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Fatcadia is an Alternate Universe series for The Arcadian Legends. As the name suggests, it features the Arcadians (males so far) gaining weight.

A lot of weight.

The series begins with Dark Emperor Miryuko and Chef Fromage planning to fatten up two of the Arcadian champions. Chad Johnson and Emperor Damien Kurogane are the victims, and they have to deal with wearing spandex, eating a lot in certain times, and jiggling their own bellies.

Yeah... I really need to seek help.

After the story, I decided to change the original short story into a series, with other short stories to connect to it. Also, once again, it is not part of the official The Arcadian Legends canon.

Ultimately, as proof that there is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity, I was actually featured in the DeviantArt Snark. (Why is it funny? The title and the snarking.) See here under "Return of the Derp." And thanks! :D

This series provides examples from the following tropes:

  • Alternate Continuity: Obviously.
  • Balloon Belly: Disgustingly averted for the most part, but in "The New Year," both Kenji and Charlie obtain one after finishing their drinks (Kenji has grape juice, and Charlie has champagne... or does he?
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The title. Fatcadia = "Fat" + "Arcadia."
  • Fetish Fuel: Male weight gain fans can go nuts, as it has several male Arcadians either fattening themselves up or have someone fatten them up.
  • Idiosyncratic Chapter Naming: In the first story, it is divided into six parts called "Stages." As for the subtitles for the parts themselves...
    • Excited Episode Title: Chapters/Stages One, Three, and Five.
    • Music Allusion Title: Chapter/Stage Two's title is a play of "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song," and Chapters/Stages Four and Six, "Living Spirits" and "At the End of the Day," are actual titles for the songs used in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Holy shit!" Always said in response to the 800-pound Miryuko the Massive. (And giving me a thought to fatten him up in the actual canon in response.)
  • Monster of the Week: Chef Fromage. well as other tropes in The Arcadian Legends.


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