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  • The entire monkey matchmaking mission is hilarious. Special mention goes to what is said after you pair them up.

 "Luna is going ape."

"Skye is in seventh monkey heaven."

    • Was anyone else reminded of that sketch on The State?

 "The monkeys do not-a do it! They-a make-a love!"

  • While the reward isn't as great, pinning the Prophet as the culprit in the Mi'ihen Mystery mission gets you the funniest sequence by far.
  • Gippal and Yuna's first meeting, where he totally invades her space.

 Gippal: "Never been this close to a celebrity before..."

Yuna: "That's nice."

Gippal: "I could get used to this."

Yuna: "Let's not."

  • Possibly simultaneous with a Moment of Awesome, depending on your point of view, Yuna has her famous "I don't like your plan. It sucks."
  • Occasionally, a battle will start with this exchange:
  • Another battle quote:

 Yuna: Give me a Y!

Rikku: Give me a R!

Paine: Give me a break.

  • And another:

 Rikku: I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!

Paine: Spleen?

  • Before the fight with the Zanarkand Ruins boss in Chapter 1:

 Rikku: Think we need a password?

Paine: How about kick its ass?

  • Nearly any scene involving Brother.
  • The various comical ways Shinra's CommSpheres go down in Chapter 5, from being eaten by a dog to being pecked by a Chocobo to being punched out by Barthello.
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