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Tubcat 8815

Sometimes cats are overweight. This is usually due to their habit of eating, or their strong weakness. Unlike in Real Life, castration is very rarely the cause for this. Fat cats are usually Plucky Comic Relief characters, though the occasional fat cat with an important role does come along some times. If there's a Crazy Cat Lady around who actually hoards cats, expect at least one of them to be obese.

Most of the time, fat cats are not mean, a common pet for villains, or consider themselves to be better than humans. Usually, the fat cat is a common domestic cat, but fat cats of any cat species can count.

Often prone to Cat Up a Tree. Most definitely Truth in Television. Not to be confused with those other kinds of fat cat.

Examples of Fat Cat include:

Anime and Manga


Live Action TV

  • The Australian children's show Fat Cat and Friends.
  • Brittany's cat is exactly what you'd expect from a cat named Lord Tubbington.


Web Original

  • Lasagna Cat, the parody of Garfield.
  • This Nyan Cat video shows the Nyan Cat as one.

Web Comics

Western Animation

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