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  • A lot of the deadly sin matchups are weird. Some are understandable because a few of the town leaders have the same motives (taking over the world), but some are inexcusable. How could Urbeth be anything but greed? Anyway, I suppose I'll go down the list.

 Greed: Assigned to Invidia (despite being named for invidia/envy). I suppose Rekoteh's need for the Dragon Mark could be construed as greed, but the chief's lust for power and the entire town's envy of warmer nations is much more notable.

Envy: Assigned to Liberte. Fits the pirates, I suppose, although greed would do better there. Similarly to Spelvia's situation, Leviathan doesn't fit well anywhere else.

Gluttony: Assigned to Urbeth. Why Urbeth, the town where more than anywhere else money is power (and I seem to remember Yunita actually calling the system greed-driven) would be given anything but greed is beyond me. And gluttony doesn't fit their old religious image either.

Lust: Assigned to Guera (despite being named after gula/gluttony). Despite lust for power being a defining characteristic of more than one town chieftain, it probably fits the Gueran king best, so I have no problems there.

Pride: Assigned to Spelvia. As Rolan receives more characterization sloth starts fitting him much, much better, but pride fits his initial impression fairly well. And the idea of a prideful fallen hero and the resulting parallels with Lucifer are too good to pass up, I suppose.

Sloth: Assigned to Arbor. The elves have this tendency of not getting off their high horse and not actually doing anything, but their haughtiness (i.e. pride) is more noticeable, so one wonders why Spelvia and Arbor don't just trade sins.

Wrath: Assigned to Horne. They're the only country that's amassing an army for world domination so I guess it fits the best.

  • Why is the monk called "Fighter" and the thief called "bandit" and why don't any of the jobs wear their iconic adorable hats?
    • At the Fighter issue, there is also a separate Monk crown. Not sure what's with the bandit issue - perhaps "thief" is more of or they tried going for something different.
    • The English translations for the above mentioned job names aren't all that accurate (The "Fighter" is "Budouka" (Martial Artist) and the "Monk" is "Doushi" (Taoist)).
    • The game deliberately went against some of the classic FF name conventions. For instance, the Black Mage job in Japan is usually called Kuro Madoushi (Black Wizard) while in this game it's called Kuro Mahoutsukai (Black Magician)
  • What is with the Whirlpool in Liberte? It's hardly explained at all in the game (most things aren't IIRC), and the only known facts are that it appears at night, between the port and the island, and it has great cursed treasure. What really bugs (and disturbs me) is... why on earth is it a Womb Level?!
    • It's probably the inside of Cetus.
    • Probably not. When you awaken him (her?), he's facing north away from where the whirlpool appears, plus the fact that the whirlpool is at the Port, not the island...
  • Why is the character '4' used in the title instead of 'four'? It looks unprofessional and out of place. Were they trying to tie FFIII and FFV together with another installment that has a '4' and a job system?
    • The Japanese title also uses the character "4", but it isn't seen as quite so unprofessional there, so still no excuse.
  • I really don't get why on earth Brandt ditched Yunita... for a cat (even if it was Aire, Brandt had no way of knowing until Arbor). Or why Jusqua ditched her, even if his reasons were a bit more justified it still doesn't make any sense to me. So, uh, just what, you two, what?
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