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  • The Final Boss. Just, oh god, the Final Boss! You start off fighting Chaos Bahamut on Sazh's airship as he flies through the skies of Pulse, then after that we fight Caius on the same airship. Next thing you know, we're in Valhalla where we have to fight Caius twice in the same battle, and then after a short cutscene we have to fight Jet Bahamut, Amber Bahamut, and Garnet Bahamut. That's right, three freaking Bahamuts at once. And to top it all off? These three pieces of music play in the background.
  • Within the span of one episode, Serah takes on Caius alone and wins, breaks out of her Lotus Eater Machine all by herself, and the breaks through time and space to save Noel from his. Not bad for a former Dead Little Sister, huh?
    • The fact that Vanille and Fang help her break out of it is also really fantastic.
  • Depending upon how you look at it, the fact that Caius is the first villain in the series to actually come out on top is pretty cool.
  • Noel and Caius' final sword duel on the beaches of Valhalla where Noel makes Caius realize why Yeul chooses to return again and again before delivering a beautiful coup de grace.
  • Any of the finishing cutscenes against the major bosses that have you do a Cinematic Action sequence. Special mention goes to the battle against Royal Ripeness, where Snow manages to LAUNCH a 200-foot giant flan into the air!!!
  • Gilgamesh is available to battle in the Coliseum thru DLC, complete with a remixed version of his theme song. He'll also be wielding 5 guns and a rocket launcher before switching over to his normal set of swords and is by far the hardest boss in the game.
  • In Snow's dlc trailer he faces off against Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh shoots a missile at Snow just for Snow to catch the missile with his hands alone and throw it back at him!
  • Lightning saving Snow from Gilgamesh after he gets knocked down. Then they become Back-to-Back Badasses when they have to face Serah and Noel with their army of dlc bosses.
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