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Fridge Brilliance

  • Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, specifically Ewan and Dozla's supports. At first I didn't think much of them. Then it struck me! I never really actually consider Ewan anything special in the game, but Ewan really IS thinking about ideas for two inventions we use in THIS universe. Because of the fact that, in my opinion, all of the Fire Emblem games are set in separate, yet similar medieval-ish fantasy setting, Ewan is actually a genius thinking of bright new ideas. In the B support, Ewan was thinking about "coaches that could travel in the air"(some sort of a plane, perhaps?) and discussed using Pegasus Knights but realizing the problems. Then in the A support, Ewan talks about "people far away from each other talking" using magical devices (telephones?). Furthermore, the fact Ewan mentioned that he got in trouble for the fact that he thought about these "outlandish things". Maaaan, This is a revelation for me! -Sovvil
    • Another one for Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, also concerning a support with Dozla, coincidentially enough. In Dozla's supports with Garcia, Garcia mentions how in the old days, it was important to be trained in multiple disciplines, even if you end up specializing in one overall. The B and A supports then go to hilarious attempts where the two try archery and magic, not to have much success. The Fridge Brilliance, however, comes with the remakes of Marth's games, Shadow Dragon and Heroes of Light and Shadow. These were the very first Fire Emblem games, putting them in the 'old days' of the series. The new reclass system allows nearly every unit change to a new class, where they can learn the use of a new weapon while keeping the weapon experience they had before while their stats and growths change in the process. And finally, except for some rare occasions like the fighter who can become a decent dark mage and the cleric succeeding as a Pegasus Knight, the unit would most likely have been better off in the class they started. Just as Garcia and Dozla found out in their supports. - Grithalmur
  • This troper is a huge fan of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and has replayed it numerous times, so listing all the moments of Fridge Brilliance would be blatant EntryPimping and Author Appeal. (But I have to say, the choice of affinities can be quite delicious, Ike and Elincia as Earth and Heaven, Titania and Soren as Light and Dark...) But what really struck me was how thrown in Marcia and Tanith's A support seemed. Tanith thought Marcia had so much potential to be commander of the Holy Guard that she swallowed her pride and admitted it? Really? Marcia? She never really struck me as uh, a leader type. But then sometime later I was looking at her behaviour around Makalov and realised how much she was acting Tanith (just with UnusualEuphemisms). That's the potential Tanith sees in Marcia! The perfect successor! -omgdragonfly
  • I had a sudden, absolutely hilarious bout of insight regarding the character of Wallace from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword. It had suddenly occurred to me that in both the chapters where you can recruit Wallace - one in Lyn's story, the other in Eliwood's/Hector's (if you fight Lloyd first rather than Linus) - the map is a Fog of War. This would seem to be a coincidence - except that Wallace has no sense of direction! Even if this was not a deliberate joke on the character, I'm still very impressed at the appropriateness of it all - especially since the alternate 'Four-Fanged Offence' (where you fight Linus) is noticably not a Fog of War. - Caellach Tiger Eye
  • Another one regarding Blazing Sword: Renault spent most of his life as a mercenary and only became a bishop late in life. This explains why his magic is so abysmal and his magical resistance is only a few points higher than his physical defense (which is actually pretty high for a magic-user.) If strength stats for magic-users and magic stats for weapon-users were available in the GBA games, Renault would probably have an abnormally high strength stat for a magic-user, quite possibly even already coming capped (since the Bishop class would probably have a very low Strength Cap)--not that this would mean anything as a Strength stat would be completely useless for a magic-user given the operating mechanics in these games.) --User:Spiri Tsunami
    • Another bit of insight into Blazing Sword, which I'd picked up on awhile ago but didn't realize that it wasn't intuitive until I read the game's entry on Another Side Another Story. There may be a bit of Fridge Horror mixed in here. Why does Karla only appear in Hector's Story, when the chapter she appears in is not one of the ones exclusive to said story? Well, quite simply, it's because in that story, she happened to be passing through a village on her search right as it was attacked by bandits and was killed in the attack. I actually discovered this completely by accident. There was one time when I was playing through Hector's Story and she didn't show up, and then I realized that on this particular run-through I had failed to get the Elysian Whip in Chapter 25--an item that is handed out by Karla when you visit the chapter's lone village. And since Chapter 25 of Hector's Story doesn't appear in Eliwood's Story at all, your army couldn't possibly have saved that village. This also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hector's Story, not Eliwood's Story, is canon. --SpiriTsunami
      • To explain: "Blazing Sword" is the prequel to "The Sword of Seals," and in-game, the Myrmidon Fir has ties to both Barte and Karel (Supports reveal that Barte is her dad, whereas Karel is her uncle). How is she related to both of them? Karla had to be her mother - In Karla and Barte's ending in Hector's Path of Blazing Sword, it mentions that they had a daughter together before Karla died of illness after the events of the game. This explains why Karla doesn't appear in "Fūin no Tsurugi" if she had survived the war. Thus, in order to for both games to remain canon, Karla had to survive the events of "Blazing Sword."
  • Also: Ashera is the goddess of order, which is of course why her biorhythm does not fluctuate at all. --SpiriTsunami
    • Another one from Radiant Dawn: Why, when the Valkyrie's Magic stat cap is so much higher than its Strength stat cap, is Mist only able to reach SS-rank in swords? Well, because she's Greil's daughter. --SpiriTsunami
  • It may be a bit weird to see an enemy having mastery of Strike weapons, as the enemy in question is basically a mage. But that enemy is Ashera, one half of the creator Goddess of the world. This is a play on that fate-tempting line:

  Fool: "Smite me, O mighty smiter!" --AKITN

  • Thieves can't promote in Sword of Seals but they can in Blazing Sword, which takes place twenty years prior. Early Installment Weirdness, maybe? Consider that the only two Assassins in Blazing Sword, Jerme and Jaffar, are both Black Fang operatives, one of your two thieves is Legault, who is an ex-Black Fang member, and you obtain the Thief promotion item from Sonia, who has ties to the Black Fang. The Thieves can't promote anymore because the Black Fang, the largest Assassin league ever to exist in Elibe, no longer exists by that time!
    • It gets better; Matthew, the only non-Black Fang who could become an Assassin, inevitably spends quite a bit of time in the same party as former Black Fangs Legault and/or Jaffar. Also, you could get a Fell Contract from the Secret Shop in the penultimate chapter... but to gain access to the Secret Shops, you need to steal the Member Card... from a Black Fang thief. And the Secret Shop that sells Fell Contracts is not too far from the building where you encounter that Black Fang thief.
  • In general, why Dark magic is usually confined to a handful of characters. It's actually hard to use, and it apparently is easy to become corrupted by the lust of pure power. In addition to the social stigma (Canas and Knoll insist it's ancient magic, not evil magic.) there's very few people who teach it, and most find it easier to learn Anima and light magic instead. (no real risks, since Canas mentions his brothers becoming soul-less vessels) So, combination of stigma, few people who can teach it, as well as how tough it can be to master yourself, that's why there's very few dark magic. Of course, I'm sure that the developers have a thing against dark magic. (Did Manfroy wipe out their office or something?)
  • Some people were disappointed Ike didn't marry Elincia as per convention for every Fire Emblem series of the main character getting hitched with the princess. The reason was pretty simple. Ike's father was a Daein Knight and people would know that Ike is by blood a Daein. If Ike asked for Elincia's hand in marraige. He would have cause a political incident that could spark another war. So both backed off from any idea of a marraige let alone an affair.
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