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  • This is parodied in Oh God Not Again when Luna asks Snape if he is a Living-ist, or someone who judges based on whether or not a person is dead or alive.
  • An episode of the Forever Knight virtual continuation FK4, "Night Visions," explores vampiric prejudice against carouches (vampires who drink animal blood).
  • In With Strings Attached, Ketafans treat elves like second-class citizens, and Baravadans are supremely contemptuous of Ketafans, which creates friction when the Baravadan Brox and Grunnel must ally with some.
    • Ironically, most Ketafans think Baravadans are the Favorites of the Gods.
    • Don't forget the Harveys in New Zork.
  • The Tron-universe Fanfic Through a Diamond Sky plays with the tension between Programs and Isos. Programs see Isos as having no purpose or function, taking up valuable resources and contributing nothing back. Isos see Programs as inherently hostile and constrained by their hard-coded directives.

  Flynn: "For a world of ones and zeroes, it annoys the hell out of me how much User-style problems you've picked up...First time I was here, it was persecution based on this place gets racism, too...You'd think there'd be a way to code out that crap."

 Dan: “How about the Abominable Snow-woman?”

Mizore: “I didn’t realise we were playing with the race cards.”

 Cid: Though it is not as widespread as in the past, there are still those out there who believe in racial hiearchy. Humeism is one of these. It seems they picked up on the Archadian's sense of Hume superiorty.

  • In Clouded Sky, Pokémon guides who are chosen to receive dark-type Pokémon as their starters, such as the protagonist, are greatly discriminated against.
  • In a Bakugan fanfic, it is revealed the entity Eur C. Pyre exhibits this toward the Gundalians ever since Barodius attacked the Nethians. As a result, she tells his faithful servant to purge all life on Gundalia because they are the disease and they need to be Cured. Eventually when her faithful servant reports that Sellon is an artificial Nethian, she changes her plan to launch an attack on BOTH planets as she recognizes that both sides are at fault.
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