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 CtG: "Who is that Pseudolonewolf fellow, anyway? He acts like he owns the place!"

Pseudolonewolf: "It's probably one of those damned arrogant trolls who thinks he should have the power and authority and the right to say and act how he wants where ever he goes because he's so choleric! Tsk."


FigHunter is the lair of flash Web Game developer Pseudolonewolf, creator of MARDEK, Clarences Big Chance, and several other games. The site hosts Pseudo's games, music, and art, as well as a small but close community.

The site includes a lot of philosophical and religious discussion, as well as discussion about the four temperaments.

Because Pseudo is the sole developer, artist, programmer, and musician of his games, many of the tropes that apply to his website also apply to his games.

The Fig Hunter website and its works contain examples of:

  • Better Than a Bare Bulb: Pseudo is a confirmed troper, and he frequently lampshades tropes and cliches.
  • Character Alignment: Members can choose an alignment from the standard character alignments to represent their moral views.
  • Development Hell: Pseudo is so far the only person working on his games, and since he isn't always up to making games, quite a few of his projects have entered this.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: No particular group as such, but the temperaments (as stated above) are an important part of the site. Many members, including Pseudo, are melancholic.
  • Grammar Nazi: Subverted -- due to the site's high focus on good English (more than most sites), some new members of the "lol kitties" crowd probably think this. However, this is not due to pretentiousness, and members do not lord their knowledge of grammar over others; members respect proper grammar and form for its own sake and because they feel it is important for discussion.
    • 'Beware the Grammar Nazis' is a traditional part of the new-member greeting, although it is meant more lightly than it is here.
  • One of Us: Pseudo, again, is a troper, as are many other members. A large majority of the site's members (and Pseudolonewolf) also exhibit a strong attraction to things of a "geekish" nature. Considering the site's dedicated to Flash Games, that's no surprise.
  • RPG Elements: Though they have been reduced over the years, members still can choose a class and an element (from the elements Pseudo has in his RPGs) for themselves. There also used to be stats like HP (which was higher the more/better posts and comments you wrote) and instead of only a class, there were also levels (which came from the amount of posts you wrote). However, contrary to what people might think at first, roleplaying is forbidden in the forums. Things like class and character alignment, much like the temperaments, are meant as a way to express yourself. Elements exist only for aesthetic purposes.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.
  • Trolls: Surprisingly well controlled, though there have been some outbreaks in the site's history.
  • Word of God: When Pseudo has something to say (and he often does), he says it here.
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