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Characters for Feathers and Mountain Air.


Tropes that apply to all four:

Ancell Chrysos

The pretty male prostitute at a brothel called Heavenly Bodies. Despite not being human, he prefers the simple lifestyle as compared to the glamour that other Emphyraes have to keep up, and thus moved to the small human-inhabited town of Anjelinn as opposed to staying on his nearby home mountain. His peaceful life has lately been interrupted by a human child and a certain sevgimoren trying to pair him up.

Deimos Royenburg

The son of a Guidance diplomat mother and a medical chief father who ended up as a borderline-Shell-Shocked Veteran after serving as a war medic, Deimos has always been quite a loner while his parents were too busy to give him enough attention. He is clumsy and shy, yet well-meaning and always polite. His loneliness only took a turn for the worse when other Sevgimoren kids started labelling him as a pathetic loser at school, and things on the social field aren't much better now that he's long since graduated... But at least he is not bullied anymore. At least not as much.

Cecily Marrain

An unfortunate result of a forbidden romance between an Emphyrae and a Sevgimoren. She was supposed to get killed as soon as the Emphyrae soldiers found her at the age of 15, but something delayed the execution and she is still chained to the back gate of Mt. Sanfare. Although she has had her fair share of suffering, she stays positive and dreams that one day she can be free again.

Epsylon Iamb

An artistic sevgimoren who used to be a big bully in his youth and was one of the kids responsible of making Deimy's life miserable. He has since matured and is nowadays quite a decent person overall, if not still unable to show his real feelings well and too influenced by his still immature and mean friends like Tialdre.


Apollyon Galesol

A bartender at The Lair, a bar for Emphyraes, in Anjelinn. Ancell's best friend, who is good with the ladies. He is a big racist towards anything not Emphyrae, to the point of harassing the poor Sevgimori in his free time, before killing them using unnecessary violence.

Lord Sceledes

A six-winged Emphyrae who is, because of his unusual amount of wings and unbelievably long lifespan, thought of as a physical god and worshipped all over the Emphyraen community. He believes in Emphyraen purity over anything else and makes even the biggest racists such as Apollyon look innocent in comparison.

  • A God Am I
  • Asexuality: He had his 7+ children just because he needed sons to take care of his countries (Graciene and Holymni) when he's dead. If he dies, that is.
  • Big Bad
  • Elderly Immortal: His immortality makes his soul immortal, and was supposed to make his body immortal too until its cause, the evil little magic stone, started giving him unexpected symptoms such as actually letting his body age and gruesomely scarring his whole back digging itself out.
  • God Guise King
  • God Is Evil: Oh, some Emphyraes want to "purify" Graciene of Sevgimori? Of course, that sounds like a wonderful idea! And what's this? A halfblood has been freed by one of us? Yeah, let's send some soldiers after them. They deserve death for such behaviour.
  • Immortality: All the media makes him look much younger and he also wears makeup and sun masks for that purpose when appearing to his people, to make them think that he's a Type I. He's really Type VII.
    • Which brings us to Immortality Immorality type 1. It is a special stone carved deep into his back by his will that gives him the immortality, but with what a price...
  • Light'Em Up
  • Light Is Not Good: NO, IT'S NOT.
  • Politically-Incorrect Villain
  • Power Glows
  • Really Over 200 Years Old: Was there around the last war that ended almost 60 years ago, at which time he already looked seemingly old.
  • The Stoic: Can't show emotions at all. Which of course leads to lots of That Makes Me Feel Angry.

Cadenza Rael

The leader and conductor of the Emphyraen war choir, and thus one of the highest ranked females in their patriarchal society. She is pretty sadistic and uncaring for others feelings, and her god's will always comes first in her book, but hides this behind a nicer cover when facing the people and even her enemies, at first.

Lothario Krenar and Kriegaro

The wardrummer and his pet, a big female urcanis. Lothario is very aloof and does not desire any sort of contact with other Emphyraes or anyone else for that matter, but stays with the army because that is pretty much everything his life consists of. Kriegaro on the other hand might appear scary, but she is trained not to harm Emphyraes and is actually a nice big fluffy thing... Sevgimori and other species are adviced to keep distance, however.


Meridev Koradia

The main and most trusted so-called prisoner interrogator in the emphyrae army. A sadist who is very much into his work and sevgimori. In that way.

Supporting characters


Gilana Milram

A bratty young sevgimoren girl, who thrives to be a mighty emphyraehunter one day. She is short and babyfaced, something that she hates about herself so much.

Tialdre Nephia

An usually grumpy sevgimoren who, along with Epsylon, used to be a big bully, and still kind of is. Unlike his best friend, he tends to be more violent and less verbally oriented in his ways. Used to be a big rebel when he was younger, but has calmed down a little.

Niati Nephia

Tialdre's treasured little brother. He is also a decent archer, mostly inspired by his big brother's skill, and uses a crossbow. He loves fashion and cute things..


Chu'Si Chrysos and Velox

Ancell's little sister who lives on Mt. Sanfare and takes care of Velox who Ancy couldn't take with him to Anjelinn. Although she is supportive toward her brother, she can sometimes snap at him. Quite hard.

Nervenn Cylas

A guard at the back gate of Mt.Sanfare who is still quite new to his job and thus insecure, especially since it's a family job which he didn't want to take in the first place. He is a gentle soul who, despite not being allowed to, is the one keeping Cecily alive by giving her food and blankets for cold nights.

Sinthesia Ilyph

An Emphyrae woman working as Apollyon's waitress in The Lair. Although she always tries to keep a cheerful smile on, she's pretty cynical and very much not amused by Apo's crush on her, let alone her Fan Service-screaming work clothes he makes her wear....

Zenobios Galesol

Apollyon's rebellious big brother, who had a huge impact on how he turned out. He ran away from home when Apo was young, and no one knows where he headed.


Eva Hallen

A seven-year-old human child of alcoholic, constantly fighting parents. Has a very wild imagination and is fascinated by mythology.