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  • Why does the Celsius even need a Barkeep? There are only six people regularly on the ship (plus the occasional hitchhiker); can't they pour their own drinks?
    • Maybe he just makes a really good martini?
    • They took him aboard to help him out, he didn't have anywhere else to go, so they gave him a job even though they didn't strictly need anyone to fulfill that job.
  • Why are there Fiends in the Farplane? Isn't that the point of a Sending, so that these spirits can be put to rest and not become Fiends?
    • Was it ever stated where the pyreflies of fiends you kill go? Maybe they flee to the farplane and merge into bigger fiends.
    • If Shuyin was able to corrupt Aeons, I don't think corrupting normal spirits into fiends is gonna be a problem...
  • If Vegnagun has been chilling under Bevelle since the Machina war and the Maesters knew about it then how come they never used it against Sin? It has the power to wreck the planet so why not aim it at Yu Yevon's space whale and permanently erase Zanarkand's memory?
    • Because they don't think Sin can be defeated.
    • Maechen mentions this in Chapter 5- the fact that Vegnagun can't detect friend from foe once activated made it too dangerous. Besides, even if they brought down the damn thing, as long as Yu Yevon escaped unharmed (which face it, is a pretty small target) he could eventually reform Sin.
  • Shuyin thinks that he can end the Machina War by jacking Vegnagun and turning it on Bevelle. Thing is, he's absolutely right. Why did Lenne stop him? She's from Zanarkand too and as a summoner it's very likely that she's a part of Zanarkand's army so why does she care if her boyfriend annihilates them? Finish off Bevelle then fly back to Zanarkand and give Shuyin a Medal.
    • There's a difference between wanting to protect your home city and wanting to commit genocide.
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