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  • Rider's visit to the Einzbern castle is an exercise in hilarity escalation.
    • The whole thing basically gets started because he suddenly decides "man, what I need right now is a good ol' night of drinking. Now where's a good place for that?"
    • Next time we see him, he's at the castle and calls out Saber... and we see he's carrying a wine casket. "It's good that you understand[...]let's battle with wine!"
    • Gilgamesh suddenly turns up just as they're getting underway. Why's he there? Because Rider invited him along for a drink! He tastes the offered wine, insults it, and... pulls what's effectively an Unlimited Wine Works with the Gate of Babylon so that they've got something more worthy of kings on hand to drink.
    • After a long philosophical chat, the Assassins turn up. Unlike everyone else there, they obviously means business. Rider offers them some wine, too.
  • Rider's Running Gag of flicking Waver in the head hard enough to knock him down. Constantly. Half the time for no good reason other than "you're acting kinda stupid." Or "you're acting logical." Or "I feel like flicking you in the head."
    • Rider and Waver's interactions in general are usually hilarious. In the course of one episode, Rider drags a visibly terrified Waver to the top of a tall suspension bridge (with poor Waver crying to get down) and when he finally does get down, Rider charges straight into the middle of a battle loudly announcing his true name and intentions with Waver staring, flabbergasted, from the back of the chariot at what an idiot his servant is being....again. Following that, as the tension escalates with Lancer and Berseker vs Saber, Rider swiftly dispels that by....running Berserker over. Literally. With his chariot. With Waver giving a pathetic "how did I get into this mess" look as he's dragged along. This troper literally had to pause the video to stop laughing.
      • And to one up himself even more, the next episode has Rider essentially trading the head of one of his opponents, a Heroic Spirit called from beyond the reaches of time to battle in the Holy Grail war, for a pair of pants. A pair of mega-sized pants. Why? Since he doesn't want to lose to Saber who is allowed to wander around as long as she's wearing modern day clothes. Rider in general is hilarious.
  • Though also a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Gilgamesh overcoming All The Evils Of The World with nothing more than his massive, massive ego - as if it weren't no thang - caused this troper to laugh out loud. Not only did he Logic Bomb Angra Mainyu, he exploded out of the corruption and acquired a (naked) physical body without missing a syllable of his typically-grandiose proclamations.
  • When Kirei has cornered Maiya, he asks that she not let him do all the talking. Kirei, asking someone else to talk. Oh, the irony.
  • Iri's driving skills. That is all.
  • The relationship between Ryuunosuke and Caster Crosses the Line Twice so many times.
    • Speaking of Caster, let's step back for a moment and take a look at his obsession with Saber. A French veteran of the 100 years war, mistaking the most famous English folk hero ever, for Joan of Arc. The sheer Irony of that is so funny it hurts.
  • How about True Assassin being killed like an insect by Iris' giant spider construct in the Blu-Ray special episodes?
  • Gilgamesh Going off on how "YOU DARE TO TURN YOUR BACK UPON ME!!!" Which Berserker Responds to by blowing him out of the sky with laser flares from the rear of the F-15 he jumped on and hijacked by touching it and turned into a Noble Phantasm, It's the way Gilgamesh says "What?" and his face that sells it
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