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The series was first broadcast on Taiwan TV in June 2008, and was nominated for six awards at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan. It was awarded the 2008 Best Television Series and Best Marketing Program. It is the first part of a trilogy; the second installment, Drunken to Love You, aired in Spring 2011.

Chen Xin Yi is the Butt Monkey of an attorney's office, performing dozens of menial duties and frequently doing the work of her coworkers, who usually ignore or ridicule her. She plans and pays for a romantic love cruise, hoping to lose her virginity to and thus keep her current boyfriend.

On the same cruise is Ji Cun Xi, the wealthy sole heir of a cleaning products company, who was planning to propose to long-time girlfriend and Ballet dancer Anna. Anna chooses a lead role in a production of Swan Lake at the Lincoln Center in New York City, over Cun Xi, and never boards the cruise liner.

In a huge misunderstanding Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up spending the night together, only in the morning realizing the mix-up.

Although they vow to forget about the incident and continue on with their individual lives, Xin Yi soon finds out she is pregnant and the news reaches both Cun Xi and his family. Cun Xi's grandmother is ecstatic over having a grandchild and forces the two to get married.

The series contains examples of:

  • Beleaguered Assistant: Xin Yi, who has the moniker "Sticky Note Girl" because people constantly ask her to run errands and stick notes on her person as a reminder. This nickname becomes even more poignant when Xin Yi confesses that it makes her feel like a throwaway person.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: Xin Yi refuses Cun Xi's second marriage proposal, when she is told she is infertile. Her reasoning? He is the sole heir to the Family Business and he needs a heir.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Stephen Zhou, who wants to buy the factory on Jiang Mu Island to secretly bury mercury spoils there under the guise of running an incinerator.
  • Dance of Romance: Cun Xi and Xin Yi do the tango in Episode 14.
  • Delivery Guy: Cun Xi for Feng Jiao.
  • Eiffel Tower Effect: Tapei 101 building shows up by Episode 6.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: While Xin Yi and Cun Xi are looking for their lost dog, several bystanders talk out loud about a local shop with a lot of barking dogs.
  • Heartbeat Soundtrack: When Cun Xi sees Xin Yi, damp from a shower and still wearing a towel.
  • I Want Grandkids: Grandma even prayed at the family shrine for Cun Xi to knock up a girl and create an heir.
  • Instant Birth, Just Add Water: Xin Yi's older sister's water conveniently breaks just after the bad guys are vanquished.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Cun Xi has Xin Yi sign an open-date Divorce Agreement on the first day of their marriage. Luckily, he gets better.
  • Law of Inverse Fertility: Evoked no less than three times in the series.
  • Mister Muffykins: Baby Ji, who is a cute, little fluffy ankle biter in various fashionable attire.
  • Never Mess with Granny: And how.
  • Nosebleed: When Cun Xi (who is supposedly blind at the time) gets a up-close-and-personal look at Xin Yi's chest.
  • Orbital Shot
  • Pool Scene: Cun Xi doing the butterfly stroke in Speedos...
  • Screaming Birth: Xin Yi's older sister Feng Jiao gives birth in a warehouse.
  • Shotgun Wedding: Cun Xi, basically within hours of agreeing to the marriage, surrounded by Jiang Mu Islanders.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Cun Xi tells Xin Yi that she apologizes constantly just like Sanzo, the gun-toting priest in the anime/manga series Saiyuki.
    • His assistant Anson states her glasses are bigger than Nobita's, a character in anime/manga series Doraemon.
  • Shower Scene: Cun Xi
  • "Shut Up" Kiss: When Xin Yi yells at him to stop being nice to her, he kisses her in the art gallery in episode 9.
  • Surprise Pregnancy: The main event in the series.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Grandma shows up with a cup of hot tea right after Xin Yi gets drenched with hot water.

  "I wasn't spying on you guys. I wasn't eavsdropping either."

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