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Fridge Brilliance

  • Caius wants to create a timeless world. In another word, he plans to achieve Time Compression.
  • It should be impossible that Hope was able to create a fal'Cie. Hope building an AI and a new Cocoon can be accepted because they were explicitly stated to be built off of human technology, and the new Cocoon's design and means of staying afloat would be different from the old Cocoon, but fal'Cie are supposed to be creations of the gods that no human can ever replicate. The brilliance comes in the fact that Hope actually didn't create the Proto fal'Cie Adam because it caused its own existence by traveling back in time and programming Hope's AI to create itself!
  • The ending actually has quite a few Hope Spot s. For one thing, we see Lightning has been crystalized. For another, we know Fang and Vanille have been crystalized. However, only Gods and Fal'Cie can cause something to crystalize so they can use their l'Cie at a later time. So, haha Caius, Etro might be dead, but she ain't Deader Than Dead.
  • The Pacos Amethyst and Rubrite boss fight are a lot like the Devola and Popola boss fight. A twin boss fight with sad music, Being the first in a line of Final Dungeon Boss fights, Knowing the bosses are only trying to stop you from dooming humanity, They grieve over the death of the other and the game pretty much forces you to fight them to continue into the story no matter how much you don't want to.
    • Heck just compare 'Father' Nier with Caius and you can see a resemblance. They both want to save the little girl even if it's at the cost of humanity.
    • Gets even better when you notice that Yeul's theme is extremely similar to Yonah's theme in Nier
  • Fans may rage over the "Crazy Chocobo" theme, but when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense: it plays when you ride Chocobos that have been corrupted by the Paradox. Seeing as a Paradox is something that 'doesn't fit' in a particular timeline, it follows that the theme 'doesn't fit' when compared with the other Chocobo themes in the series. It's an anomaly: something that 'shouldn't be', but is. Hence the Genre Busting.
  • Possible Fridge Brilliance. In the mythology, it says that Bhunivelze (the god, not the New Coccon) will sleep until the end of time. Well, at the ending... Caius managed to win, releasing Chaos and essentially turning all existence into Valhalla, where time does not exist. Sequel Hook, or Breaking the Fourth Wall tease of upcoming DLC?
  • I'm not sure if this is Fridge Brilliance or Fridge Horror (or even if it deserves a spoiler tag). But I thought of something kind of heartbreaking after seeing this exchange between the Farron sisters,

 Serah: "Hey Lightning, we'll be able to be together again, right? When this is all over?"

Lightning: "One thing at a time, Serah."

Lightning took a second to answer, likely because, since she's spent most of her time during the game in Valhalla, where one can see the whole time line, she's quite possibly already seen Serah die as a result of everything she and Noel have done to correct the time line. She's still looking out for her younger sister, or maybe she just can't bring herself to say it out loud.

    • Also during that cutscene: during Lightning's transformation sequence, if you look closely, you can see a tear run down her face. I think she realized at that moment that the life she knew is over, and that she can never go back.

Fridge Horror

  • Notice there are no Adamantoise, Adamanchelids, or Adamantortoises? No? That because you drove them into extinction in Final Fantasy XIII, you MONSTER!
    • Not completely though; in certain weather, you can find one Adamantortoise guarding the entrance to the area where you fought the flan-eating monster with the distortion inside. It's more of a nod to FFXIII than a common enemy, though.
    • Also, there are still Long Gui's who are members of the -oise family.
      • Yes but what I mean is Long Gui Replaced them and if you do the missions in Final Fantasy XIII in number order you just wiped out the last of the weaker Adamantoises by killing the Adamanchelid in mission 33 and the Adamantortoise in mission 63.
  • In Academia 400AF, when Adam starts turning citizens to Cieth left right and center, some of the Ghouls in the first areas will begin the battle by using a Remedy on themselves. They are trying to cure themselves of the transformation.
  • The soundtrack of any game or movie can give much of what will happen away, but that's if you can guess the context behind the song, that is, if you listen to it before experiencing the story. This troper listened to the full OST before playing the game and at first thought it a weird twist to put Caius' theme at the very beginning of the Ending Credits, compared to the previous game doing otherwise. Cut to the actual ending, and now you realize that Caius' theme came at the beginning of the ensemble because, in the end, he wins. What better theme to tack onto the beginning to the ending credits in light of what just happened? It's enough of a thought to turn a beautiful character theme into a very chilling piece of music.
  • Whatever happened to all the allying monsters during the ending when Serah died?
    • Since MOG (and roughly the entire world) died shortly after Serah did, I'm pretty sure the monsters didn't last long either...
  • We know from Academia tower 200 AF that seeresses often see a vision before they die. When the Yeul in 200 AF gets the vision that kills her, she sees a timeline where everyone is happy and smiling. When Serah gets the vision that kills her in 500 AF, we see a look of horror on her face before she bites the dust. She saw just how badly she fucked up time, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Fridge Logic

  • The escalators in Academia make no sense. They're probably meant to seem futuristic, but we could make escalators like that today if we wanted to. Hell, it would be easier to make them like that - just slant conveyor belts. The reason we don't do that is because it's a lot easier for humans to use escalators with steps. Did no one on Pulse ever figure this simple fact out?
    • I think there's a little Fridge Brilliance in that. Step escalators might make more sense, but consider in the original XIII, the military used many gravity-based technologies... now 400 years later, it'd probably be much more common. Hence why character's feet 'stick' to the conveyer-belt escalators, regardless of the slant, but not to a degree that they can't get off.
  • Why, oh why, did they make a fal'Cie? Why did they even have the thought? Under the direction of Hope of all people. That'd be like southern Italians making a volcano.
    • Rather simple: even the most mundune of fal'Cie have immense power to do amazing things. By creating an artifical one, they could cure many problems with a single powerful being, and direct their resources elsewhere. It was a good idea... but the A.I. problems sadly didn't cross their minds. But at least that plan was abandoned in a different future, thanks to Serah and Noel.
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