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File:Slayers bunny waitress.jpg

So you've opened up a great new restaurant, but there's just something missing. The food is good. The service is prompt. The place is clean and fancy. But there's a little extra kick you need to make the costumers glad they came here.

In a nutshell, sex appeal is what's missing. That's why Trope Co® will help you set up your diner to provide Fan Service with a Smile.

We'll find a bunch of pretty ladies and/or guys, and train them to take and deliver orders, and put them in the clothing of your choice.

Do you want just tasteful dresses and suits? Modesty Towels? Playboy Bunny outfits? Loin Cloths and Fur Bikinis? Sexy Santa Dresses? Butlers and French Maids? We have a number of possible ways to dress up your staff.

Notice: Trope Co does not condone slavery due to the advice of our attorneys. We will only service places with staff who joined of their own free will (or think they did).

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