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This is not the Joke Character, as those are characters that are purposefully bad, nor is it the Lethal Joke Character, which is when a Joke Character utimately has some hidden utility. This is simply a character that just look and act silly without being a bad character. They may look wacky, have cartoonish attacks, and a goofy voice, but otherwise they play as well as any other fighter.

Keep in mind that, in order to be considered a fighting clown, a character has to be either: A) in a serious fighting game, a normally silly character. B) In a silly fighting game full of wacky characters, a character even wackier than the other fighters.

If a game runs on Rule of Cool, this guys run on Rule of Funny. Basically, fighting clowns are those fighting game characters that stand out from the roster because they're sillier than the rest of the cast without being a Joke Character. Look for them in any fighting game, you'll usually find at least one character that stands out due to this (unless the role of the game's silly character is already filled by the Joke Character).

Many a fighting clown uses Confusion Fu as his/her/its fighting style and/or is an Improbable Weapon User.

See also Lethal Joke Character.

Examples of Fighting Clown include:
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