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This is the Character Sheet for Final Fantasy III.

The Warriors of Light:

Onion Knight

File:FF3OnionKnight 8706.jpg

The Onion Knight gets no special abilities, since it is the default job class and the weakest during the beginning of the game. However, once the character reaches level 99, their stats expand rapidly, reaching 99 in every stat, making it the most powerful class in the game. It's also the only class that can use the Onion equipment which is the strongest equipment in the game.

In the DS remake, the default class is instead the Freelancer, but the Onion Knight still appears as a secret superpowered class.

DS Orphans

File:Luneth 2562.jpg


The main protagonist of the DS remake, he's an orphan from Ur raised by the Topapa village priest.

File:Arc-FinalFantasy 1196.jpg


Luneth's studious best friend, who is also from Ur and raised by Topapa.

File:Refia 9307.jpg


An apprentice blacksmith from Kazus.

File:Ingus 9590.jpg


A knight from Sasune, he's a loyal protector of the throne.

The Wind Crystal Jobs:


File:FF3-Warrior 6525.png

The Fighter gets no special command. At the beginning of the game, they are the power houses, providing the best boosts to all physical stats. However, once the Knight job is unlocked, this job loses its usefulness.

In the DS remake it gets the Advance command, which cuts defense in exchange for more offense.


File:FF3-Monk 1449.png

Like the Monk from FFI, This class can gain strength from fighting bare-handed. Although they are unable to equip most types of weapons and armor.

White Mage

File:FF3-WhiteMage 2122.png

White Mages excel in assisting the party with defensive and restorative White Magic. Some offensive magic is also available (Light and Wind). They possess low Attack power and Defense.

Black Mage

File:FF3-BlackMage 5493.png

Black Mages excel in attacking enemies with offensive Black Magic. They wield a variety of spells and can attack multiple targets at once. They possess low Attack power and Defense. They can also wield bows and rods.

Red Mage

File:FF3-RedMage 9610.png

Red Mages are able to use a wide assortment of weapons, including both Black and White Magic. However, they are unable to become true masters of either school of wizardry.


File:FF3-Thief 6990.png

During battle, Thieves are able to steal items from the enemy or assist the party in escaping from combat. While on the field, placing a Thief at the front of your party will allow you to open locked doors. They are unable to guard. Unlike the Thief from FFI, they can actually steal from opponents.

The Fire Crystal Jobs:


File:FF3-Ranger 3685.png

Rangers are highly skilled in the way of archery. However, they can be expensive considering the need to purchase arrows. With a bow in hand and arrows readied, rangers can deal the same amount of damage from either the front line or the rear line. They can also wield boomerangs.


File:FF3-Knight 7131.png

Knights are mighty warriors who are experts in close-range combat. They are dependable allies who can defend themselves, as well as shield fellow party members during harsh ordeals. The Knight is considered an advanced version of the Warrior class.


File:FF3-Scholar 4830.png

Using their analytical prowess, scholars are able to ascertain an enemy's HP and any existing weakness. They also use the mystic power of ancient tomes to damage enemies. Their extensive knowledge allows them to double the effects of items they use.


File:FF3-Geomancer 6959.png

Geomancers are able to attack by tuning into their natural surroundings and drawing out the latent powers around them.

The Water Crystal Jobs:


File:FF3-Dragoon 4913.png

Dragoons wield spears in battle and are highly skilled against aerial foes. They are renowned for their ability to launch deadly attacks from above.


File:FF3-Viking 821.png

Vikings swing giant hammers and axes with ease. Their only drawback is that they develop slower than other melee Jobs. Vikings are mainly used as a "Tanker" for their ability Provoke and access to the strongest armor.

Magic Knight / Dark Knight

File:FF3-DarkKnight 9927.png

Magic Knights can equip heavy armor, and are one of the only two Jobs that can equip "Dark Swords", which appear as katanas. These swords prevent certain enemies from splitting. On the other hand, The Dark Knights are trained to harness the negative energies that flow throughout the world. The dark blades they wield are very effective against monsters that divide and multiply. The Dark Knight replaced in the Magic Knight in the DS release.


File:FF3-Evoker 5219.png

Evokers possess the ability to summon powerful beings into battle. Each possesses a Black and White Magic effect, which is triggered randomly at the time of summoning.

  • Summon Magic
  • Useless Useful Job: When you first get them you can't buy any Summon Magic yet, and they can't summon the higher-level monsters. The Summoner class is pretty much superior to them in every way and this job is entirely useless once you get Summoners.


File:FF3-Bard 9163.png

Bards use their Sing ability to buff their allies or, in the DS version, deal damage to their enemy.

The Earth Crystal Jobs:

Black Belt/Master

File:FF3-BlackBelt 1512.png

Black Belts are masters of combat, able to use only their fists for massive damage. They are capable of linking their mind and body to store energy for an upcoming strike. Black Belt is considered to be an upgrade of the Monk class.


File:FF3-Devout 6276.png

An upgrade for the White Mage class. Devouts can cast all White Magic spells. They also possess higher MP for high-level White Magic.


File:FF3-Magus 6122.png

Magi can cast all Black Magic spells. They also possess higher MP for high-level Black Magic. It's an upgrade for the Black Mage class.


File:FF3-Summoner 1922.png

Summoners are magic users who have harnessed the power of high summoning - the ability to call forth a combined Black and White Magic effect. This is the form of summoning that would become the standard for the future games in the series. The Summoner is considered to be a powered up version of the Evoker job.


File:FF3-Ninja 8374.png

Ninja are able to deal massive amounts of damage by throwing weapons and specialized projectiles at the enemy. It is able to equip almost every weapon and armor.


File:FF3-Sage 7679.png

Sages are highly adept mages who have mastered all levels of the Black and White arts. They have the ability to cast every magic in the game, as well as high-leveled Summon magic.



A man suffering from amnesia, he accompanies the heroes to try and find his lost memories.

  • Cool Sword
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Along with the information of that he and his father is Older Than He Looks, in Saronia Library also provides some example of their trivial inventions other than the tower such as the three of four Global Airships that the party use in course of Final Fantasy III
  • Handsome Lech: The first thing he says after they gain the Airship? Surrounded by different girls from different places, no matter the fact that he has a sick girlfriend that falls sick in the first place because he leaves her village. Refia has to keep him in line.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He doesn't die, however.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia
  • Older Than He Looks: More he climbs the Tower of Owen, more memories he unlocks; including the memories of that he was the one who built the tower and the reason why. We only hear a brief explanation, but Saronia Library gives the more detailed one. Desch and his father were the Ancients, a race that went hiding after their action caused the Flood of Light 1000 years ago. They created the tower to separate the Crystal of Wind and Fire along with the whole Floating Continent to lessen the Flood and to give the Warriors of Darkness their chance to stop it altogether.
  • Shock and Awe: Casts Thundara when he appears in battle.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Blue verging on Shiny Midnight Black.

Sara Altney

The Princess of Sasune who holds the Mythril Ring that can dispel the Djinn's curse.

Cid Haze

The commander of an airship, he's the one who found the orphaned kids ten years ago in the DS release.

Aria Benett

A young woman who lives on the surface world and accompanies the party.

Alus Restor

The young prince of Saronia who is very shy and often bullied.

Doga and Unei

Two ancient Sages who trained under Noah, Doga was blessed with great magical power while Unei was given control over the world of dreams while she slept.

Warriors of Darkness

The dark counterparts to the Warriors of Light, they are a quartet of Warriors who rallied to defend the World of Darkness from being swallowed by the light many years ago. The Warriors of Light seek their aid in the battle against the Cloud of Darkness.

  • The Chosen Many: Just like their light-based counterparts, although they were summoned by the Dark Crystals.
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Heroic Sacrifice: They Zerg Rush the Cloud of Darkness and weaken her so that the Warriors of Light have a fighting chance to save their world.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: It takes the powers of both Light and Dark to defeat Cloud of Darkness this time around.



The third student of Noah who trained with Doga and Unei. While Doga and Unei got great power from Noah, Xande's gift from their master was mortality when previously the four of them were all immortals. Outraged at this snubbing, Xande sought to destroy the Crystals and cause a flood of darkness that would trap the world in temporal stasis, allowing him to avoid dying.

Cloud of Darkness

An ancient entity that is the embodiment of nothingness, she appears when the powers of light and dark are unbalanced to return all to the Void.

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