubled and they can heal him with their love -- even when he gets a GIGANTIC call-out in his own route as his hatred and insanity lead him to lose one of his strongest supporters (who's also the father of a close childhood friend), forcing him to reconsider his methods... and he dies in the other routes
    • And Lady Rhea fans? Why, she's just a poor sad little girl who lost her mommy and all but three of her siblings (plus her niece) in truly horrible ways! It's not her fault she's corrupted the Church and harmed countless people and made Byleth a walking zombie just so she can get her mommy back! This stays even when, if she survives, she realizes how terribly wrong she was and both apologizes to Byleth for what she wanted to do to them, and retires from her leadership position!
  • One True Threesome: Some fans of the Black Eagles faction have come to adore Hubert / Edelgard / Ferdinand, while some Blue Lions supporters favor Sylvain / Felix / Ingrid.
  • Player Punch: You can actually kill your own students!
  • That One Boss:
    • Unless you defeat him immediately, Dedue will use a Crest Stone to turn into a Demonic Beast, and his beast form is not easy to bring down.
    • If you chose the Crimson Flower route, Catherine. Advanced class, excellent speed and attack, wielding a Hero's Relic, and she shows up twice-once being on the final map. You're better off just avoiding her completely, even if you're not particularly attached to her as a character the chances of not dying against her are slim to none.
    • Another Crimson Flower example: If you were hoping to go for a Pacifist Run, you can forget sparing Hilda unless you either have someone with a long enough Warp range or manage to avoid her entirely. If you can't avoid her, you'll have to attack her before she goes after you, and she is not an easy fight: she's a Lightning Bruiser carrying a Hero's Relic with a high crit rate. And unfortunately, this game does not have a sleep or Freeze spell to keep her from moving for a turn or two while you sneak past her. Made worse is Claude's heartbroken reaction to her death and the fact that for once, he told her to run away if things got hairy but she chose to die for him this time. OW.
    • The freaking Death Knight is this to the point where the game itself advises you not to fight him until a late battle in Azure Moon where he's a mandatory kill. And even if your units are high-leveled enough, he won't go down easily. Also? On the higher difficulties, he moves.
  • That One Level:
    • The final chapter of Azure Moon can be quite painful thanks to one factor: a Mook named Myson who spams an infinity-use spell that knocks your HP down to one if it hits. He's not easy to kill, either, protected by walls even fliers can't go over. Sure, there's a way to avoid him (stick to the left side of the map), but the other enemies are still strong and can KO your units in double quick time if you make one wrong more. As a final insult, the boss of the map attacks twice in one turn.
    • The Blue Lions-exclusive paralogue "War For the Weak" doubles as this and a Guide Dang It. Unless you complete it, Dedue will be permanently unusable for the Azure Moon path due to a Heroic Sacrifice during the time skip. If you complete it, he'll show up alive and well thanks to the Duscur soldiers he rescued taking him in and ensuring his survival and eventual return to Dimitri. Unfortunately, it's one of the harder paralogues in the game: See, in order to successfully complete it, your party has to defeat the enemy commander in 15 turns or less while keeping Dedue alive. The last one is fairly easy, since Dedue is a pretty durable unit, and fifteen turns can seem like a lot, but the allied soldiers fighting alongside you are just as determined to take out the commander, and if you're not careful one of them just might do it, resulting in a game over. Oh, and if you want a bigger reward, you've got to take out more enemies than the green units. Have fun!
    • Marianne's paralogue. Fog of War? Check. Glass Cannon Marianne starts out right near the boss and there's tons of monsters lurking about? Check. The monsters all move and have long-ranged attacks plus a healer nearby to help them out? Check. Also, if Marianne dies it's game over, and unless you really leveled her up and gave her a Silver Shield and can rush to her rescue in time, she probably WILL die.
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