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  • the Vibrating Luggage conversation.
  • Honorable mention go to Tyler playing with nunchucks in the background in one scene or crashing a bike in the basement in another, or his reaction to being punched in the ear by the Narrator. ("Why the ear?" See Enforced Method Acting.)
  • When the snooty cat and the courageous dog with the celebrity voices meet for the first time in reel 3. Not to mention Tyler's Aside Glance into the camera with a genuine smile.

 Tyler: (sweetly) A nice. Big. Cock.

  • Marla's quote after the first time she has sex with Tyler. Sure it Crosses the Line Twice, but it's funny as hell.
  • "I am Jack's smirking revenge."
  • The scene near the end with Tyler, the narrator and the van full of nitroglycerin definitely qualifies, even if it's also one hell of a skin-curler.

 Tyler: OKAY! You are now firing a gun at your imaginary friend NEAR 400 GALLONS OF NITROGLYCERIN!

    • You've gotta be pretty balls-to-the-wall crazy to have your hallucination call you nuts. It's kinda cool since it shows that the symptoms "Jack's" schizophrenia isn't just the existence of Tyler, it's more realistic than many Hollywood depictions.
  • A subtler one: when the Narrator shows up at the building near the end, and Tyler's there and tells him that he looks "like a crazy person".
  • The big black cock reappearing just before the end credits.
  • Tyler wearing a rubber glove after having sex with Marla.
  • I don't know why, but the quote "and you are too fucking... (Beat)... BLONDE!" got me. It's probably the Large Ham delivery.
  • When Tyler gives out his first "homework assignment" to fight a total stranger, and the members of Fight Club start chasing down random people on the street, with many of them running away. It doesn't sound funny, but it's Funnier Than It Sounds.
    • Especially when one of them tries to goad a priest into fighting him, and it actually works.
  • The Narrator's Hannibal Lecture to his boss, and later on when he beats himself up in his boss' office. Again, funnier than it sounds.
    • The scene in question had the potential to be extremely unsettling, but having the narrator whistling cheerfully while the security guards escort him out of the building rather undercut that.
  • "Self improvement is masturbation." Hot damn, Tyler, that is both horribly funny and insightful.
  • "I'd fight Ghandi." "...good answer."
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