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One of The New Tens' most unlikely hits, Steven Universe touched so many with its positive messages and rich World Building, leading to a good number of plots.

A lot seemed to have spawned from the thought of "Rebecca is taking too long to answer the Myth Arc, I'll write my own answers."


  • Casting Pearl as having once been White Diamond's Pearl. The Crewniverse eventually declared that this wasn't the case but the fans politely disagreed.
  • In the show, Jasper, Lapis, and Peridot only once interacted as a trio for about forty seconds. In fanfics, they're often cast as the "Homeworld Trio." Their being together was purely circumstantial and none of them even liked the others. Eventually averted for Lapis and Peridot.
  • Hurt Comfort Fics between Lapis and Peridot. Usually ends in a fusion.
  • Any Gem; Topaz, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon, Jasper, Navy; joining the Crystal Gems.
  • The single male Gem, hunted by the Diamonds, arrives on Earth.
  • A mysterious Gem arrives in Beach City. While they befriend Steven, they also know some Dark Secret about the Crystal Gems (a situation which sounds very much like Lapis Lazuli's introduction). Can you guess the ending?
  • Exploring the past of the series and the characters such as exploring when Rose decided to have Steven, what Sapphire's days were like on Homeworld, Amethyst's early days in the Kindergarten, or even exploring the origins of the Diamonds. Works about Pink Diamond's past usually play up her Establishing Character Moment as a Spoiled Brat, much to the exasperation of a beleaguered Yellow Diamond.
  • Rose Quartz comes back somehow. Whether thanks to some Timey-Wimey Ball or Steven poofs.
    • A new variant, released after The Reveal, is to have Steven poof and reform his mother's physical body but retain his own mind.
    • Another, following the end of Season 5 and the emergence of Pink Steven, is to have Rose's mind still persist in the gem (as they were multiple Pearls inside Pearl's pearl) and Steven somehow making contact with her.
  • As Steven Universe: Future appears to be the final end of the franchise, it's common to find fanfics detailing what happens next to the characters. After all, there were a lot of unanswered questions.

Alternate Universe

  • The Momswap AU. Essentially a Steven Mirror Universe, the Homeworld Trio of Lapis, Peridot, and Jasper takes on the roles of Amethyst, Pearl, and Jasper respectively and act as Steven's guides.
    • In some of these stories, Connie is the half-Gem hybrid and her mother is Yellow Diamond.
    • It's also common for these stories to have Rose Quartz as Pink Diamond. Which became so Hilarious in Hindsight when it was revealed that she really was Pink Diamond.
  • After Blue Diamond was introduced, it became common to see fics that have one of the Diamonds be Steven's mother. Again, rather Hilarious in Hindsight given the Reveal about Rose Quartz.
    • Blue!Steven, who is somewhat of a Spoiled Brat compared to his canon self, usually lives in Korea with his rockstar dad; Rose having encouraged Greg to pursue his dream and he ran across Blue Diamond while on tour in Korea and the rest is Alternate History; and Blue Pearl. As they tour the world, they find some of the Gem sites and run across Lapis Lazuli's mirror. Once freed, Lapis defers to "Blue Diamond" before Blue Pearl tries to steal away some of Rose's healing tears so they can heal Lapis, leading to the meet up of the two factions. Having Peridot defect to the Crystal Gems is also much easier since "Blue Diamond" gave Peridot the "order." By far the most popular flavour. After the Reveal about Rose Quartz, it's become quite common to feature a chapter where Rose, in some Laser-Guided Karma, cries uncontrollably over Blue's death.
    • Yellow!Steven inherited his mother's Hair-Trigger Temper and some of her Blood Knight tendencies. He's the most physical Steven, usually partaking in death-defying outdoor activities, and is accompanied by Peridot and Yellow Pearl. Assuming of course, that he's not outright evil.
    • Since White Diamond didn't appear for most of the show, White!Steven AUs are largely uncommon. The most well-known is Steven *AU*niverse: Ask WhitePearl and Steven (almost!) anything which set the standard for most of these. In short, White!Steven has been moved around the foster system, followed by a partially controlled Pink Pearl, before he runs across the Crystal Gems. Things start out okay but when Rose sees Pink Pearl greyed out, all bets are off.
    • While there were some before the Reveal, the new flavour of fic is to have Pink Diamond's rebellion found out and her being forced to continue the colonization. Thousands of years later, she has Steven with Greg, here one of the Zoomans.
  • Having Opal as the permafusion instead of Garnet.
  • Even though it was around since day one, Season 5 saw an increase of fics where Rose Quartz survives childbirth. The Movie also spawned fics where Spinel or Pink Pearl was part of the Crystal Gems from the start.
  • Some common plot elements of Human!AUs:
    • Greg is still a single father. Whether Rose is dead or divorced is up to the author.
    • Jasper and Amethyst are sisters.
    • The Diamonds are a high-school clique, ala the Plastics, with the Pearls as their Beta Bitches.
    • Pearl is White Diamond's daughter and has to convince her overbearing and perfectionist mother that Rose Quartz is an acceptable girlfriend. Rather Hilarious in Hindsight since essentially the opposite was the case in canon.
  • The most common candidate for a Peggy Sue fic seems to be Pink Diamond herself and she tries to make her rebellion as bloodless as possible and keep everyone alive.


  • The Gem Empire is, sometimes, stated to be an intergalactic state. As such, the Gems will usually be shown as being more technologically advanced than any other spacefaring race and The Dreaded on a galactic scale. As such, the initial meeting between the two properties can sometimes see the other heroes trying to get Steven away from, what they see as, hostile invaders.
  • And now contravening the above, whatever planet is native to the other sci-fi property; Cybertron, Daibazaal, Krypton; will always be that one spacefaring power that managed to beat back the Gem colonizers and signed a peace treaty with them.
    • With Transformers, the backstory is usually: The Gems, usually at Yellow's order, invaded Cybertron to harvest the Energon and create a new caste of Gems from the substance. Megatron rallied the populace against the Gems and personally defeated the leader of the invasion, sometimes Yellow herself, and used the victory to rally support for the burgeoning Decepticon movement. At some point during, or after, these events, Optimus became acquainted with Rose and Pearl.
    • A common crossover with Voltron: Legendary Defender is to have the Paladins run across a Gem colony being besieged by the Galra and helping out only to learn that the Gems do not need Voltron's help. Even the Rubies can take down dozens of Galra Sentries.
  • In superhero crossovers, since the Gems regard humans as Beneath Notice, they'll have never heard of the Avengers or the Justice League.
  • Ronaldo's website tips off another group that's keeping an eye on the paranormal, such as the Trollhunters or Dib Membrane, to the weirdness of Beach City and they come to investigate.
  • Steven starts Walking the Earth at the end. He ends up somewhere else with some interesting new friends.
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