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  • Nils saying goodbye to his sister Ninian and Eliwood before he crosses the Dragon's Gate alone in Fire Emblem.
    • If we go to supports...Kent and Lyn's A one. I am here for you. Even were I not a knight, even were you not my lady. My heart would not change. So, I hope that you will forgive me, should I continue to stay by your side... And let's not forget Priscilla and Erk's A support, Say My Name end included. Even more heartwarming because it triggers Priscilla's only happy double ending, where she * does* get to keep the man she loves.
    • Lucius and Serra's A support, whether you view it through romantic or platonic lenses, shows both the lonely girl Serra is under the Rich Bitch facade, and the extent of what a kind and forgiving person Lucius is (despite the rocky start of their interaction, he still says she's a kind person).
    • Lucius may be crowning character of heartwarming. In his Renault support, when he talks about his years of suffering after his parents' deaths, Renault confesses that he killed Lucius's father, falls to his knees in tears and begs Lucius to forgive him. Lucius forgives him.
    • In the last chapter when Eliwood tells everyone to stay back and, of course, no one listens to him.
      • Also, before the chapter when Eliwood talks to Nergal: "Do you believe for a moment that, when wise Athos struck down his dearest friend, he felt nothing!?"
    • Also in Path of Radiance when Sanaki got down on her knees and begged the herons to forgive her and her country for what they did to them... and they did.
    • Sothe and Micaiah. Radiant Dawn. "I'll protect you." Enough said.
    • Geoffrey's dialogue with his sister Lucia and his love interest, Elincia from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn also qualifies. The part where he tells Elincia that if he died, he could at least die near her? Elincia's response: "Please...never leave my side, Geoffrey."
    • In Genealogy of the Holy Wars's prologue chapter, the normally cold and harsh Lord Alvis admits to Sigurd that despite only being his half-brother, Azel means the world to him. Say it with me: "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
      • The unofficial manga adaptation amps this Up to Eleven. Azel and Alvis meet up after the Verdane arc and have a talk, in which Alvis tells Azel he loves him and asks him to always remember that fact. Then we get a flashback to young Alvis bonding with baby Azel after their father's death.
    • A couple romantic examples from Genealogy of the Holy War: Edain's chapter 4 conversations with Azel or Midayle or Tiltyu's convo with Azel, and the chapter 5 convos between Deu/Lachesis, Lex/Tiltyu, and Fury/Arden.
    • For Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, we have Eirika and Seth's A support, where Eirika confesses that when they left their Doomed Hometown, she briefly thought they could've run away, yet repressed to say it because she knew they couldn't... and before leaving, Seth admits that he thought the same as he held Eirika during their escape.
    • A non-romantic example from The Sacred Stones: Ross and Garcia's A support. Even after Ross called him out of retirement, Garcia remains a father first and a fighter second. Also their C support where they talk about Ross's deceased mother.
    • Yet another The Sacred Stones example is Forde and Vanessa's A support, specifically this quote: When you first saw me sleeping, I was dreaming of running across a field. I felt this warm energy engulfing me, blowing across my face like a summer wind. It must have been your energy that made me feel that way.
    • Another The Sacred Stones example: Franz and Amelia's A Support

 Amelia: Let me be your shield to protect you...

Franz: And I will be your sword and fight for you. From now on. You're not alone anymore, Amelia.

Amelia: Thank you Franz.

      • And then she runs into his arms and they hug. Fluff overdose, here.
    • Another non-romantic example: Innes spends his and Tana's B and C supports refusing to see her as more than his Tagalong Kid sister, but in their A support it's revealed this is his way of expressing concern and love for her, and Tana's love and admiration for her brother is made clear as well.
    • Back to Fire Emblem, Lowen and Rebecca's supports as a whole are pure heartwarming.
    • Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade: Roy and Lilina's A support and Roy's supportive behavior in chapter 8 after she finds out Hector's dead.
    • Clarine and Rutger's A support, wherein she shows him her soft side and he shows some of his own by admitting he likes her better in Well, Excuse Me, Princess! mode.
    • Roy telling a tearful Fa that she'll always be a friend to them even though she's a dragon, followed by his desire to help Dark Dragon Idoun regain her soul.
    • Noah/Fir A support is heartwarming as it is, but Yuno and Noah's A support makes it even more heartwarming: Noah admits he hates getting close to people because there's a chance it will end badly, but he's gone out of his way to reach out to Fir anyway.
    • Another Sacred Stones example: Artur and Lute's supports are as a whole heartwarming, but their A support is particularly so: after Artur confesses his love for her, Lute goes into a bit of a panic as she tries to recall if her books said anything about love. Artur then tells her that love doesn't need books, and that she should just be herself and listen to her feelings. After taking a moment to do so, Lute finally responds: "I'm glad... you're here."
  • Celice rerecruiting Yuria in FE 4. Not only does it inspire a feeling of "Awwww....", it's also part Awesome Moment with you knowing you've truly outdone Manfroy this time.
  • Soren, the Defrosting Ice King, sobbing in Ike's arms just before the final boss after Ike got his old memories back and could remember meeting Soren as a child in Radiant Dawn.
    • Soren's other special scene at the end of Radiant Dawn deserves mention too, specifically Almedha's reaction to meeting him.

 Almedha: Because I have lost the power of my birthright, I thought... Maybe I wouldn't be able to...That I might not be able to recognize my own child. But when her own true son stands before her, no mother could fail to know. Oh, my son, you've lived and grown strong.

  • "We are all family. We will try to understand one another. Even when we disagree."
  • Sacred Stones again. In one support, Ross gives Amelia A necklace that belonged to his late mother
  • How in the hell has Jaffar/Nino's support from Fire Emblem not been mentioned yet? That entire support was one giant "Awwwwwww"fest thanks to, Nino showing her trust for Jaffar even after his job was to kill her and Jaffar admitting that he loves her.
  • The heavy-on-fanfare Mist/Boyd supports from Po R and the ending in RD: In Po R, what starts off as a hatred of sorts eventually turns into Mist bawling her eyes out into Boyd's arms, who tells her everything will be okay, even if he "has no idea what he's doing". In RD, when Mist faints from the war and the medallion in the Part III Epilogue, Boyd clears a path so Ike can take Mist to safety if they have the A Support. Just before that, Mist yelled at Boyd for trying to stop her from fighting- again only if they have the A Support. In their ending, they get married, and much to Boyd's dismay, Mist cries during their wedding vows.
  • Leaf killing Trabant and avenging his father Cuan in Seisen no Keifu:

 "Father, did you see that?"

  • The "Master and Pupil" base conversation in Radiant Dawn. For all his jerkassery, Shinon really cares about Rolf.
  • During part 4 of Radiant Dawn on your second playthrough onward, Pelleas begins to suspect Almedha is not really his mother and has it brutally confirmed for him by Izuka during their battle conversation. During the story scenes, he's shown to be sick of Almedha smothering him and pushes her away. But in the epilogue, he tells her that despite everything he was grateful to her, because it was through her that he knew a mother's love after spending his early years alone.
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