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  • Arguably, any time Lightning and Serah talk about or to one another, and whenever old party members from XIII show up to help save the day.
  • The ending starts this way, with Fang and Vanille safe, and the possibility of Serah finally being reunited with Snow and Lightning. Then, of course, everything goes to hell. But up until that point, everything was awesome!
  • Noel reveals to Caius that the reason Yeul keeps up the process of reincarnation is just to be with him again. To be clear, Caius isn't a Nice Guy (he ain't a Complete Monster either, though his actions cause him to straddle the border), but damn if you don't kinda feel for him during his breakdown.
  • A sidequest allows you to find out more about Mog and where he came from. Apparently he'd been playing with his fellow Moogles until he got caught up in a time paradox and lost his memories in the Void Beyond until Lightning saved him. You eventually get to a time gate where he remembers everything that will allow him to return to his time and his own kind, but that means he'll be leaving Serah and Noel and their journey behind. He chooses to stay with them.

 Mog: Mog has a new home - right by Serah's side, kupo!

  • Pretty much any scene where Serah's theme plays.
  • Serah and Lightning's final conversation in Valhalla shortly after Serah's death. Not counting the mostly informational meeting in New Bodhum 700 AF, this is the first time they were able to talk personally in years, and Serah's speech to Lightning about how she's happy and doesn't care that she's dead is very emotional. Serah happily snuggling with Lightning before disappearing makes it all the more touching.
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