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  • In the anime, Rin actually manages to break an enchantment set by Caster. Keep in mind that she was in elementary school at the time.
  • Waver standing up to Gilgamesh after he defeats Rider. The meek little boy with absolutely no chance of surviving more than two seconds stares down one of the Nasuverse's most powerful characters and declares his endless loyalty to Alexander. And Gilgamesh lets him live.

 Gilgamesh: - I see. But boy, if you truly are a loyal subject, you have a duty to take revenge for your deceased King, do you not?

Waver: If I challenge you, I will die.

Gilgamesh: Of course.

Waver: That won't do. I have been ordered to live.

 Alexander: Behold my peerless Army!

  "Yeah. And you're too much of a fool to understand."

  • Gilgamesh himself is a much more likable character in Zero. His turning of Kirei into a man who lives For the Evulz, forcing Angra Mainyu to submit to him, and his final words to Alexander after defeating him were incredible.

  Gilgamesh: Until the end of time, this world will be my garden. Thus, I can assure you. You shall never find this world tiring.

    • Getting Gilgamesh to respect him counts as a crowner for Alexander, as well.
    • The one about Gilgamesh and Angra Manyu has to be elaborated on. Even though the outcome was obviously pretty bad for the world, what Gilgamesh did here was actually sort of heroic in its own, Blue and Orange Morality kind of way. And it gets even better with Avenger's Woobie status. Essentially, Angra Manyu is the incarnation of everything bad about humans. Sins, negative feelings, you name it. It knows nothing but those thoughts. Only hatred and denial. Nothing else can exist within that black mud because it is immediately swallowed up. So it is left alone for all eternity with nothing but its loathing for the world and itself. But Gilgamesh defies that. His existence is so absolute that he can stand where nothing else can. And he tells Avenger that it's okay. That he will permit it to exist. He gives confirmation to something that is antithetical to the very concept of it. And he succeeds. He's practically comforting the devil at that point, in his own, strange way. So he's a hero alright. Somehow.
  • It just wouldn't be Wave Motion Sword time unless they break up the word and start with 'EX--!
    • --CALIBUR!
  • Irisviel has been kidnapped, is on the verge of death, and is being interrogated by Kirei while being held by the throat. Her response? She calls Kirei a coward, tells him that he has no chance to defeat Kiritsugu, and pushes Kotomine Fucking Kirei to the edge. Apparently old man Acht must have given her massive adamantium balls.
    • It wasn't particularly hard, though. Kirei has exactly one weakness in Fate/Zero, and Iri stomped all over it.
  • The entire fight between Gilgamesh and Alexander, starting from Gilgamesh using the true power of his Noble Phantasm to completely wipe out Alexander's entire army. Then after losing said army, Alexander decides to rush Gilgamesh all by himself and while constantly being showered with legendary weapons and even then he doesn't falter, he only stops his advance when his thwarted by Enkidu and slain by Ea. Excuse me I think I just had an awesome overload.
  • Kirei seemingly gets completely checkmated by Irisviel when she binds his hands with magical wire and ties him to a tree. What does he do? Snap the thing in half to break free. With sheer physical strength. No magic, no power-ups or assistance from anywhere or anything, just his own sheer concentrated strength and force. The best part would be his complete nonchalance throughout the whole thing, like what he's doing is as natural and normal to him as breathing and nothing to make a big deal about, total opposite to the powerful show-offs that tend to make up this series.

  "In a way, it could be said that the women still underestimated the terror that was the Executor of the Church."

  • The anime really made the not awesome scenes from the Lighr Novel into awesome. Lancer's curse while it's tragic, it become sort of awesome and the moment Kirei kills Tokiomi become epic, both mainly thanks to the fact it's visualized and also the camera and faces of the people involved (Lancer's rage, Tokiomi's surprise and Kirei's evil smile).
  • Lancer lifts the curse he put on Saber's hand to stop Caster from killing hundreds of people, then swats Berserker's hijacked F-15 out of the sky like it's nothing. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
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