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Are your best-laid plans being foiled over and over again by do-gooders who can't seem to mind their own business? And when you try to persuade this so-called "hero" to work with you rather than against you by offering him a cushy job, do your attempts at corruption routinely fail?

We at Trope Co have had the best scientists money can buy studying this problem and how to solve it. After extensive research, they have pinpointed the problem: none of your underlings have boobs with which to distract your rival. And if only they did; studies show that 83% of crime-fighters get into the business because their personal life is, sadly, not all that it could be. The result? They have too much free time, and focus energies that might otherwise be devoted toward other pursuits on you instead!

Fortunately for you, Trope Co® has a solution! We employ a number of Femme Fatales who can seduce any* pesky archnemesis! Before you know it, your evil plans will be progressing as scheduled while your enemy is either on his honeymoon or has met with an unfortunate accident, depending on which package you order and/or the inclinations of our representative.

* By "any", we mean that results are only guaranteed if the hindersome individual finds females fetching. If your enemy is female and responds positively to our Femme's advances, then for a small additional fee the Femme will film whatever happens next for your viewing pleasure. And ours.

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