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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Nundu, which resembles a Leopard -- said to be utterly silent, gigantic, and able to wipe out entire villages just by breathing due to the diseases on its breath; it's so dangerous that the only successful kills have come from one hundred wizards working in concert. For comparison, that's ten times as many wizards as it takes to subdue the average dragon.
    • The Lethifold, mentioned above, would also count, due to the fact that they sneak up on unsuspecting victims and smother them in their sleep.
    • The Manticore, a Shout-Out to classical Greek Mythology. It has a man's head, a lion's body, and a scorpion's tail, and its sting causes instant death. If that wasn't enough, its skin is nigh-invulnerable to magic.
      • Not to mention it can speak intelligently, and CROONS while it eats its prey.
      • And Hagrid possibly crossbred one.[1]
    • Not to mention the only record of a Chimera being killed "led to the unlucky wizard in question falling from his winged horse".[2] for him...
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The creation of the book, which was to raise money for Comic Relief.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "My name is Gregory Goyle and I smell."[3] for bonus points.
    • This conversation scrawled on the first page:

 Harry: This book belongs to Harry Potter.

Ron: Shared by Ron Weasley because his fell apart.

Hermione: Why don't you buy a new one then?

Ron: Write on your own book, Hermione.

Hermione: You bought all those Dungbombs on Saturday, you could have bought a new book instead.

Ron: Dungbombs rule.

  • Fridge Logic: Why do Ashwinders lay eggs that will never hatch?
    • This troper got the impression that they DID hatch, it's just that their Incendiary Exponent makes wizards freeze them before it happens.


  1. It's a Rita Skeeter article, so take it with a grain of salt, but if anyone would crossbreed manticores with fire-crabs it'd be Hagrid.
  2. In the original legend, after slaying it while riding the winged horse Pegasus, Bellerophon tried to fly to Mount Olympus (where the gods lived). Guess how well that turned out
  3. Written next to the entry on trolls
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