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Far Cry

  • Anticlimax Boss: In the PC version, the final opponent is Doyle, a weak scientist armed with a P90 and hiding in a control room. He goes down in one shot. Then again, at the beginning of the final level, you fight Big Bad Climax Boss Mutated Krieger, who puts up a much bigger fight.
    • ...And he's not much of a threat either, if you fight him by getting in close like you fought all the other giant trigens.
    • Alternatively, you can just shoot him in the crotch, as he takes massive damage if hit there (who doesn't?) and goes down after only a handful of bullets.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The monkey Trigens. Since the shotgun has little to no stopping power against them, if they start their leaping attack and aren't dead by the time they reach you, you can wave goodbye to half your health.
    • In Instincts, there are Kamikaze Trigens, who run at you screaming at the top of their lungs and blow up in your face, killing you.
  • Narm: Jack. Daaaaar, Doy-ul?
  • Porting Disaster: Vengeance is widely agreed to be one of these. Even the Future Loser Angry Video Game Nerd does a review on the game in the Present Nerd's Nightmare Sequence in Yet Another Christmas Carol. Ironically for a Wii port, the motion controls are actually regarded to be very good by most players, but everything else...TheyJustDidntCare.
  • Scrappy Level: When you get booted out of a helicopter, with an almost empty gun, into a jungle chock full of Trigens. With one charging at you right at the beginning.

Far Cry 2

  • Accidental Innuendo: "I'll need to hold your equipment, bro."
  • Demonic Spiders: Mortar operators in Act 2.
  • Fanon: Probably the most common attempt to tie the two games together is to claim The Jackal is actually Jack Carver. It doesn't really work out since The Jackal is able to say words without adding "daaaaaar" to the front of them.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The enemy jeeps spawned at checkpoints are relentless and fighting them quickly gets tedious.
    • Hell, the checkpoints themselves.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • It's rather amusing watching a bison walk head-first into an open car door and spontaneously drop dead.
    • If you crouch into a shallow part of a lake and slowly lose health, using the Heal Thyself button produces amusing results, such as your character setting a broken arm in three places to pulling rebar out of his torso. Observe!
  • Older Than They Think: The "revolutionary" Wide Open Sandbox gameworld of Far Cry 2 was actually done a couple years earlier in Boiling Point: Road to Hell, a revolutionary game done in by a buggy pre-patch release and its non-big-name publisher/developer and their lack of publicity. There's also STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version started out locked to the same "fake" widescreen mode as the console versions (ie, cutting the top and bottom off a 4:3 image to make a 16:10 image instead of extending the field of view left and right). This was eventually patched due to complaints that players with multiple monitors were dealing with a field of view so vertically compressed they couldn't see anything.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Malaria mechanic forces the player to occasionally undertake a Fetch Quest to get pills. Also, the respawning checkpoints.
  • Tear Jerker: "You are terminal... same as I am". Also, the ending, though it might also count as Heartwarming Moments.

Far Cry 3

  • Crazy Awesome: Vaas. Did he ever tell you the definition of insanity?
  • Creator's Pet: It does seem that Ubisoft wants Vaas to join the ranks of Rayman, Sam Fisher and Ezio Auditore. He even takes over the cover of the game!
  • Complete Monster: Vaas might be Crazy Awesome and the next iconic character for Ubisoft, but you cannot deny that he is this. From terrorizing the native population to kidnapping and killing hostages to keeping Jason alive just so he can go insane, this guy takes Ax Crazy to a whole new level.
  • Nightmare Fuel: What the pirates do to the hostages. Sweet Jesus.
    • Also, Vaas' "The Reason You Suck" Speech as he sets the room you are in on fire during the E3 2012 demo.
    • And lest we forget, the Ransom ad which features Vaas trying to manipulate Liza for his ransom video.

Far Cry (Film)


  • They Just Didn't Care: Apparently Uwe's commentary on the DVD pretty much proves he's probably never seen the game, definitely hasn't played it and knows little to nothing about it. In fact in the same commentary he gets more worked up about a cheeseburger arriving.
  • Video Game Movies Suck: Especially when combined with Uwe Boll.
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