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Nickelodeon Game Show that aired in the late 1990s. Hosted by former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders, four panelists guessed the contestant's secret talent, ranging from collecting items to performing cool and unique stunts.

The panel was given three one-minute rounds to guess that talent in the form of asking yes-or-no questions; hints were given through props, charades, a giant game board called "Bill the Answer Head" (which listed the player's talent, with words revealed if the panel said them), and a "clue monitor" that would be read off before Rounds 2 and 3. The contestant received a nice prize for each round the panel was stumped, and a grand prize for stumping through Round 3.

But unlike Ive Got a Secret and most other panel shows, Figure added the Secret Slime Action, in which any panelists that performed it would be Covered in Gunge in true Nickelodeon fashion...although very rarely, there was no Secret Slime Action.

The show went Family Style in 1998, with families as the contestants. For the final season (1999), the show was altered again to Wild Style, with the abilities being limited to animal themes. Reruns then aired on Nickelodeon GAS until its disestablishment in 2007.

A 2012 revival has been announced, with no indication of who will host. Panelists from current Nick shows (like ICarly and Victorious have been revealed.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Space: The Secret Slime Action, which awarded a prize to a member of the audience if at least one panelist was slimed by performing said action. Such actions included...
    • "Looking to your left", which is where some clues appeared (through a tunnel on a set of tracks); invariably, one clue in that round would be given in that method.
    • "Looking behind you", where part of the audience sat (and occasionally gave clues); again, one clue would invariably be presented that way.
    • "Being [name]", who would be slimed at some point during the round.
      • In at least one episode, "Being a panelist".[1]
    • Having a certain color hair, or clothes.
    • "Thinking about [bizarre thing]", which was of course impossible to validate.
    • Saying certain words would sometimes come up.
    • One episode had the action be "sitting in front of The Dog Pound" (the name for the area behind the panel where the audience sat), ensuring that all the members of the panel were slimed.
  • Covered in Gunge: The Nickelodeon staple, used in the Secret Slime Action. Also, some of the clues that were thrown at the panel.
  • Home Game: One was released in 1998.
  • Personnel:
  • Show the Folks At Home: The contestant's secret special talent.
  • Undesirable Prize: Inverted in Season 1, in that prizes for Round 1 involved sets from other Nickelodeon shows. Played straight with the other prizes that weren't the Grand Prize, though.

This show provides examples of the following:


  1. Amusingly, in the second half of said episode, the Secret Slime Action was "Elbows on the table", which caught out all four panelists again.
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