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Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile phone app developed by Intelligent Systems. The game was announced on April 2016 and launched on Android and iOS devices on February 2, 2017 in territories worldwide, which have expanded from then on. It's not strictly a FE game, but a mobile game dedicated to be a sort-of bridge between mobile phones users and the FE franchise in itself. The story is divided in "Books": as of 2020, four Books have been released.

The protagonist is a Faceless Protagonist known as the Summoner (default name: Kiran), who actually is from Earth! One day he/she was minding their own businesses like every day, only to find themself whisked away to the continet of Zenith via a ritual performed by Anna, the Commander of a Badass Crew known as the Order of Heroes. The other leaders of the Order are Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena from the Kingdom of Askr, who tell Kiran that he/she is The Chosen One fated to use the sacred weapon Breidablik (which looks and is used like a Cool Gun) to summon Heroes (alias other characters from the FE games, known as "worlds") to help them fight against their enemies.

In the First Book, the premise starts as a very simple one: the Order of Heroes must fight against the Empire of Emblia, led by the charismatic Princess Veronica. This lady, a mix of Dark Magical Girl and Creepy Child, has the power of opening portals to different dimension and bind the heroes there under "contracts" to force them fight for her sake and invade Askr. As things go on it's shown that there's also a Magic Knight only known as the "Mysterious Man", who isn't under Veronica's orders but still fights for her sake and for his own purposes. Plus, several sides of both of them are shown as the Askrian and Emblian forces clash more and more...

The Second Book has the war between two other Kingdoms, Nifl the Kingdom of Ice and Múspell the Kingdom of Fire. The war-happy Múspell, led by King Surtr, invades the peaceful Nifl: the Queen is slain, the Crown Prince Hríd is missing, the First Princess Gunnthrá is forced to go into hiding, and the Third Princess Ylgr is kidnapped. Only one Royal Family member is free: the Second Princess Fjorm, who's taken in by the Order of Heroes and allies herself with them. Then the Order decides to march against Múspell, so they can stop Surtr's ambitions before it's too late.

The Third Book changes things again, focusing on the Realm of the Dead known as Hel. Its Queen, Hel, has her own intentions regarding the Kingdom of Askr, whose Royal Couple (Alfonse and Sharena's parents, King Gustav and Queen Henriette) are getting ready for a possible invasion. The Princess of Hel, Eir, is made a prisoner by Askr and requests to join the Order, apparently having her own plans; in the meantime, Hel revives the founer of Askr (Líf) and the founder of Emblia (Thrásir) as her minions.

The Fourth Book debuted in December 2019, and it begins when a sleeping sickness starts spreading through Askr; the victims seem to be trapped in enchanted sleeps that dopuble as endless nightmares. The Order of Heroes starts working on the case to save these people, and as they investigate such matters they find their way to Ljósálfarheimr, the fairy land-like Realm of Dreams; one of its inhabitants, a Ljósálfar named Peony, joins the cast to ask them to save it from being taken over by a mysterious dark entity. . .

Tropes used in Fire Emblem: Heroes include:
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