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It started when an alien device did what it did, sure, but since then, Ben 10 has grown into one of the most enduring fandoms on the internet. But as there are only so many Omnitrix aliens, there's only so many plots.


  • In the seventeenth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force, Big Chill gave birth to a litter of Necrofriggian babies which then flew off into space. It's common to find fanfics where one of them, who always identifies as female, comes back to meet her Earthly family. Even in crossovers, she can often show up as an OC Stand In / Author Avatar who helps instruct the new Omnitrix bearer on the ins and outs of his new job. She may or may not be shipped with the now adult Ship.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse was subject to Fanon Discontinuity from a number of fans. To fill the void, many of these either rewrote the series so it would better fit with the tone of the UAF era (and invariably do away with the Rooters arc or heavily rework it so that it doesn't enact its massive Retcon) or simply wrote up their own original continuations. This also led to Crossover variants. See below.
  • After Ben 10: Omniverse, it became quite common to see Ben and Rook either go on their galactic roadtrip or head off to the homeworld of one of Ben's aliens (usually Petropia).
  • Despite canon's stance on it, the Omiverse Omnitrix always has the evolutionary feature.
  • Next Gen Fics that focus on Ken 10 and Devlin Levin. These usually try to fill in the plot holes of how the events of "Ben 10,000" can occur in the same timeline as Omniverse beyond DJW's "They just do" attitude.

Alternate Universe

  • Gwen 10 universes are quite common. Especially following Omniverse and all the alternate versions of Ben who were just begging to have their stories written. Helps that DJW was very open about the alternate Bens and their universes.
  • Ben has a twin sister and she gets her own Omnitrix at the same time that he does. Or Gwen has a twin who also has Anodite powers.
  • Ben's Anodite powers activating.
  • BWEN rewrites.
  • It's not Ben who found the Omnitrix but his exceptionally mature, unfailingly reasonable, and universally beloved best friend, who bears an incredible resemblance to the author.
  • A "The Bad Guy Wins" AU where Vilgax gets the Omnitrix. Sometimes they just follow this dark timeline, while others suddenly reveal that the story is taking place in an Expendable Alternate Universe and have their Gwen cross over to the main timeline for reinforcements.


  • In general, Ben 10 crossovers have a nasty habit of making their franchise the "top trump" of the properties. No matter how powerful the powers of Property B are, no matter how much training they may have, the Omnitrix will defeat them. It's also common for the other characters to regard the Omnitrix as a fabled Elder Wand-like Artifact of Doom.
    • Vilgax's depiction however is a coin toss. For every fic he's more powerful than Supreman, there's another where a slap from Superman will break every bone in the conqueror's body.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to have the franchise cross over with another is just to have someone from another property; such as Jack Darby, Spike the Dragon, Steven Universe; be the one who gets the Omnitrix.
  • As said above, Omniverse got hit by Fanon Discontinuity a lot. In Crossovers, this took two forms, both starting out a few months after the end of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien:
    • Inspired by Ben, Azmuth starts to embrace Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome and makes the Plumbers unstoppable, leaving Ben, since broken up with Julie, with nothing to do with all his free time. As a result, Professor Paradox, having been touring The Multiverse sends Ben somewhere where he can help out. The most common candidates for his destination are video game universes, usually Metroid and Mass Effect (if the female Shepard is used, Ben hooks up with her). There's never any indication that Ben ever intends to return home.
    • As a sense of peace sets in, Vilgax attacks and kills all of Ben's family and loved ones (this is done to make Ben's increasing maturity stick). Though Ben dives into Roaring Rampage of Revenge, he can't bring himself to kill Vilgax and starts entertaining suicidal thoughts before he, somehow, winds up in an other universe; usually The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes or the DCAU (which will usually have Canon Welding with Young Justice); where he quickly joins the hero team, becomes their moral centre, and falls in love while getting over his trauma very fast. Expect a dramatic confrontation with Vilgax at some point.
      • This is such a cliché of Ben 10 fanfiction that one author actually wrote two stories that were designed to defy this set-up. Though using Young Justice instead of JLU. With this offered as an alternative, the plot now seems to be: While fighting, Ben turns into Echo-Echo or Ditto with one of the clones getting pulled into a portal to another universe, allowing for total freedom in writing the story. There may or may not be an Azmuth AI in the Omnitrix that now serves as Ben's mentor.
  • Another easy Crossover setup is to have Ben, sometimes with his friends, somehow, cross the barriers between universes and end up somewhere else. No need to explain, or have any focus on Ben getting back to his universe.
  • After having the Omnitrix taken from him by Azmuth and given to a more worthy Gwen, Ben Rage Quits and runs away, winding up in another property, usually with his Anodite powers unlocked, and gets a harem. Usually not very good.
  • A light form of crossover that's very popular is simply to have the Omnitrix hold a DNA sample from another franchise. The most popular choice is by far and away having Ben turn into a Saiyan, though the Ben 10 Saiyans usually have few cultural similarities to their canon selves.
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