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Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

The fourth game in the Fire Emblem series, and the first part of the Jugdral canon.

1st Generation Playable Characters

Sigurd of Chalphy

File:Sigurd 6538.jpg

The son and heir of Duke Vylon of Chalphy, left behind in Chalphy with a only small retinue of knights while the bulk of Grannvaleian forces are off to war in Isaac. His departure to handle the Verdane attack on Jungby sets off a chain of events which changes Jugdral forever...

 Class: Lord Knight

Holy blood: Baldur [Major]


File:FireEmblemJugdral Alec 7837.png

A knight of Chalphy, one of the few remaining with everyone else off to war. Loose, relaxed and something of a womanizer.

 Class: Cavalier


File:FireEmblemJugdral Noish 7578.png

A knight of Chalphy, one of the few remaining with everyone else off to war. Devoted and fiery.

 Class: Cavalier


File:FireEmblemJugdral Arden 980.png

A knight of Chalphy, one of the few remaining with everyone else off to war.

 Class: Sword Armour

Azelle of Velthomer (Azel)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Azelle 4349.png

The half-brother of Arvis of Velthomer. Despite Arvis's warnings to the contrary, he travels to the south to assist in the fight against Verdane and rescue Edain, taking Lex with him.

 Class: Mage

Holy blood: Fjalar [Minor]

Lex of Dozel

File:FireEmblemJugdral Lex 48.png

The son of Duke Lombard of Dozel, the half-brother of Danan, and a childhood friend of Azelle. He accompanies Azelle to assist Sigurd in the fight with Verdane, fully aware that his father would not be happy about assisting the house of Chalphy.

 Class: Axe Knight

Holy blood: Neir [Minor]

  Lex: Hahahaa... Alright, let's do this. Finally, a chance to kick some ass.

Prince Quan of Lenster

File:FireEmblemJugdral Quan 4708.png

The prince of Lenster, a childhood friend of Sigurd and Eldigan, and married to Sigurd's sister Ethlyn. He accompanies Ethlyn to Chalphy to assist Sigurd.

 Class: Duke Knight

Holy blood: Njörun [Major]

Princess Ethlyn of Lenster (Ethrin, Ethlin)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Ethlyn 2536.png

Quan's wife and Sigurd's sister. She sets out for Chalphy upon hearing word of their plight at Verdane's hands.

 Class: Troubadour

Holy blood: Baldur [Minor]


File:FireEmblemJugdral Fin 2404.png

A fresh knight in the service of Lenster who accompanies Quan and Ethlyn to Chalphy.

 Class: Lance Knight

  • Badass: Very much so
  • Blade on a Stick: Being a lance knight this is essentially a must, it helps that he gets an Infinity Minus One Lance and is essentially his trademark weapon
  • Bodyguard Crush: On Lachesis in the Oosawa manga
  • Chekhov's Gunman and Foreshadowing: Hey, guess what all that talk Quan gave Fin about him being an important soldier and telling him not to die was for?
  • Hot Dad: If paired up.
  • It's Personal: To Travant in Gen 2 for killing Quan and Ethlyn
  • The Lancer: To Quan, a literal one in fact.
  • Love Martyr: A possible Alternate Character Interpretation for him as a borderline one to for Lachesis, in the Oosawa manga. Even if not, the scene where he brings Lachesis back from the Despair Event Horizon by stabbing himself with the Earth Sword and almost bleeding to death on her raises one or three eyebrows. Fortunately, they both get better.
  • ______I Am your father: Is this to his daughter (most likely Nanna, if we take the mangas and Thracia in consideration, but he also has a talk like this with Lana and Larcei) if he had a lover in Gen 1. Interestingly enough he never gets to talk to his son.
    • That MAY be a throw-back to how Diarmuid (the older brother of Nanna, who is his daughter if we follow Thracia and the mangas) may not be his son, but Beowolf's. Not an excuse in the case of Lester, Ulster or other boys though.
  • Magikarp Power-->Crutch Character: Starts out as the former in Gen 1, coming into the game at Level 1 and locked to a weapon type that is at a disadvantage against the enemies in the first two chapters. Leaves before the end of Gen 1, but comes back in Gen 2 at whatever level he was at when he left--which is probably in the high teens or even low twenties. Lacks Holy Blood of any sort, which equates to a severe disadvantage as far as growth rates are concerned.
  • Manly Tears: He cries when he meets Altena for the first time in years, and then she thanks him for having taken care of Leif
  • Older Than They Look: In Gen 2 he's in his mid 30s and a year older then Oifay (who does look his age), but despite that he looks about 20.
  • Parental Substitute: To Leif
  • Second Love: In the Oosawa manga, to Lachesis after Eldigan kicks it.
    • Sex Equals Love: Justified Trope, though: they hook up and go through Their First Time the night before he leaves Silesia alongside Quan and Ethlyn. And we all know what happens afterwards. Even more so, in that particular continuity... it's also the time where they conceive Diarmuid.
    • May also qualify in the game timeline. Since Delmund is the older sibling, Beowolf is most likely Lachesis' first lover. Since Beowolf was "in the way," he was left out of the manga. Given Beowolf's last conversation with Lachesis though, she may had never truly loved him since she was too hung up on her brother, and he became aware of it so he let her go. After Beowolf's death, she probably fled to Lenster and had Nanna with Fin, and they raised her alongside Fin's ward Leif. She then disappears when she crosses the desert back to get her son.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the House of Lester, and specially Quan.

Midir (Midayle, Middir, Mideel)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Midir 6744.png

A knight of Jungby who attempted to protect Edain from the Verdane forces, but was defeated by Prince Munnir. Upon reclaiming Jungby Castle, he is found by Sigurd and accompanies him into Verdane to rescue Edain.

 Class: Bow Knight

  • Bodyguard Crush: On Edain
    • Second Love: If you pair him with someone else, specially her older sister Briggid. Which upsets Briggid quite a bit, as she openly wonders if their hook-up is based on Loving a Shadow.

  Briggid: Look, Midir. I know you used to like Edain. Do you think you'll be happy with me?

Lady Edain of Jungby (Eideen, Edin, Aideen, Adean)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Edain 4512.png

The daughter of Lord Ring of Jungby, taken hostage by Prince Munnir; her kidnapping is what kicks off the whole plot, as Sigurd and his knights set off to rescue her and free Jungby. She is soon freed by Prince Jamke, to find her way back to Sigurd's forces with the help of Dew.

 Class: Priest

Holy blood: Ulir [Minor]

Dew (Deu)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Dew 805.png

A thief caught and imprisoned by Jamke in an attempt to steal from Verdane's Castle Marpha, he was released by Jamke along with Edain and protected her on the way back to Sigurd, staying with the crew from then on.

 Class: Theif

  • Distress Ball: In-story, not in gameplay. He was a mere thief who was caught stealing treasures by Jamke, who then pardoned him but only if he became Edain's escort in exchange.
  • Ephebophile: He's quite a bit younger than several of his love interests... though not a pre-pubescent boy either. The Oosawa manga makes him around 13-14.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: His love talk with Lachesis.

 Dew: Everyone's been sayin' that crap. I'm not a kid anymore!

Lachesis: I can definitely vouch for that, Dew. Heheh... Especially after what we...

Dew: H, hey! You're gettin' red there, girl!

Princess Ayra of Isaac (Irea, Aira)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Ira 5523.png

The princess of Isaac, taking refuge in Verdane from her country's war to protect her young half-nephew Prince Shannan upon request of her brother, Crown Prince Mariccle. Verdane's Prince Cimbaeth forced her to fight for Verdane by holding Shannan hostage, but once Shannan was rescued by Sigurd, she joined the Chalphy army following the downfall of Castle Genoa.

 Class: Swordfighter

Holy blood: Odo [Minor]

Prince Jamke of Verdane (Jamka, Jamuka)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Jamke 4429.png

A Prince of Verdane, the younger brother of Cimbaeth and Munnir. Kinder than his brothers, he is the only member of the royal family not under the sway of Sandima. He frees Edain and Dew before departing to confront his father, and is later convinced by Edain to defect to Sigurd's army.

 Class: Bow Fighter

Deirdre (Diadora)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Deirdre 2853.png

A mysterious girl living in the Spirit Forest of Verdane. She and Sigurd instantly fall in love upon meeting, marrying shortly after the suppression of Verdane. She is later kidnapped by Manfroy of the Lopto Cult... ... and brainwashed into becoming the wife of Arvis of Velthomer. She is the daughter of Grannvale's Prince Kurth and Cigyun, the former wife of Victor of Velthomer; as such, she possessed both the blood of the Divine Dragon God Naga and of the Dark God Loptous. She gives birth to three children: Seliph, with Sigurd, and the twins Julius and Julia, with Arvis; Julius's birth, and his resultant possession of full Loptous blood, inherited from both Deirdre and Arvis, was key to the schemes of Manfroy and the Lopto Cult.

 Class: Shaman

Holy blood: Naga [Major], Loptous [Minor]

 Deirdre: "Julia... you must survive..."

  • Facial Markings: Had one on her forehead, which she hid with her circlet. It came from her major Naga/Heim blood.
  • Girl in the Tower: Or better said, Girl In The Forest. Like her Missing Mom Cigyun, since their kids would be potential vessels for Loptous.
  • Heroic Bastard: Deirdre was the illegitimate daughter of Lady Cigyun of Velthomer and Prince Kurth. Cigyun fell to Death by Childbirth, Kurth never knew about her and died several years later. (Or, in the Oosawa manga, died right after learning of her existence.)
  • Hot Mom: Of Seliph, Julius and Julia. She even looks the same when both are grown as seen in the attract mode.
  • Hypnotize the Princess (One of the most dramatic and succesful examples ever.)
  • Housewife: To the Lord of Chalphy. Lampshaded when, in the Oosawa manga, she's kidnapped while defending one of the conquered castles.
  • Love At First Sight and Rescue Romance: With Sigurd.
  • Non-Lethal KO: Every time she "dies", she'll come back at the end of the chapter, unscathed, because the enemy merely captured her. Justified Trope, tho: the bad guys NEED her alive and well in order to marry to her half-brother and thus create an evil god.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different and Together in Death: When her and Sigurd's souls meet with Seliph.
  • Rags to Riches: From a young girl who lived in the forest and had no idea that she was a Fallen Princess, to the loving wife of the future Lord of Chalphy, and then to the mindwiped Crown Princess/Empress of Grannvale.
  • White Magician Girl: Pretty decent staff user.
  • Woman in White

Chulainn (Holin, Holyn)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Chulainn 2990.png

A gladiator found as the strongest opponent in Castle Evans' pit, and joins the group once he's defeated. He is a distant relative of the House of Isaac.

 Class: Swordfighter

Holy blood: Odo [Minor]

  • Defeat Means Friendship: He's the last fighter in the Evans castle's arena, and once he's defeated he joins the group. Note that this only happens when you clear it out for the first time, and he doesn't appear later.
  • Fallen Prince: Implied. His father is the lord of Sophara, but we see him as a fighter in an arena and in Gen 2 Sophara is under Iuchar's command, and nobody knows what happened to Chulainn's dad...
  • Hair of Gold: Which is actually kinda odd, as he's from Isaac and yet pretty much every Isaacian we meet is black-haired save for him and Galzus.
  • Hot Dad: If paired up.
  • Kissing Cousins: With Ayra if you hook them up.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Used to be his motivation, until you recruited him.

 “You've got some serious spirit in your attack. Obviously you're not here for the money. Cash has been my motivator all these years... But after seeing you it kinda loses its meaning. You mind if I tag along? It'd be nice to fight for something real for a change.”

Princess Lachesis of Nodion (Rachesis, Rackesis)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Lachesis 5632.png

The willful and hotblodded princess of Nodion, who holds her brother Eldigan in the utmost regard.

 Class: Princess

Holy blood: Hezul [Minor]

Beowolf (Beowulf)

File:Beowolf 2034.jpg

A Conote mercenary partnered with Voltz, hired by Macbeth of Agustria to hold off Sigurd. He is convinced to side with Sigurd... for a small Phee. He claims to be an old friend of Eldigan, though how true his claim is is up in the air.

 Class: Free Knight

Prince Lewyn of Silesia (Levin, Levn)

File:Lewyn 1502.jpg

Silesia's errant prince, travelling the world. He is present in Agustria during Sigurd's conflict with it, travelling with Sylvia, and sides with Sigurd. After dying at the hands of Manfroy some time after the Battle of Barhara, he was revived by the god Forseti and later served as an advisor to Seliph.

 Class: Bard

Holy blood: Forseti [Major]

  "Seliph, I don't care what Oifey may have told you. Don't EVER address me as 'King Lewyn' again. Got it?"

  • Nice Hat: Or again, nice headdress. He ditches it in Gen 2.
  • Parental Substitute: To a young and amnesiac Julia
  • Parents as People: With his kids, and specially his daughters. It depends heavily on who his wife was: he's pretty harsh to Erinys's daughter Phee, acts somewhat gentler to Sylvia's daughter Lene, and cries when he talks to Tailtiu's daughter Tine.
  • Rebel Prince: Is dead set against taking Silesia's throne until midway through chapter 4.
  • Sand in My Eyes: If he is Arthur and Tine's dad, the latter will make him cry when telling him about Tailtiu's Kill the Cutie deal.

 Tine: Lewyn... are you okay?

Lewyn: Huh? Why do you ask?

Tine:: I don't know. It kinda looks like you're crying.

Lewyn: No, I'm... it's... it must just be sweat. It's nothing...

Sylvia (Sylvia)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Sylvia 7006.png

A dancer who travels Jugdral to use her skills to help the suffering. During her travels, she met Lewyn, and is with him in Agustria during its fight with Sigurd.

 Class: Dancer

Holy blood: Blaggi [Minor]

 Lewyn: That self-confidence can't come from your breasts, that's for sure. You flat-chested girl!

Sylvia: At least call me slender! *SOB*

 Lewyn: Alright, you can come with me if you want. But things might get a little rough. You okay with that?

Sylvia: Yeah! I like it rough!

  • Kissing Cousins: It's heavily implied that she and Claud are brother and sister (mostly due to their shared Blaggi blood and the fact that he mentions that he has a long-lost sister who would be about her age), though Word of God says they are just distant cousins.
  • Hot Mom: Of Lene and Coirpre
  • Mouthy Kid: Is already 14 (16 in the Oosawa manga), but comes off as this sometimes
  • Spoony Bard: Though she can use swords
  • The Tease

Erinys (Ferry, Fury)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Erinys 7935.png

A Silesian pegasus knight searching for Prince Lewyn, looking to bring him home.

 Class: Pegasus Knight

 Erinys: Huh!? My sister was... No! It can't be true! Ooooh! Please! Someone tell me it's not true!!

Tailtiu of Friege (Tiltyu, Tailto)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Tailtiu 1281.png

The youngest child of Friege's Duke Leptor. She is an admirer of Father Claud, and accompanied him to Blaggi Tower.

 Class: Thunder Mage

Holy blood: Thrud [Minor]

Father Claud of Edda (Claude)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Claud 3042.png

Edda's ruler, who travelled to Blaggi Tower to pray and learn of the truth of the circumstances of Prince Kurth's death. Accompanied by Tailtiu, the two are cornered by the pirates of Orgahill upon departure.

 Class: High Priest

Holy blood: Blaggi [Major]

Briggid (Brigid, Bridget)

File:FireEmblemJugdral Briggid 8791.png

The leader of the Orgahill pirates, abducted and raised by them at a very young age. She is the missing daughter of Jungby's Lord Ring and the twin sister of Edain. The pirates turn on her with dissatisfaction at her style of leadership, and she is reunited with Edain. She somehow survives the Barhara Massacre, albeit without her memories, and eventually turns up in the distant Fiana Village under the name Eyvel...

 Class: Sniper

Holy blood: Ulir [Major]

  “Dobarl, enough! I won't allow any such nonsense! I've got a creed to uphold, and pilfering is no part of it. We Orgahill Pirates are known for giving to the poor, not taking from them!”

  • The Ladette: Due to her upbringing as a pirate
  • Loving a Shadow: If she hooks up with either Jamke or Midir, she will deeply fear that they only love her for being the twin sister of Edain. Both of them will dispell her of said beliefs in their last love talk.
  • Pirate Girl: Was kidnapped as a child by type 2 pirates, but the leader grew fond of her and raised her as his kid and the future leaderess of the group. Though sadly she's not in the pirate class, who seem to be Always Male in Fire Emblem.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: She survived Barhara, but was memory-wiped afterwards. She took up the name "Eyvel", and we see her as a playable character in Thracia. Her Thracia ending says she recovered her memories in the end and was reunited with Patty and Febail.

2nd Generation Playable Characters (fixed)


 Class: Junior Lord

Holy blood: Baldur [Major] Naga [minor]

The son of Sigurd, and The Hero of the second part. A shy but strongwilled boy with huge swordfighting abilities and a gentle heart, he's now the hope of hundreds of people who see him as the one who can end the tyranny of Grannvale.

 Lewyn: You're worried about Julia, aren't you... You really like her, don't you...

Seliph:No, I'm just worried about her.

Oifey (Oifaye)

 Class: Paladin

Holy blood: Baldur [Minor]

Sigurd's cousin and Shannan's best friend, we meet him in Part 1 as a sweet boy who worked as The Strategist for the good guys. After the Time Skip, we meet an Older and Wiser Oifaye who helped raise Seliph and the other children, trained Diarmuid in swordplay, and is now a strong fighter.

Julia (Yuria)

 Class: Shaman

Holy blood: Naga [Major], Fjalar [Minor]

A sweet and shy girl around Seliph's age, who is brought by her adoptive father Lewyn in the group. She has amnesia and has forgotten a good part of her past, but can handle staves and magic tomes well. She is actually Seliph's half-sister, Julius's twin sister and Deirdre's daughter with Arvis, as well as the one holding major Naga blood in this generation.

  • Black Magician Girl: Give her the right spellbook, and she'll become an absolute Game Breaker.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy and Hypnotize the Princess
  • Brother-Sister Incest:Subverted, as she and Seliph have a negative love growth. However, it is possible to pair them anyway if you exploit the "Jealousy" system via strategic placing of Larcei and Lana, but this only works if you don't reset the game at all after Chapter 5. (Or if you keep them pretty much "glued" to each others's sides until she gets kidnapped.
  • Magical Girl Warrior
  • Non-Lethal KO: If she gets killed off in battle, once the stage is over she'll be found by Seliph in the recently-taken castle. Again, a Justified Trope: as the Princess of Grannvale, the Grannvale enemies won't kill her, and the Thracian enemies presumably want to use her as a hostage.
  • Woman in White
  • White Magician Girl: No matter what spellbook you give her, she'll always handle staves well.

Iuchar (Johan)

 Class: Axe Knight

Holy blood: Neir [Minor]

The second of the three sons of Danan, the ruler of Isaac and heir of Neir. A mounted axe warrior with a crush on Larcei and a somewhat kinder disposition than his dad. Sadly, he does NOT get along with Iucharba, his youngest brother; therefore, he can't be recruited if you reach for Iucharba first.

 Iuchar (as an enemy): Ahh... The virtuous rebel army has defeated me... Larcei/Creidne, our love is eternal...

Iuchar (as an ally): Though Iuchar dies, love will never... Guhaa...

Iucharba (Johalvier, Johalva)

 Class: Axe Fighter

Holy blood: Neir [Minor]

The third and youngest of the sons of Danan, the ruler of Isaac and heir of Neir. Also an axe warrior and very Hot-Blooded. Too bad he doesn't get along with Iuchar; therefore, he can't be recruited if you reach for Iuchar first.

 "He acts like a bad guy, but is honourable deep inside."

Prince Leif of Lenster (Leaf)

 Class: Prince

Holy blood: Baldur [Minor], Njörun [Minor]

Seliph's paternal cousin and the youngest son of Quan and Ethlyn, raised by Fin in hiding.

Prince Shannan of Isaac (Shanan)

 Class: Swordmaster

Holy blood: Odo [Major]

As mentioned above, he's the half-nephew of Ayra and the son of King Mariccle of Isaac, thus he is the rightful heir to the throne occupied by Danan. Raised by Edain alongside the other kids, he is the oldest of the group and has a huge responsability on his shoulders.

Ares (Aless)

 Class: Cavalier

Holy blood: Hezul [Major]

Son of Eldigan and Lachesis' nephew, and the holder of the major Hezul blood.

  • Badass
  • Black Knight
  • Fallen Prince: Was raised by a mercenary named Jabarro after Nodion fell, his dad was executed, and his mom was killed when Lenster also was invaded. If he makes it to the end of the game, he returns to Nodion so he can take over and reconstruct it.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Seliph, once they sort the Sins of Our Fathers issues out.
  • Kissing Cousins: Since he's the son of Eldigan, this happens if he's paired with Lachesis's daughter Nanna.
  • Mage Killer
  • Tragic Keepsake: Aside of the Mystletainn? A letter from Eldigan that Lachesis gave to Nanna before leaving. She gives it to him as proof of how Sigurd and Eldigan never were enemies.

Princess Altena of Thracia

 Class: Dragon Knight

Holy blood: Njörun [Major], Baldur [Minor]

The princess of Lenster as well as Quan and Ethlyn's daughter and Leif's older sister. Raised by the killer of her parents, Travant, she appears as an enemy but soon starts having doubts about her mission and heritage. thus she can be swayed to your side...


 Class: General

The most powerful general of the Thracian kingdom, and a noble and just person who is very well-loved. Unfortunately, his boss King Travant has caught on his intentions...

2nd Generation Playable Characters (Children)

Children of Edain

Lana (Rana)

 Class: Priest

Holy blood:[1] Ulir [Minor]

The daughter of Edain, and a quite powerful healer. As strongwilled as she's kind, she's among the first who joins Seliph's quest.

  • Cool Big Sis: To Julia. To the point that Lana Pheels guilty if she and Seliph hook up, as poor Lana believes she's betraying Julia's love for him.
  • Kissing Cousins: If paired up with Briggid's son, Febail.
    • Brother-Sister Incest: Because Edain and Briggid are identical twins, Febail is also Lana's genetic half brother.
  • Plucky Girl: When Seliph tells her "nuns and warfare DO NOT MIX", she stands her ground and refuses to leave. Seliph admits he's wrong and lets her join.

  Lana: “Nuns can fight too, you know. I Pheel just as strongly about this as Larcei does. The imperial troops are becoming crueler with each passing day. It's dangerous just to be a girl anymore! But I don't plan to go down without a fight. I have my own means of warfare!”


 Class: Arch Knight

Holy blood:[2] Ulir [Minor]

Edain's son, Lana's brother and Seliph's good friend, and a skilled archer like many descendants of Ulir.

Children of Ayra

Larcei (Lakche)

 Class: Swordfighter

Holy blood:[3] Odo [Minor]

One of Ayra's Half-Identical Twins children, and a Hot-Blooded swordwoman just like her mom. She was raised with Seliph and has a crush on her cousin Shannan, though her romantic Pheelings can be swayed towards others.

Ulster (Skasaha, Skasaher)

 Class: Swordfighter

Holy blood:[4] Odo [Minor]

The other half of Ayra's Half-Identical Twins children, also raised with Seliph and Shannan alongside other figitive royal kids. Levelheaded and soft-spoken, but as strong as his twin sister.

Children of Lachesis

Diarmuid (Delmud)

 Class: Free Knight

Holy blood:[5] Hezul [Minor][6]

The oldest of Lachesis's children, and a mounted swordsman. Was taught swordplay by Oifaye while being raised by Edain. Lachesis disappeared searching either for him or his cousin Ares.


 Class: Troubadour

Holy blood:[7] Hezul [Minor][8]

Diarmuid's younger sister and the other child of Lachesis. Unlike Diarmuid, she grew up in Lester alongside Leif, and was taken care for by Fin.

Children of Erinys

Phee (Fee)

 Class: Pegasus Knight

Holy blood:[9] None [10]

A Pegasus knight in training who hails from Silesia, and the daughter of Erinys.

Ced (Sety)

 Class: Sage

Holy blood:[11] None [12]

Erinys's son, Phee's brother, and an extremely powerful magic user. He is considered "Ced the Hero" for fighting against the empire.

  "Manster had a great number of children seized and sent to the shrine in Miletos. I was unable to prevent it... I'm no hero, sir. I'm a coward if anything."

Children of Tailtiu


 Class: Mage

Holy blood:[13] Thrud [Minor]

The son of Tailtiu, who grew up in Silesse. Managed to escape from the Frieges and learned Wind Magic in spite of his thunder-magic-oriented heritage, and now he's back and has some bones to pick with his own family.

Tine (Teeny, Tinny)

 Class: Mage

Holy blood:[14] Tordo [Minor]

Arthur's little sister and Tailtiu's daughter. She was raised in a very ill-tempered household, thus despite her high magical skills, she's very insecure and shy.

Children of Briggid


 Class: Thief

Holy blood:[15] Ulir [Minor]

Briggid's daughter, who became a thief to help feed the kids of the Orphanage of Love she and her brother Febail were raised in.

 Patty: You said I look like a CHILD?!

Febail (Faval)

 Class: Bow Fighter

Holy blood:[16] Ulir [Major]

Briggid's son with major Ulir blood and huge archery skills. Was either forced or tricked into joining Friege's army, so he has to be brought by Patty into the group.

  “Yeah, well, I caught a guy making fun of you. He said 'It's no wonder you became a thief with a pAyrate for a mum'. Of course, I floored the guy for saying that.”

Children of Sylvia

Lene (Lynn, Leen)

 Class: Dancer

Holy blood:[17] Blaggi [Minor]

A beautiful dancer and Ares's companion and friend. She is the lost daughter of Silvia, raised in a convent and away from her brother Coirpre.

Coirpre (Corple, Corpul)

 Class: Priest

Holy blood:[18] Blaggi [Minor]

Sylvia's youngest kid, who was raised by General Hannibal... and used as a hostage by his father's boss, King Travant.

  • Distressed Dude: Is taken hostage as a means of forcing his adoptive father Hannibal into battle.
  • Hair of Gold
  • Magikarp Power: With Azelle or Lewyn as his father, he can become quite a powerful magic unit.
    • Late Character Syndrome: Unfortunately, he suffers this as well, so most players deem him not worth the effort. (Unless his dad is Claud, that is: then he can have the Valkyrie staff and handle healing and reviving while he leaves the Forseti to Ced or Arthur)

2nd Generation Playable Characters (Replacement Children)

  • Expy: All of them are expies of the original children, in one way or another. Especially Amid and Linda, since they have holy blood (minor Tordo) as well.
  • What Could Have Been: Daisy, Femina, Janne and Asaello were supposed to appear in Thracia 776, alongside Arthur from the original kids group.
  • Your Army Killed Our Parents: In story, their mothers and fathers were retainers and/or warriors associated to Sigurd and Co. (or to Eldigan, since Tristan and Janne's Disappeared Dad was one of Eldigan's Cross Knights); they were killed off either during the war of shortly thereafter, so their kids join the Liberation Army for their sake. For Amid and Linda, their dad was killed off... and their mom was Ethnia, Blume and Tailtiu's Dead Little Sister, who was abused by Hilda until she died.

Replacements of Edain's children.

Muirne (Mana)

 Class: Priest

A civilian girl from Issac who was raised by Seliph, trained (presumably by Edain) in staff use. Replaces Lana if Edain didn't have children.

Deimne (Dimna)

 Class: Arch Knight

A young archer from Isaac as well as Muirne's brother. Replaces Lester if Edain didn't have children.

Replacements of Ayra's children

Creidne (Radney)

 Class: Swordfighter

A beautiful but skittish swordwoman from Isaach, and Seliph's another female friend. Replaces Larcei if Ayra didn't have children.

Dalvin (Roddlevan)

 Class: Swordfighter

Creidne's levelheaded older brother, and an Isaacsian swordman. Replaces Ulster if Ayra didn't have children.

Replacements of Lachesis's children

Jeanne (Janne)

 Class: Troubadour

Youngest daughter of a dead Cross Knight, raised by Fin after a turbulent early life. Replaces Nanna if Lachesis didn't have children.


 Class: Free Knight

Eldest son of a dead Cross Knight and the brother of Jeanne, raised by Edain. Replaces Diarmuid if Lachesis didn't have children.

Replacements of Erinys's children


 Class: Pegasus Knight

A Sigurd and Erinys fangirl who has just achieved her dream to be a Pegasus Knight. Replaces Phee if Erinys didn't have children.

 Hawk: So you joined the liberation army, did you?

Femina: Yep. I wanted to help out Sir Seliph.

Hawk: Hmph... I'm not surprised. You've admired his father ever since you were little.

Femina: Yeah. My dream has always been to become a Pegasus Knight just like Erinys was. You just watch... I'm gonna make it!


 Class: Sage

A talented and famous magician, as well as Femina's brother. Replaces Ced if Erinys didn't have children.

Replacements of Tailtiu's children


 Class: Wind Mage

Holy blood: Tordo [Minor]

A wandering mage from Silesia, who has a grudge against the Frieges due to the death of his mother, Bloom and Tailtiu's younger sister Ethnia. Replaces his cousin Arthur if Tailtiu didn't have children.


 Class: Thunder Mage

Holy blood: Tordo [Minor]

A sweet mage from the House of Friege, and Amid's sister. Replaces her cousin Tine if Tailtiu didn't have children.

  • Black Mage
  • Hair Decorations: Her yellow headband
  • Expy: In addition to the automatic expy-ness of being a replacement character, she's also somewhat of an expy of the first and third games' Linde, which is lampshaded by recurring character Jake in a conversation.
  • She's Got Legs: In illustrations, the slits of her white robe show off a very long and shapely pair of legs
  • Shock and Awe: Is a Thunder Mage.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Linda is sweet and humble, but less shy than Tine. She's also a thunder mage, with raw power almost equalling her aunt Tailtiu's..
  • Woman in White: In almost all illustrations, except for a card in which she's dressed in purple.
  • You Killed Our Mother: She and Amid pull this on Hilda, on behalf of the deceased Ethnia

Replacements of Briggid's children


 Class: Thief

A civilian girl who has taken up stealing from the rich to help the Orphanage of Love she was raised in. Replaces Patty if Briggid didn't have children.

 Daisy: My personal lesson with Shannan! WHEEEE!


 Class: Bow Fighter

A talented and well-known archer, and Daisy's brother. Replaces Febail if Briggid didn't have children.

  • The Archer
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Seliph. He hates all royalty and nobles with a passion after his and Daisy's parents were killed, caught under two fires during the Thracia-Manster wars, but still, on his own admission in the ending, came to like him.
  • Friend to All Children: Adults dislike and fear him, but children love him. And he loves them back, doing his hardest to make money with mercenary work for the orphanage he holds with his sister Daisy.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: In the last chapter, if he's paired with Mana, he will have a conversation with her where he'll tell how frustrated he is at being powerless in this battle, and wish he could have just a little Crusader blood in him.
  • Martial Arts Headband
  • Red Baron: "Hitman of Conote"

Replacements of Sylvia's children

Laylea (Leilia, Leyla, Layla)

 Class: Dancer

A beautiful and sorta cynical dancer who works with Ares. Replaces Lene if Sylvia didn't have children.

Charlot (Sharlow)

 Class: Priest

The adopted son of General Hannibal, and Laylea's brother -- though they don't know it. Replaces Coirpre if Silvia didn't have children.



 Class: Axe Fighter


 Class: Axe Fighter

Prince Cimbaeth of Verdane (Kinbois)

 Class: Warrior

  • Big Brother Bully: Averted in the Nuts Fujimori manga, as Jamke mentions that Cimbaeth treated him kindly when he arrived to the Verdane court.
  • Butt Monkey
  • Heel Face Turn: The Nuts Fujimori manga has him portrayed as not being deep down a bad guy, and Sigurd, noticing this, gives him mercy on the promise he will atone for his sins. Cimbaeth is genuinely moved and promises. This mercy is important as Jamke later fights Sigurd not only because for his father, but also because he believes, in a misunderstanding, that Sigurd has killed his beloved brother Cimbaeth in battle.

Prince Munnir of Verdane (Gandorf)

 Class: Warrior

  • Cain and Abel: He's Jamke's brother.
    • Evil Uncle: However a family tree in one of the Fire Emblem books says differently.
  • Butt Monkey: His portrayal in the Nuts Fujimori manga.

King Batou of Verdane


Lord Eldigan of Nodion (Eltoshan, Eltshan)

 Class: Paladin

Holy blood: Hezul [Major]

Elliot of Heirhein

 Class: Duke Knight


 Class: General

Lord Boldor of Heirhein

 Class: General


 Class: Forrest Knight

Lord Macbeth of Anphony

 Class: General

  • Adipose Rex
  • Fat Bastard: His appearance is of a chubby elderly man wearing fancy clothes
  • Kick the Dog: Is first seen sending bandits to rob from his own subjects.
  • Stout Strength: Despite being obese, he's an armor knight with decent stats.

Lord Clement of Mackily

 Class: Bishop


 Class: Duke Knight

  • Anti-Villain: In Oosawa's manga, where his personality is fleshed out as a very sympathetic and patriotic captain. It makes you Pheel sorry for him the next time that you face him in the game.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Sigurd's.
  • Eyes Always Shut
  • Patriotic Fervor: "Nothing more noble then dying for the motherland"
  • Palette Swap: Infamous for the amount of times his portrait was used for other bosses.
    • The fanbase goes on to call the rest of the palette swaps as "Harolds" or Harold clones despite Zyne being the first one to use this portrait
  • The Men First Again, in Oosawa's manga, he makes his men stand back to confront Sigurd alone in a duel, so that they may keep on living.

King Chagall of Agustria (Shagall)

 Class: Baron


 Class: Forrest

Thracia First Generation

King Travant of Thracia (Trabant)

 Class: Dragon Master

Holy blood: Dain [Major]

 "My wish is to rebuild Thracia into that prosperous nation that Dain and Njörun created. ...And if that process dooms me to Hell, then so be it.”


 Class: Dragon Knight


 Class: Dragon Master

Thracia Second Generation

Prince Areone of Thracia

 Class: Dragon Master

Holy blood: Dain [Major]


 Class: General

  • Anti-Villain: He's a friend of Hannibal and is only fighting because he doesn't want Hannibal's son to die
  • Palette Swap: Of Phillip
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: If Seliph rescues Coirpre/Sharlow and recruits Hannibal without killing Kanatz, he'll just disappear.

Orgahill Pirates

Dobarl (Duvall)

 Class: Warrior

  • Pirate: A Type 1 which is why he betrays Briggid.
  • Rape, Pillage and Burn: Is annoyed that Briggid won't let him loot villiages and does it behind her back anyway.
  • Straw Misogynist: Doesn't like being under the orders of Briggid. Though this might be less about Briggid being a woman and more about her not letting him be a Type 1 Pirate
  • Smug Snake


 Class: Warrior


Queen Rahna of Silesia (Lahna)


 Class: Falcon Knight


 Class: Baron

Deet'var (Deetver, Dietova)

 Class: Falcon Knight


 Class: Bishop


 Class: Baron


 Class: Falcon Knight


 Class: General

Leimia (Lamia)

 Class: Swordmaster

Grannvale 1st Generation

King Azmur of Grannvale

 Holy blood:[20] Naga [Major]

Prince Kurth of Grannvale

 Holy blood:[21] Naga [Major]

Lord Vylon of Chalphy (Byron)

 Class: Master Knight

Holy blood:[22] Baldur [Major]

 Ring: Look what you've done! Because you said sopmething innecessary, the Prince is now depressed!

Vylon: I just stated the obvious, don't blame me!

Kurth: ... I can hear you...

Authors's Notes: "The two are best buds!"

Lord Ring of Jungby

 Holy blood:[23] Ulir [Major]

  • Ascended Extra: In the Oosawa manga he got some more development. Still not enough to avoid his death.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Toyed with in the Oosawa manga. We do see his death... but it's from Vylon and Kurth's POV, meaning that we only see his back and some blood as he gets an arrow to the throat.
  • Informed Ability: As major Ulir, he's supposed to be a good archer, yet Edain has the Ichii-bal so she can give it to Briggid and he gets killed off-screen (or not, in the manga) by his own son Andorey.
  • Overprotective Dad: In the Oosawa manga, Ring mistakenly thinks that Sigurd married Edain. He comically freaks out at the thought.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Specially in the single scene in the Oosawa manga, which has him discussing Kurth's plans to search for his heir/heiress with Vylon and Kurth. And then It Gets Worse.
  • Tenchi Solution: He either had two different wives or an official wife alongside a mistress, since Briggid and Edain have a different mother than Andorey.
    • It's also possible he remarried Andorey's mom after Briggid and Edain's mom died.

Lord Victor of Velthomer (Viktor)

 Holy blood:[24] Fjalar [Major]

Lord Arvis of Velthomer (Alvis)

 Class: Sage / Emperor

Holy blood:[25] Fjalar [Major] Lopto [Minor]

File:Arvis 5191.jpg

Lady Cigyun of Velthomer

 Holy blood:[26] Lopto [Minor]

Duke Lombard of Dozel (Langobalt, Langbart)

 Class: Baron

Holy blood:[27] Neir [Major]

Duke Reptor of Friege (Leptor)

 Class: Baron

Holy blood:[28] Tordo [Major]

 Reptor (to Sigurd): "Hmph, you idiot! Politics is all about power! Your father had no power, which is why he died."

Duke Andorey of Jungby (Andre, Andrei)

 Class: Bow Knight

Holy blood:[29] Ulir [Minor]

 Briggid: When I delve into my memories of him, I see him smiling like a little angel... So why would he do such a thing like killing our father to take over as the head of the family?


 Class: Great Knight


 Class: Mage Fighter


 Class: Mage Fighter

Princess Ethnia of Friege.

 Holy blood:[30] Tordo [Minor]

King Mannanan of Isaac

 Holy blood:[31] Odo [Major]

  • Disappeared Dad: To Mariccle and Ayra.
  • Out-Gambitted: He tried to prove himself as "loyal" to Grannvale by conquering Rivough, then offering the head of its ruler (one of his relatives, also Galzus's father and Mareeta's grandfather) as "proof". He only got to get himself executed by Manfroy and Reptor.
  • Posthumous Character
  • Warrior Prince

Crown Prince Mariccle of Isaac

 Holy blood:[32] Odo [Major]

Lady Grahnye of Nodion

Grannvale 2nd Generation

Duke Bloom of Friege (Bloome, Blume)

 Class: Baron

Holy blood:[33] Tordo [Major]

Duchess Hilda of Friege

 Class: Queen

Holy blood:[34] Fjalar [Minor]. Through a glitch makes it Dain [Major] in the last chapter.

  • Complete Monster: In-universe. Aside of her brutal torture of Tailtiu & Tine or Ethnia & Linda, when you try liberating one of the villages in the map she's in, this exchange pops up...

 That Queen Hilda of Chronos is wicked to the core. She began abducting kids after allying with this dark bishop. She kills the mothers, too, without a blink of an eye! That woman's not even human. I'd say she's more like a devil!

Princess Ishtar of Friege

 Class: Sage

Holy blood:[35] Tordo [Major]

 Hilda: Ishtar, you listen up! We Frieges are of noble rank within Grannvale. And I'm originally from Velthomer, just as the Imperial family is. Who could possibly make a more worthy partner for His Highness than yourself!?

Ishtar: ... Yes, Mother...

Prince Ishtore of Friege (Ishtor)

 Class: Mage Fighter

Holy blood:[36] Tordo [Minor]


 Class: Thunder Mage

Meng, Maybell and Bleg

 Class: Falcon Knight

Fetra, Eliu and Vampa

 Class: Wind Mage, Thunder Mage and Fire Mage respectively


 Class: Mage Knight

Prince Brian of Dozel (Burian)

 Class: Master Knight

Holy blood:[37] Neir [Major]

 Brian: The Helswath was defeated so easily!? Was I on the right side...?

 Brian: “You're the person that killed my father... It's time to end this grudge that has plagued the House of Dozel for 3 generations!”

Duke Scopio of Jungby (Scorpio)

 Class: Master Knight

Prince Julius of Velthomer (Yurius, Yulius)

 Class: Dark Prince

Holy blood:[38] Lopto [Major]

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: One of the rare villainous examples.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Cain and Abel: with Julia and Seliph
  • Evil Redhead
  • Facial Markings: Has the mark of Loptous in his forehead and shows it proudly
  • Final Boss
  • Ill Boy: In Thracia 776, a conversation between Ishtar and Saias mentions that he has "never been strong", and his health has apparently gotten worse after he was possessed by Lopto.
  • Pet the Dog: Is somewhat nice, if controlling, to Ishtar. One of his first apparitions is pulling a Big Damn Heroes (well, big damn villains) when she's defeated for the first time.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Killed his mother Deirdre and tried to kill his sister Julia after being given the Lopto tome. Deirdre, however, managed to spirit Julia away before dying at his hand.
  • Soul Jar: For Loptous
  • Teen Genius
  • The Dragon: To Manfroy.
  • Yandere For his girlfriend Ishtar, since he tells her in Thracia that he hates how Reinhardt looks at her and threatens to kill him if he appears in front of them again.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Tells this almost word by word to his own mom before killing her.


 Class: General

   Lene/Laylea: Look at you acting so tough now that Ares isn't around! You sick old man!


 Class: Forrest Knight

Lopto Sect

Manfroy (Manfloy)

 Class: Dark Bishop


 Class: Dark Mage

The Twelve Crusaders

The twelve fighters that went through blood rites with the Dragon Tribe in what's know as the Miracle of Darna, then fought and eventually overthrew the Lopto Empire during the Gran Calender Years 632-648. Each of them has a weapon infused with the power of a certain member of the Dragon Tribe, and only the crusader who wielded their weapon and their descendants with major holy blood can wield them. Also, each Crusader has a holy blood line named after them (Except Heim, whose holy blood line is called Naga).

Baldur the Holy Knight (Chalphy)

 Likely class: Paladin

Saint Heim (Grannvale and Barhara)

 Likely class: Sage

Hezul the Black Knight (Augustria)

 Likely class: Paladin

  • Big Screwed-Up Family: His descendants, both the Royal House of Augustria and the Nodion family. More exactly: Hezul's youngest daughter, the one who inherited the major Hezul blood, married a Nodion nobleman. The Nodions are the ones with major Hezul blood and not the Augustrians, who either only have minor or nothing at all (like in Chagall's case). This is the basis for many, many of Eldigan and Lachesis's troubles later.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Mystletainn
  • Red Baron: "Black Knight"
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Or better said, his sword's name. Mistoltin? Mistolteen? Mistilteinn? Some alternate spelling of any of these? Awakening sets on Mystletainn. (Plus a certain blade in said game is called the Missiletainn, and the same goes to a magical tome in Fates.)

Ulir the Bow User (Jungby)

 Likely class: Sniper

  • Ambiguous Gender: We don't know if they're a lady or a gentleman.
  • The Archer: Yewfelle
  • Born Lucky: People with Ulir blood tend to have the highest Luck growth bonuses in-game (a whooping case of 30%, alongside the charas's natural growths). In-story this is pretty much a legend in Jugdral, which is invoked by the Genre Savvy Edain in the Oosawa manga.
  • Red Baron: "Bow User"
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Ichival? Ichaival? Ichii-bal? Awakening and posterior games set on Yewfelle.

Njörun the Lance Knight (Lester) (Nova)

 Likely class: Duke Knight

Daein the Dragon Knight (Dain) (Thracia)

 Likely class: Dragon Master

Ced the Wind User (Silesse)

 Likely class: Sage

Thrud the Mage Knight (Friege)

 Likely class: Mage Knight

  • Generation Xerox: Subverted: Reinhardt is said to be like his second coming and to look a lot like him... but he's not of Thrud blood, since he only works as a highranked commander for the Frieges.
  • Magic Knight
  • Red Baron: "Mage Knight"
  • Shock and Awe: His Mjölnir (in the original JPN games, named Thor Hammer)
  • White-Haired Pretty Boy: His silvery hair becomes a distinguishing physical trait among the Frieges, with Ethnia (brunette) and her children Amid (green hair) and Linda (brunette too) as his only not silver-haired descendants.

Fjalar the Mage Fighter (Velthomer)

 Likely class: Mage Fighter

Neir the Axe Fighter (Dozel)

 Likely class: Warrior

  • Always Someone Better: All his ingame descendants are overshadowed by Thrud's: Lombard, by Reptor; Danan, by Bloom; Brian, by Ishtar, etc.
  • An Axe to Grind: Helswath
  • Big Frickin Axe: The aforementioned Helswath is the heaviest weapon in Fire Emblem history! And it hits from two spaces away! But it also shows the downside of this trope as it heavily slows down its user, who will have little chance of landing a hit on speedy Balmung users.
  • Red Baron: "Axe Knight"

Odo the Sword Saint (Isaach)

 Likely class: Swordmaster

Blaggi the Arch Bishop (Edda)

 Likely class: Bishop

Lopto Empire

Emperor Galle

Saint Maira

Dragon Tribe

Loptous (Loputousu)

Forseti (Holsety)

 Class: Sage (shown as one in the attract mode)

  • Blow You Away: Forseti, the wind tome he created for Crusader Ced and his descendants's use.
    • Empathic Weapon: To a degree. Forseti himself was the youngest and most Hot-Blooded of the Dragons, so he put a lot of his own power and love for humanity in the tome and this is why not only the spellbook is so powerful and has his name, but one of the reasons why the Forseti users "inherit Forseti's will as well as his power.".
  • God Is Good: As said above, he genuinely loves humanity and is among the most sympathetic to their plight.
  • Name's the Same: . . . See above.
  • Soul Jar: Uses Prince Lewyn as one. It's not clear for how long this has been going on: some sources say it happened as soon as Rahna gave Lewyn the Forseti, others say it happened after Barhara. In the Oosawa manga, it's hinted that Forseti's spirit can speak to Lewyn through the tome and he does it for the first time when Erinys gives him the Forseti, which Rahna manages to give her; it's not explained, though, if Forseti fully takes control of Lewyn's body in that moment or not.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: Took a human form to contact the Twelve Crusaders, alongside his Dragon siblings.

Naga (Narga)

For Naga's tropes, see his section here.



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