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Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming in Fanfic, because stories can still play your heart like a lyre, even if they aren't canon.

Fanfics with their own Heartwarming Moments pages:

Tropes used in Fan Fiction/Heartwarming include:

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • A Hetalia fanmade strip without any words about Chibi Romano. Thinking how Spain would lecture him for not cleaning the house, he tried to dust a lamp, only to accidentally knock it down. Later, he tried sweeping the leaves outside, only for a flock of birds to ruin the work he had just done. Feeling useless, Romano miserably thought about how talented his brother was, compared to him. Returning home, Spain tried to cheer him up and had his arms wide open for a hug. Angrily, Romano threw a pillow at him and looked away. Then, he glanced back at Spain, seeing that Spain was still smiling and his arms were still open. To which Romano then leaped into.
  • The ending of the Axis Powers Hetalia fic: Man Eater, where after a virus had turned most of the countries into mindless zombies and leaving only Germany and England still alive, they are rebuilding their homes and gaining new nations, such as Franitalia and Americanada. The fact that they got together and are raising the new nations who were once their significant other, despite all the mental torture they both went through, was just as heartwarming.
  • The Hetalia fanfic arc 'What The Heart Forgets' is full of these. Lots of heartbreak too, granted, but so much pure love to counteract it that it made this Troper cry.
  • Someone on one of the anonymous Axis Powers Hetalia LJ groups posted a request for fics featuring the nations interacting with their people and helping them. Every single one of the responses probably qualifies for this trope. Tissues are recommended when reading.
  • An Axis Powers Hetalia one showing how Kumajirou and Canada met. Kumajirou having been abandoned/seperated from his family was alone and cold, wrapped in a tattered blanket. Until he met Canada, who gave him a new blanket and took him into his home. Their first conversation of "Who are you?" and "I'm Canada" was never more heartwarming than this.
  • One Axis Powers Hetalia Doujinshi (Zettai No Idea) shared on the Giripan LJ community is so effective at invoking this trope that you feel it even if you can't read a word of the Japanese text, as it's clear that the plot is about how Japan and Greece, in spite of them clearly being in love and even having sex with each other, are still not truly together because of Japan's inability to be honest about his feelings. Then after Japan returns back to his country, apparently believing that his Anguished Declaration of Love went unheard (due to it being drowned out by an airplane passing overhead) and having resigned himself to this, he finds out that Greece perfectly understood what he had meant to say and has in fact followed him back home. Cue a smiling Greece saying what can't be anything less than an "I love you" in Greek, and Japan tearing up and throwing himself into Greece's arms like he's dreamed of doing for a long time. The subtle yet profound differences between the doujin's two color spreads just clinch it.
  • "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes", an Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic. The end. Full stop.
  • In an Canada x Russia fanfic "Giving In", one chapter had Russia overwhelmed by his past. He was alone in his room when Canada (who didn't know of his present condition) entered, returning Russia's scarf that had dropped earlier. But in his unstable state, Russia snapped and tried to strangle Canada. Then Canada whispered "Доверься мне." Which means "Trust me." And Russia did.
  • In this wordless Axis Powers Hetalia doujin, little Canada wanted to go to a bakery, but when he tried to tell them, America, England and France didn't notice him. Sadly, he stared longingly at the store, tears running down his face. Then, his family realized he was crying and tried to comfort him. America led the way by bringing Canada into the store. When Canada looked behind him, both France and England had stopped bickering and was ushering him inside with smiles on their faces. The last panel was Canada with tears in his eyes. This time, in happiness.
  • Any well-written Hetalia fanfic that has Japan apologizing sincerely to China for what he did to him in the past and China giving him the gift of forgiveness.
  • Despite the Tear Jerker and Mind Screw moments that happen in Heta Oni, a fanmade horror game, Prussia returning to save Germany certainly warms the heart.

 Germany: You idiots! Why did you come back?

Prussia: You want to know why I came back? Because I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't help my little brother!

  • Let Your Heart be Light has America and England celebrating their first Christmas together as a couple. The interaction between these two are so cute and heartwarming this troper couldn't help but tear up a little.
  • Lullaby For A Stormy Night. This troper was smiling and d'awwwwwwing through the whole story.
  • Regarding your Request for my Return, a non-kinky Kink Meme fic; the request was for a fic showing England's difficulty raising a child with Super Strength, and the response was this little piece of adorableness.
  • Shadows on the Walls is about Germany being misinformed that Russia has raped Prussia and trying to help in a terribly awkward way when Prussia comes back. The ending where the truth comes out is a CMOH in itself, but that's not the bit that made this troper gooey. No, it was the bit where the Berlin Wall comes down:

 “Hi there, West!” Prussia hollered and lifted his hand in greeting.

The people who were standing on the Wall with him didn't realise he was addressing a person and instantly mimicked his gesture.

“Hi there, West!”

  • Increments of Jerusalem is a crossover with Sherlock Holmes in which Holmes and Watson work to track down the last surviving member of an army unit, while only knowing that his name is Arthur Kirkland. Throughout their efforts, they are hounded by a faceless figure calling himself "Absalom," who turns out to be Lestrade's young clerk, who turns out to be America. The heartwarming comes when they finally track down Kirkland, and once they realize who he is, he warmly thanks them both for everything they've done for him. Then America makes his appearance, expressing his need to return to his country, but before he leaves, he approaches Holmes.

 America: I pray you have found the answers you sought in coming here today. Furthermore, I pray that you do not take it upon yourself to trouble him again. Those of our ilk endure a great deal for the sake of yours, and we ask little save for the dignity of enduring the whole of it in peace. Leave him be, or I will make you wish you had.

Holmes: I do not doubt that. But I have completed my business with Sir Kirkland. You may go fully assured that I will not trouble your friend, my dear Absalom.

America: Good. He’s spoken only well of you, after all. I, for one, would hate to see you do discredit to your own heroic name. (as he is leaving) And regards from Ms. Irene!

  • Presidential Initiation is an incredibly silly fanfic about the unnamed newly-elected US president's first day in office. Which starts with him being chloroformed and taken him into the woods in what turns out to be America's traditional hazing. Not knowing who his kidnapper is yet, the president demands to know what he wants.

 The boy seemed taken back by this, his mega-watt grin dimming to a small smile. "Well, there's a lot of stuff I want from you I guess..." He paused, crossing his arms in contemplation. "I mean, I guess I can be hard to please sometimes, you know? I want you to fix the things the other guys screwed up, but keep the good things they've done, too. And, I guess I want you to be understanding and fair, but know when to get tough, no one likes a pussy. And I want you to solve problems, but solve the right problems, don't waste your time on shit no one cares about. But then again, that stuff can be important too...I don't know." He shrugged. "I just don't want you to let me down."



  • A Wish for Batman had a TAS Batman being offered a wish via the same authority from Ah! My Goddess. After considering a few ideas, he suddenly realizes that he could get his parents back. But then he makes the wish that 'his life's work be done', that no more kids in Gotham would face that tragedy. After the wish goes off, he's looking around at the revamped Batcave, is surprised by his wife, Selena, and watches Alfred, who was present and knows what the wish was, go up to answer the door. A very shaken Alfred returns and tells Bruce he should hurry up. There he finds that the wish he rejected was granted too.
  • There was this Batman fic where after Batman had came back from the dead, he received many hugs from the Batfamily and many hugs from other people too. However, there was only one time that Batman was the one to initiate the hug. It was with his Parental Substitute Alfred.


  • This Digimon Fanfiction even has a chapter titled " Crowning Moment of Heartwarming"- and a relief to the readers, because the previous few chapters were really, really, really sad. pretty much the whole last two chapters are Heartwarming moment after Heartwarming moment. Besides that, we also get an adorable Flashback in chapter 8 of Tai comforting little!Kari after a nightmare.
  • This AU Digimon Fanfiction is filled with tear jerkers, as the premise is that Takeru, traveling in America, was caught on one of the planes on 9-11. But there are some huge CMOHs in there- when Kari finds out she's going to have a baby for one, and all of Takeru's comforting nikki, a little girl sitting next to him on the plane. but the one that tops them all- even though at this point, we know he's ok, there was something so beautiful and magical about the moment Kari got the phone call, the one that told her

 "Your husband is alive, Mrs Takaishi"


Harry Potter

  • In Arabella's Day in The Limelight story The Very Secret Diary, about Ginny's conversations with Tom Riddle, Ginny is sufficiently cowed and held a helpless puppet by Riddle, who can control her movements and speech. However, when Riddle tells her to kill her own brothers with the Basilisk, she manages, through sheer strength of will, to wrench herself free and throw the diary down the toilet. Canon events conspire and place her back under Riddle's power eventually, but still, for an eleven year old girl to resist Lord Voldemort, she must have loved her brothers very, very, very much.
  • From the DAYDverse: Any scene with Terry Boot and Michael Corner. Actually, come to think of it, when Thanfiction's not ripping your heart out and stomping it into a bloody pulp, he's most likely giving you one of these.
  • The Harry Potter fic Make A Joyful Noise by Bored Beyond Belief is one that makes the reader feel all warm and fuzzy. Especially what Harry had to go through in the first story Never Alone Never Again. Pretty much what happened in "Never Alone, Never Again", Harry was abused by the Dursleys and tormented both day and night by visions of Voldemort and his Death Eaters torturing and killing his many, many victims. Whatever his victims felt, Harry felt it too, every pain, every injury, every curse inflicted on the victims. And to make things worse, the Ministry of Magic was hushing up all the deaths and wanted to pin the blame on Harry. So they tossed him into Azkaban to keep him silent. Fortunately, Harry gets better, though it isn't a complete victory, with Harry still suffering from nightmares and the repercussions of the wandless magic he used in the form of the Killing spell on Voldemort. However, in Make A Joyful Noise, we see that though not everything is back to normal, Harry is recovering steadily and opening up to Sirius and Remus. What truly seals the moment is when Harry shows Sirius and Lupin his Animagus form, which is that of a phoenix. As he takes flight and they watch in utter joy as the phoenix sings and soars, finally free.
  • A rather twisted version in a NSFW Harry Potter fan fic: Bellatrix has been keeping Hermione prisoner, and they are involved in a BDSM relationship. After another night of sexual torture, Hermion blurts out "I love you, Mistress!" Bellatrix thinks to herself that Hermione deserves to be beaten for speaking out of turn like that. Instead, she just smiles and says "I love you too, my pet." Awww...
  • The following Harry Potter fanfics of the slash variety:
  • There was this fanfic about Harry and Draco meeting again after their sons had become friends. Of course, Draco being Draco mocks and sneers while Harry is just as casual and just as insulting, though they were both more friendly than hostile. At the end, when Harry takes his son back home, he holds out his hand and Draco takes it.
  • Living With Danger and the other Dangerverse fics by Anne Walsh has many examples of what a CMOH is:
    • When Sirius, Remus, Danger and Aletha are acquitted and declared innocent, Sirius jumps in joy and embraces the cubs, but the big moment is when he finally embraces a crying Harry, and this exchange happens:

 Harry: Pa-foot, no c'y.

Sirius: Not a chance, Greeneyes. Not this time.


Mahou Sensei Negima

  • Despite mostly being a comedic Slice of Life series of short stories, the Mahou Sensei Negima fanfic A Day Indoors has a pair of gems in it: Kotaro & Chizuru's interactions in Chapter 31, and Negi & Makie's talk in Chapter 32 ("This is your story").
  • The fanfic Confessions of a Lolicon, despite its title, manages to be this for Cocone and Misora.
  • The Mahou Sensei Negima fanfic, Tying Loose Ends, has some exceptional heartwarming moments, but only two take the cake. Both include an OC, Kouhei Takahata, who is the son of Takamichi T. Takahata, and Kotaro Inugami, and Chachamaru Karakuri. Their relation to the OC is how Kotaro is Kouhei's adoptive son, and Chachamaru was created by Kouhei and his wife, who is a relative of Satomi Hakase. Read the memory arc, which is chapters 10, which includes another OC, 11 and 12. Warning, as parts of the arc are one hell of a Tear Jerker, and includes a lot of character death, only OC's, (insert gasp of relief), and the last chapter may/or may not tear your heart into itty, bitty, gory shreds. To back me up, is Haymitch Abernathy, a prominent reviewer of the site's stories, read his review here, and it is the longest review I have ever seen on the site. The author must be flattered. Here's one sentence from the OC to catch your attention:

  "But, most emotions don't make a lot of noise. It's hard to hear pride. You'll hear a bit of fanfare, and maybe a bit of clapping. Caring, well, it's really faint, like a heartbeat. But it will double in strength when it finds a good home. Anger will roar through your head, thrashing around in the walls of your mind. And well, love, why, some days it's so quiet, you don't even know it's there. But when it raises its beautiful voice, it sounds like a stunning symphony. Alternatively though, taken wrong, it's as shrill as a siren."


Metal Gear Solid

  • In the Metal Gear Solid Time Travel epic Stray, the Shadow Moses arc has a few of these, since it's when we get to see the results of Ocelot's efforts to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Snake and Liquid's relationship in particular. There's something both heartwarming and bittersweet about the fact that, at least in one Alternate Universe, MGS's Cain and Abel actually like each other.
  • The Metal Gear Solid fanfic Howling At The Moon manages a few in the more recent chapters, the bigger ones starting out at the end of chapter seven with Sniper Wolf trying to lift Liquid Snake's spirits after he got pistol-whipped by Ocelot (which ends up starting their inevitable romance in the long run).

 Wolf: For future reference, Liquid, don't make horrible puns when a teammate is in danger of dying of blood loss, infection, or both at once

Liquid: * sigh* Yeah, I know that was a dumbass move. You don't hate me too much for it, do you?

Wolf: Heh heh, you should be much more concerned with their opinions. They aren't nearly as forgiving as I am.

Liquid: * looks from the others to Wolf and back* I don't know, something about your opinion seems quite a bit more important.

Wolf: * blush*

    • Even better is Liquid Snake's proposal to Wolf in Chapter 19:

 "Ferishteh, before you say anything, I want to tell you something," Liquid interrupted, "I love you more than anything else. I mean, when Raven brought up the fact that some of us might die before the plan succeeds, I was only thinking that I couldn't lose you. When I tried to regain my memories, I almost didn't because I was afraid you wouldn't like who I became. It's almost pathetic, really, but it's true. And I know that being together like this is distracting enough, and that getting married would only make it worse, but I just don't care. So, Ferishteh Rekani… will you marry me?"


Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Shinji and Warhammer 40K. Given that it's an incredible fusion between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Warhammer 40000, you might not expect much warmth and fuzziness, but as a child Shinji finds a box full of models and rulebooks that completely changes his world. During a bad storm that leaves him quaking with fear, he puts a Space Marine model in front of his lantern and is able to sleep soundly, feeling protected by his superhuman guardian. This eventually leads him to create mental constructs of his four favorite models, turning to them for advice and companionship. Years later when the Eva story proper begins and his first connection with Unit 01 is going badly, his mindscape is left as a howling storm...until three words ring out: "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!"
    • Also, he manages to bond with his formerly distant aunt and uncle.

 You're not my son...but I think I can love you just the same.


 Asuka: So I'll make you a deal, Third Child. If you, at some point in the future, let me down utterly, completely and catastrophically like you think you might, I forgive you in advance for it... providing that you don't mope around like an idiot for the rest of your life but find a way, any way, to make it right, and you don't stop trying until you do. Fair enough?

Shinji: Asuka's mad at me. All's right with the world.

  • NGE: Nobody Dies gets a AWESOME one in chapter 39. In this chapter, the Angel Leliel dumps Shinji, Yui, Asuka, Kyoko, Rei, Ichi, Zwei, and Go-Kun into the world of Canon!Evangelion while Canon!Shinji ends up in ND!NERV. Canon Asuka meeting Kyoko is one of the most Tear Jerker/CMOH ever in the whole of fanfic history. And I quote: "Yes?" Kyoko asks, "Can I help you?" Grin splitting her features, eyes alight, her voice becomes a squeak that catches the woman completely off guard as Asuka embraces her in a bear hug. "Mama!" Awww!!!
    • There is also ND-Gendo stopping his thoughts of suicide because even if he is unable to recover ND-Shinji/Yui/Rei, Canon-Shinji will still need someone to care for him. There is also Kyoko continuing her way out of the scrappy heap by giving Canon-Asuka the one thing she wanted more than anything else while Terrifying! Rei corrupts Canon-Rei into being more assertive while possibly activating all the clones as well. As if that weren't enough, she also rescues End of Evangelion Shinji/Asuka from their dead world.
  • The Neon Genesis Evangelion / Dragonball Z crossover fic Eva Possibilities and Fusion Pandemonium has a few excellent ones:
    • Shinji comforting Misato during her breakdown after Vegeta’s painfully-truthful Hannibal Lecture, and then managing to bring her out of it.
    • Chapter 21, with Shinji & Yui talking in their mindscape, where Yui states how the AT Field is more than just a separating barrier: “It’s the light of our soul. Don’t you see, Shinji? The light of my soul… of my existence… is you.
    • Nearly every interaction between Shinji and Rei:
      • Chapter 13: The adorable interactions as Shinji makes his decision on his feelings for the obviously-distraught Rei and embraces her; she’s so happy that she cries (bonus points for Fuyutsuki, watching from a room above, who decides to keep this a secret from Gendō)
      • Their First Kiss in the next chapter.
      • Chapter 22, when Shinji finally says the big three most important words: “I love you”, and the two make love for the first time.
  • When you're done laughing at this Neon Genesis Evangelion Abridged Series, wait for a small one at the end

 Shinji: It doesn't matter if there are copies! You're unique, like a-

Rei: Please do not say snowflake.

Shinji: Then how about a smile?"

Rei: 0.0... ^_^


One Piece

  • Did I Ever Tell You? is a sweet and short One Piece fic where the Straw Hats tell each other that they love each other. Usopp and Chopper are working together when Usopp realizes he can't remember when he say it to Chopper and immediately tells him. Nami who was watching them then turns to Sanji and says the three little words. Robin and Franky's brief conversation says it all.

 Robin: "Did I ever...?"

Franky: "We know."

    • And the last one was Luffy and Zoro, who only needed one word each to say it.

 Luffy: "Zoro?"

Zoro: "Always."

  • From the One Piece Fic The Vanity Princess:

  Luffy:"I wish I could see you, Nami," he whispered, his eyes closed with his face buried into her hair, "but… I'm glad that I could see you like this. Thank you, Nami, for showing it to me. And… thank you… for loving me anyway."


Star Trek

  • In this Star Trek fanfiction, of cloudless climes and starry skies, all about Girl!Kirk (known as Jamie) and what she went through to become captain of the Enterprise, being abused by her stepfather, watching her family murdered on Tarsus, killing soldiers to survive, the increasing tension with her own mother after she had tied her Fallopian tubes and running away from home. What takes the cake is at the end, where she had moved in with Spock and he was reciting Byron to her about her.

 "She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies," he says at last, voice slow and deep, and Jamie thinks she's never heard Byron sound so lovely.

She still tries to laugh it off, though.

"You mean I'm mad, bad, and dangerous to know."

"And all that's best of dark, and bright, meet in her aspect, and her eyes," Spock finishes the verse as if she hadn't spoken, and then he leans in to kiss her again.


 Spock: When I think of you, I feel something I cannot name. A desire for more. To be nearer. To be a part of more of you, to be everything that you need—but nothing similar to the physical imperatives of the Pon Farr. It is possible that that capacity is within me—along with the other baser passions we have come to master—suppressed long before puberty, before it could be acknowledged. If that is the case, I have no interest in freeing it; the violent abandon of the Pon Farr is not something I wish to explore. Of course you are free to copulate with other persons.

Kirk: I don’t want other persons.

The knee-jerk response flew out of his mouth unplanned, but it was the vehemence behind it that shocked him utterly. He heard an anger in his own voice that he had no right to feel. Anger, or was it only the protective harshness that so often covers one’s fears?

  • Albert Green's A Thin Veneer is full of so much win and awesome, from the concept to the battles, that the whole thing should be considered a CMOA, but what sticks in this troper's mind the most is the scenes between 'Deathwalker' Jha'dur and Sarek of Vulcan. Jha'dur has just offerred Sarek the means to save Amanda's life and information against the Minbari at the cost of betraying everything he ever stood for. Sarek plays Jha'dur in a complicated gambit to get her to expose her information without committing. When Jha'dur realizes she's been screwed over and that Sarek admitted he never intended to go through with the deal, she says: "You lied to me!"� "Vulcans do not lie."� "We had a deal!" "I accepted no such deal. You merely fooled yourself into believing I had."� "What about Amanda?"� Jha'dur spat. "I am the only one who can save her!" Sarek shook his head. "Your drug would damn her and me for accepting it. To live at the cost of others is too high a price. It may save her life, but it would kill her soul." Jha'dur bared her teeth in a cold smile. "Remember that when she dies in your powerless arms."� "I will be thinking of nothing else."�
  • There are more Crowning Moments of Heartwarming in the classic Trek fic "Atlas" than this troper knows how to mention, but the one that moved this troper the most was after a slooooooooooow building slash subtext in an otherwise adventure-centric story, Kirk, who up to this point has been kind of a Jerkass Gary Stu (albeit an incredibly well written, in character one) breaks down at the bedside of a comatose Spock and confesses to how much Spock means to him, how he's become a better person because of knowing Spock. In any other fic it would be eyerolling and sappy, but "Atlas" is so in character it works beautifully.


  • This Transformers story, Optimus Prime was feeling tired and doubtful about his leadership when he received a tape record of Spike doing an assignment on loyalty and interviewing several Autobots. All the Autobots gave him several answers that didn't quite make sense, but did define their relationships with each other. Finally, Spike interviewed Smokescreen and expressed amazement at how Optimus was able to keep all the Autobots together, despite all of them being so different. Smokescreen explained that it's what a Prime has to do, by being the first one into battle and the last one out, by having courage to face others and himself, by being loyal to the Autobot cause and the Autobots themselves.

 "It means putting the other Autobots first. But it also means knowing them. It means actually caring not just about their well-being, but about their sanity. It means knowing when Tracks has had enough, and truly needs to go chill out with his friends in the city. It means making a decision about whether Mirage is on our side or not, and sticking by it - even when other Autobots question that decision. It means putting his confidence in Silverbolt as a team leader, and sticking up for Perceptor when others don't think he contributes enough. It means playing football with the Dinobots to make them feel included - even if it means Prime gets his bodywork rearranged a little."

"It means hiring minibots into his unit when other Primes wouldn't. It means believing in Wheeljack even after all the disasters, and listening when Bluestreak needs to talk. It means accepting First Aid's decision not to fight, and trusting the team leaders to handle their own troops, even when Blades and Air Raid get into an aerial fistfight that knocks out the south gun turrets. It means not killing the twins, despite overwhelming reasons that he should. It means thanking Prowl for the long hours, even when Prowl doesn't need to be thanked. It's seeing Omega Supreme as more than just a weapon. It's actually reading up on baseball, just to keep up with Eject, and it's letting Steeljaw ride in his cab, just so 'Jaw can stick his head out the window and feel the wind on his face."

    • Smokescreen sums it up that a Prime needs all those qualities to be a Prime and that was all the characteristics that Optimus has. Then, we have this little bit at the end of the recording.

 "[Optimus] really likes his Autobots, doesn't he?"

"Yup," Smokescreen replied. "And we like him back."

  • The Transformers fanfic Corrosion of War Without End has many, including the final lines. Lexius, the commander of battlecruiser _Sojurn_, has reaffirmed his belief in the protection of life. _Sojourn_ herself, severely damaged by the climactic battle and uncontrolled deorbiting, has somehow survived both planetfall and critical mental shock. Yet Lexius knows that he, she, and the crew are still Cybertron's best defense. There is only one choice:

 The ship's power systems came up all around them, the new engines vibrating the decks lightly. Lexius took a last look at the silvery world before them. Cybertron slid by sideways as the ship cleared its dry dock, then disappeared from view as the ship turned away, preparing to leave orbit. Lexius didn't look back, but he framed the sight in his mind, a sparkling jewel, something he wanted to remember, something he would carry with him through all his future battles.

Sojourn thrust herself to the stars.

  • This Transformers fic called When I Grow Up about Annabelle's class being asked what they want to be when they grow up and Annabelle musing about her father and Ironhide's work. When it came for her turn, she told her teacher that she wanted to be a hero. Just like her father and Ironhide.


  • The Good Omens fanfic Its Own Place has one in the final part, following the main drama and UST: Aziraphale believes he's become a demon, and begins kissing Crowley because he no longer has his angelic status to lose. Crowley then finds out that Aziraphale actually hasn't become a demon, and after an internal battle on whether to tell him the truth or let him give him what he's been waiting 6000 years for, takes the undemonic route. Overjoyed, Aziraphale exclaims, "I didn't Fall! It's all right!" Crowley thinks that he means "It's wonderful that I'm still an angel, so I can go back to being a proper one," but Aziraphale clarifies with another kiss and the line "No. This. It's all right." that what he really meant was "It's wonderful that my feelings for you aren't a sin after all, so I can continue acting on them."
    • Or pretty much any Good Omens fic where Crowley defies his demonic nature out of love for Aziraphale. Also fics where he is redemeed/partially redemeed will have this as well.
  • The Hero Strikes Back, a Star Wars AU based on the characterization of Anakin as being emotional, manages to be made of this despite starring Darth Vader. Technically it stars Anakin, as the premise is that when he finds out his child(ren) is(are) alive, that man is no longer dead, but still, he's in the armor, and you go "awww" nonetheless.
  • Paint it Black, a DP AU of TUE that seems to be Darker and Edgier at first glance, but in the fourth chapter is the most heartwarming moment between Danny and Danielle, where after Danny and Jazz do all this work to save her from Vlad's planned fate to let her die now he has Danny, she hugs him. D'aaaww!
  • In the Fairly Oddparents fanfic Discovery, when Timmy sets Norm the Genie free. Norm had became a minion of the Shadow and was using the four elements to try to kill Timmy and his fairies. However Timmy realizes what Norm's motivation is, and decides to set him free even though Timmy and Norm hated each other's guts. Then at the end, Norm gives Timmy a beeper so he could call him. Just so heartwarming.
    • The name of the chapter was One Jump Ahead, which adds a comparison to Aladdin.
  • The Fate/stay night doujin Childcare is War involves little kid versions of Rin and Sakura summoning Archer... somehow. Rather then play the idea for comedy (which could be done) it instead plays the heartwarming part to Beyond the Impossible levels. a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in every other page
  • Regardless of whether or not you liked her in Persona 4; Ayane's heartfelt explanation of why she's "positively furious" at the Protagonist after she confronts her shadow and gains her Persona in the fanfic "Solo Performance" is guaranteed to tug at most of your heart strings.
  • The Beyond Good and Evil fic "Human, All Too Human" has a beautiful moment where Jade is worrying that her connection to the DomZ makes her too dangerous to be around. She asks Double H if he will protect her orphans from anything--even if that something happens to be her. He fiercely, adamantly, beautifully refuses:

  It is never going to happen. You are not going to turn on the kids, or me, or IRIS. You have the best heart of anyone I've ever known. I have seen you fight against being put under DomZ control...and win. You expelled their high priest from your mind and vanquished him single-handed. Jade, you are not predestined for evil. You are not a DomZ monster in human form. You are my friend, my partner, my compatriot, and I will never raise a hand against you. You will never make me have to.

  • This Fan Vid somehow goes and makes Yume frikkin' Nikki, Nightmare Fuel in its purest form, into something sweet and beautiful... And Masada, Kyunkyun, Poniko, and Monoko all team up to save Madotsuki from the original's Downer Ending.
  • This I'm A Marvel...And I'm A DC video, where it turns out Harley reciprocates Gobby's feelings.
    • And let's not forget Batman's encouraging words to Spider-Man.
      • And the "Dark Knight" style ending. Hell, when the series isn't being side achingly funny, chances are it's either being bunch the air awesome or full of warm n fuzzy. Hard to believe it started out as just a simple parody of Mac/PC ads.
  • The entire Kingdom Hearts fic Finding His Footing. Who knew Xigbar could be so patient, especially with a Demyx who doesn't know how to stand?
  • The Firefly fanfic Forward is pretty much packed with these, especially in the first story arc. One of the more potent ones is when Jayne and River are being tortured by Niska, and he manages to grab her hand and hold it to keep her from breaking. Or pretty much any scene between them while they are escaping Niska's ship, with Jayne forced to carry her on his back. And later on in the third arc, where Mal tries to comfort River after she has a mental breakdown after killing Ott's pirates.
    • Pretty much the whole of the "Adrift" arc's epilogue, especially the bits between Book and River.
    • The "First Interlude" chapter, which involves River making a crucial, personal decision on her eighteenth birthday: to stand on her own.

 She wouldn't despair anymore. She wouldn't be helpless. She was a person - damaged, frail, and insane, certainly, but a person nonetheless. No longer a child, no longer a plaything, no longer a burden to be borne on a shoulder or a charge to be safeguarded or a weapon to be feared.

Never again.

    • Pretty much the entire epilogue for Condor.
    • The epilogue for "Silver" has an adorable scene between Kaylee and Simon, and also has a powerful scene where River confesses to Book what she feels was a very bad thing she did, with flashbacks to her confronting one of the men who hurt her at the Academy who himself deeply regrets what he did. Ultimately, he asks for her to forgive him, and River does.
    • The ending to "Fourth Interlude." River has basically been put through so much crap over the last few chapters, what with the Mind Rape, losing control of herself and flying into berserk frenzies, then crashing on a border planet and forced to walk across a desert on serious injuries, all the while suffering hallucinations and then getting horribly injured fighting a group of pirates. At the end of it all, after she passes out, River has a flashback to when Simon rescued her from the Academy, and then comes to. The reader's probably expecting something even worse for River when she wakes because, well, that's how the story's been going. Instead, she finds herself in a hospital, being tended to by an old doctor who she can tell is honestly concerned for her safety, and she finally lets herself relax and feel safe. After everything else she's been through recently, encountering a decent human being on the Border who isn't scared of her and just wants to help her recover is a powerful scene in its own right.
  • The Mass Effect 2 Twitter Series, normally a hilarious fan made group made in a light hearted way took a serious turn when Niv'Aseef, who is completely fan made and notorious for hitting on Anything That Moves announced he'd return to the flotilla. Prior to him leaving he gets asked on his formspring account whether he wants to screw Tali, where he then responds with a beautiful paragraph and a half about how much he respects her as a friend and that although he initially had a crush on her, he now just wants her to be happy with Shepard.
  • Directive: You, a WALL-E fanfic. WALL-E's revival at the film's close seems to be imperfect, as he can remember some aspects of his term on the Axiom but not others. EVE - when she isn't helping the humans recolonize the Earth - takes it upon herself to restore his memory using her own databanks and revisiting various places on Earth, such as a delapidated building (which is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in itself). She eventually discovers that his directive - which is normally the same as his designation, "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class - has changed to her designation out of sheer love, and gladly reciprocates with a hug. * sniff* ...HAPPY BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH...
  • Pick a Jeeves and Wooster fanfic that has Bertie and Jeeves confessing their feelings for each other after a period of high tension between the two. ANY Jeeves and Wooster fanfic that has Bertie and Jeeves confessing their feelings for each other after a period of high tension between the two.
  • The Naruto fanfic "Chained to the Whirlpool" averages 2 per chapter. Which is odd for a bondage fic.
  • This National Treasure fic. Just all of it.
  • This Fic We That Are Young is a Fullmetal Alchemist fic that shows the lives and childhood of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye that is filled with crowning moments of awesome,heartwarming,and tearjerkers. There is one that takes the cake however. Riza is grieving the lost of a friend of the family,and her father who becomes a bigger jerkass with each of the later chapters and a semi Complete Monster by the end of itis shaking her and screaming at her to shut up. Roy finally gets fed up with it calls him out on his verbal and physical abuse. and eventually punches his alchemy teacher in the face.
  • Tiberium Wars has one in Chapter Seventeen, where Commander Karrde requests volunteers from the remnants of 4th Battalion's troops to do recon work for the armored assault on the White House. He expects most of the men to deride and hate him for how many of them were killed under his command. Instead, nearly the entire battalion volunteers, believing that without him in command, they would have been completely massacred. Their response moves the commander to tears.
  • Chacron's Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Heaven's Rejects becomes one long string of these in its middle segment, with military New Meat Rex Christensen being comforted by his friends and family after a massive Heroic BSOD, kindly Dr. Draftwood (a McCoy to end all Mc Coys and a character who is a spark of true Incorruptible Pure Pureness in a World Half Empty) being reunited with his long-lost wife and son, Sonic and Sally having their first child, and a beautiful Meaningful Funeral scene. However, the mood in the final third of the story becomes such a depressing Tear Jerker that it makes Neon Genesis Evangelion look upbeat.
  • In the Daria fan fiction series 'Legion of Lawndale Heroes', the scene in Chapter 12:2 when for the first time, Daria doesn't just read Jane's mine, but opens her own mind up to Jane so that they share memories. Particularly heartwarming is the part where Daria tells Jane that she's closer to her than she is to her own sister, and Jane reciprocates by telling Daria that not only does she consider her family, but a part of herself. The fact that the scene's totally devoid of Les Yay makes it even more touching.
  • This Rocky Horror fanfic titled "Size Matters Not" (Yes, a Rocky Horror Picture Show fanfic with a CMOH). Especially towards the end where Rocky hugs Frank N Furter who has grown fat from over-indulging in sweets.
  • In Enemy of My Enemy, sweet little Sarah Jennings manages to win the hearts of a Hunter pair, to the point where they'll disobey orders if they deem it necessary to protect her. After their deaths in battle, she makes a memorial out of their shields, and later writes a book about her time with them, "Mgalekgolo & Me: An Illustrated Fable".
  • Chapter 17 of this Nanoha fanfic is nothing BUT a moment of Heartwarming. Especially when Fate and Nanoha's children are born.
  • Big And Beautiful, a sequel-fic to Size Matters Not above, is another one-shot RHPS fanfic with a couple of CMOH moments. Frank's trip down memory lane as he remembers Rocky comforting him is certainly one of 'em.
    • Frank becoming fully confident in his appearance once again as he begins to head downstairs feeling that he's just as beautiful when he's fat as he is when he's scrawny.
  • Yakko teaching Dot to walk in the The Middle Warner Sibling's Animaniacs fic, called Family. Then there's "Yakko" being Dot's first word. Also, when the Warners finally access their Hammerspace. There are lot of other moments, but be prepared for a lot of Tear Jerker moments to go with them, particularly in the early chapters.
  • Not fanfiction per se, but this Fan Vid to "How Far We've Come" will make any Ouran High School Host Club fan smile. (Unless, perhaps, I didn't warn them about the major end-of-series spoilers.)
  • The Pokemon fic "Lullaby for a Stormy Night" is a rare fic that centers around the mother-son relationship between Ash and Delia. The story takes place when Ash is 6 during a rainstorm, which lil' Ash is afraid of. The story also has subtle allusions to Ash's past and is even a songfic--a well-written songfic, to be exact.
  • Stargate Atlantis - Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose, and how. John died protecting Atlantis, and Rodney is a professor on Earth, trying to build a new life and staying away from the military and SGC It's actually a very hopeful story about survival after the one you love has died and you've left your home and family behind, but dear lord it makes me cry like a baby every single time. "Every year, a few more flowers bloom." and "Five and a half years of loving someone, of being loved, as much as you can love in the city on the edge of forever, which is sometimes too much and sometimes not enough at all." "And I wish you could be here to see how happy I really am." * weeps*
  • Appositus Obscurum, a Super Mario fanfic by Ms Devin 92, holds many CMOA, CMOF, Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker. It also holds tons of CMOH. But this troper's favorite one is O'Chunks and Nastasia's first kiss. Especially if you take in account the fics Who are thou? and Centum by the same author. Put together, they make a very credible and beautiful evolution of her opinions and feelings towards him. She thought at first he was nothing but a stupid, incompetent klutz. Who are thou? shows her he's not stupid. Not very intelligent, but surely not a dumbass. Centum, that shows some scenes of the three minions' life after the game, show she begins to have some friendship and affection to him. Finally, the events of Appositus Obscurum make her realize he's not incompetent (he just had the bad luck to fight Mario and co, who were far stronger than him), which is summed up by this thought:

   Nastasia: Being the Count's right-hand woman, I was, well, always at his right side... I guess I never had the chance to look and see O'Chunks for the strong-hearted warrior he really is...

Then comes a scene where they talk and she tries to apologize, and realizes that after all they went through, his feelings for her became reciprocate. Then comez the kiss, and this simple, beautiful line:

  And then there was bliss...

  • Resolve, the Sequel to Timidity by Davner, we have this: When Keiichi, after hilarity had ensued, and he had been smacked in the head by Anteros, who obviously did something to him, we get the following scenee:

 Compelled by some unknown force, Keiichi suddenly reached out and embraced the goddess, pulling her close and kissing her full on the lips. Belldandy squeaked and closed her eyes, holding him tightly.

Lind: Did you do that?

Anteros: I don't know what you're...

Lind: You did.

    • Anteros tries to backpedal, but Lind lets it slide:

 Lind: How long will he do that?

Anteros: Just every time she walks in the room until the day he dies.

Lind: Their lips will chap.

Anteros: Not my problem.

    • After watching a few more moments:

 Lind: Will you do that for me?

Anteros: Every time you walk in the room until the day I die.

  • Destiny's Pawn a Knights of the Old Republic novelization has one from Canderous of all people. Having confronted Sherruk on Dantooine, Jagi on Tatooine, and a rogue Mandalorian clan on Kashyyyk, he realizes he has no family among the Mandalorians. He then silences the crew, marks them with the blood of the enemies they just fought, and ritually adopts all of them as his "clan."

 Canderous "No sisters sit at my clan-hold. I have no daughters to sing at my burial. I have no sons to train in the ways of the warrior. No brothers at my back. No elders to learn from. And no clan-chief to pay homage to."

Kairi- Revan: "I should be the one at your knees, Canderous. Your loyalty, courage, and honor are there for all to see. I hope to someday be worthy of the faith you - all of you - have placed in me. Rise and take your place at my side, brother in battle."

  • An beautiful one happens on this Halo fic Je Mourrais at chapter 15. Master Cheif and Cortana apparently ended up on the Ark after the end of Halo 3. Cortana has began to experience "rampancy", which makes her to feel actual emotions, and the UNSC fears that she will go nuts on them, and demand Cheif to hand her over, after they sent a fleet to the Ark. Chief refuse, and both of them is decleared as "traitors" and is hunted down by UNSC. Now Chief has found allies in form of some UNSC and Covenant holdouts, who helps him in the struggle. While he gives Cortana to some of them to take her away while himself and some others distract the UNSC, the recent battles has began to exhauste him mentally and emotionally, and he begins to feel that it's all his fault for the casualties that happens, and he can't deal with the thoughts of his allies' deaths - An P.O.W. Brute Chieftain, a Elite Major Domo and a Marine Medic on his 60-70s - on his conscience if things whould go bad, and so tells them to surrender to UNSC so that they whouldn't be executed for war crimes. Their responce: They refuse his wish and tells him that they reather stand, fight and die with him, and not with the "ONI Spooks". The Elite even makes one long speeche about his history within the Covenant, how he abandoned his brothers to death, how he was disgraced, how he was ashamed about himself and that he will never abandon a fellow brother again. The specche and the loyality from them - not for the Spartan or the "Demon", but for John "Son" and for the person he actually is - gives John, and the readers, some heartstings right to the core.
  • The Whisper of the Heart series by Saddletank. Just. Read it.
  • This Team Fortress 2 G-Mod video.
  • Chapter 7 of the Codename: Kids Next Door fan fiction Operation: Fragment where the tough-as-nails and deeply troubled teenage Wally Beatles goes monster hunting with his 8-years-old brother Joey to distract him from their parents' fighting downstairs.
  • In the ninth chapter of NKSCF's Breaking the Deal Spider-Man has entered Mephisto's realm to take back Mary Jane after she was stolen away from him by agents of Mephisto, who knew that Spider-Man had just found out about his role in selling away his marriage to save Aunt May, and that it has allowed Mephisto the chance to control the entire multiverse thanks to the power he gained from taking something so pure away from them. Assisting him had been Steve Rogers, Rom, Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom, and Elixir, who had all been hurt by Mephisto's minions while Spider-Man was savagely beaten by the Cancer-verse versions of Cyclops, Iron Man, and Giant-Man. Fearing that everything that he had done before then had been for nothing, Spider-Man almost gives up and closes his eyes, but right before Giant-Man can kill him, a familiar snikt! is heard and Spider-Man opens his eyes to see that he has been saved by Mr. Fantastic, Daredevil, the Human Torch, Iceman, Deadpool, and Wolverine. Wondering why anyone would save him after all he had done to cause harm to the multiverse, Spider-Man discovers that Dr. Strange has come as well, and the former Sorcerer Supreme invites him to stand up and see for himself who's there to help him out this time. Not only the ones who had come with him originally, but also every single person that he has ever assisted in any way in the past, including some of his worst foes. Emboldened by this turn of events, Spider-Man is given the opportunity to lead the gathered heroes and villains and delivers a line that he has never had the chance to say before:

 Spider-Man: "Avengers assemble!"

  • This series of fancomics for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya features all sorts of cutesy moments, WAF Fy moments, and raunchy, raunchy sex jokes. However, the true CMOH comes in the very last few. In a three-strip arc, Haruhi and Kyon ask each other what they like about them. While Kyon makes some semi-cute sex jokes that make Haruhi blush, Haruhi is unable to come up with an answer as to why she likes Kyon... until that night, after a session of lovemaking.

 Haruhi: ... I love your fingers. I love the feel of your body heat. I love the tender way you touch me. I love the weight of your body and the feel of your skin. The fact that you're never afraid to say what's on your mind, I love that too. But really, what I love most of all... is Kyon!

  • The riotously funny Official Fanfiction University of Middle-Earth by Camilla Sandman is generally a hilarious romp, but there is one surprisingly tender moment - in chapter 62, Lina's realization that love isn't a grand, sweeping fairytale, but "the simple realisation that she'd do anything for that smile."
  • The Team Fortress/Nana's Everyday Life crossover has Nana being saved by the RED team. Not only do they save her from the R&D complex and the alley, but they also killed the Administrator for trying to take her back to the complex.
    • You forgot to mention they were also prepared to sacrifice the intel in order to avoid a battle and keep Nana safe.
  • In the usually-hilarious Of Love and Bunnies, former Big Bad Karone is at the autograph table with the rest of the public-identity Power Rangers, and an old lady walks up to her and simply says "I forgive you". Karone, extremely apologetic and grateful, is brought close to tears and hugs her.
  • Total Drama Island fanfics carry many of these with them. Like in A Change Gwen and Heather are trapped in a cave and while they fight over things that they're done in the past Heather admits that she's sorry for betraying Lindsay and reading Gwen's diary. At first Gwen thinks she's lying and yells at Heather saying that the world hates her, and Heather breaks down and starts crying. After hearing Heather out Gwen tells her that if she apologized for her actions people can forgive her she can make friends. And then Gwen proved it can happen by forgiving Heather and becoming her first real friend.

 Heather:"Yeah right, like who would forgive me after everything I did!"

Gwen:"Well, are you sorry for reading my diary and kissing my boyfriend?"

Heather: "Yes, I'm sorry for embarrassing you and kissing Trent. And when I ripped your skirt off in front of the entire world."

Gwen:"I forgive you."

Heather:"So…we're friends?"

Gwen:"Yes." (Heather then hugs Gwen out of joy)

Heather:"Thanks Gwen!"

Gwen:"Are you o.k?"

Heather:"You're the first true friend I've ever had! It feels great!"

  • The Nanoha/RanmaOneHalf crossover Nanoha 1/2 gives a threefold Crowning Moment to Ranma near the end of the Nanoha Classic arc, when Precia claims the last of the Jewel Seeds and starts on her Motive Rant/Hannibal Lecture to Fate and the TSAB. Moments after she starts talking, Genma notices that Ranma has disappeared from the Asura's bridge just as Lindy's troops move in to aprehend Precia. Precia, naturally, nukes the Red Shirts and keeps ranting, only for Ranma to make his reappearance. The AWESOME is how he slipped off the bridge, through the teleporter, and into the Garden of Time, dodged an area of effect spell potent enough to put down several squads of TSAB Space Marines and then escaped Precia's notice as long as he did. The FUNNY was stealing the Jewel Seeds literally out from under Precia's nose ("Yoink!") and then running away with them, Miyazaki Nodoka-style. The HEARTWARMING was how this affected Fate, who snaps out of the Heroic BSOD she'd been going into and manages to crack a smile despite everything she'd been put through in the last two minutes.
  • The Mass Effect Self Insert Mass Vexations has a moment in which Art locks himself in his room in despair after not dying on Virmire. Tali ends up hacking the door open, and Art spills his entire real history to Tali, who listens (with some disbelief at first). One You Are Not Alone speech later, and Art ends up crying against her shoulder.
  • This moment between Rahne and Doug in Chapter 7 of Go West.

 "Tell me..." she started, then broke off. "Tell me... that everythin' is going t'be fine, and tha' we'll all be happy again. If you can believe it, I'll believe it too..." Tears gathered in her eyes, and slowly rolled down her cheeks. "Jus' tell me ye believe."

He took her in his arms and shushed her. "It's okay, Rahne, it's okay. Everything'll be fine, I promise."

Doug wanted so much to reassure her, but as before, he found that even his own sincerity was in doubt, and he hated himself for that. With her counting on him, how could he not believe? Sometimes it seemed like he needed to hope for all of them.

Thankfully, though, he was not alone.

  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender fic Guide Me Home is choc full of them. Pretty much the entirety of the last five chapters or so is one big CMOH. Some highlights include: absolutely everything about Hakoda and Ursa's love story, absolutely everything about Ran and Mila's love story, any time characters are reunited (especially Ursa and Zuko!), Ursa teaching Azula how to love and trust people, and Katara and Ursa talking by the turtleduck pond and Katara warming up to her after being really... Katara-like regarding Hakoda and Ursa's relationship. Awwwwww.
    • The scene when Hakoda and Ursa are reunited after Boiling Rock. The fact that he finds out everything and accepts her unconditionally made me cry happy tears. However, Ursa's reaction to hearing about Zuko made me bawl.
  • The Knights of the Old Republic Game Mod Brotherhood of Shadow pulls some beautiful ones with a side order of Tear Jerker. Perhaps the most beautiful one was Koybayshi's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight against Channa Mae's self-loathing. Anguished Declaration of Love mixed with Not So Different as he reveals that he was a failed Padawan who lost his Force connection with his master's death - just like Channa Mae was. The sheer amount of The Power of Love is enough to snap her out of the Brotherhoood's spell, and complete the last of her renunciation of the Dark Side.
  • After months of agonizing over how to reveal the secret of Sleepwalker to his family and friends, Rick Sheridan's finally ready to tell his family and friends the truth. Unfortunately, his life falls apart for a second time when he has a nervous breakdown after he learns that his parents were murdered by Psyko. Despite his having alienated them while trying to cope with Sleepwalker's presence in his mind, Rick's friends come to support him when he needs them most and help him put his life back on track.
  • Twofish, a Good Omens fanfic, is absolutely full of these.

  "Which was why it was so dangerous. Aziraphale could just as easily kicked over mailboxes and burnt down neighborhoods. He was, after all, The Enemy. But instead, every movement the angel made tasted like creme brulee or felt like a back rub or sounded like a violin concerto or spoke of other lovely things that are beyond human understanding."


 And now there's another presence, one so achingly familiar that she's drawing toward it before it even begins to 'speak.’ I love you, Alyx. More than I've ever loved anyone in my life. I can't go on without you. I don't want to go on without you. I'll do anything for you. Just come back to me. Please. The tendrils around her release their hold just long enough for her to draw close to him. Then they return, wrapping around and them both, taking the fibers of his being and threading them between hers. He's in her, and around her, and through her, the two of them woven into a fabric stronger than either of them could be alone. She thought she knew him before, through his speech and actions. What she called 'knowledge' before is nothing compared to this. His every thought, every memory, every secret desire and fleeting emotion--everything he is has been laid bare before her, and she before him, as they are twined together as one. She won't retain all of this when she returns to her body. She couldn't. It's too much for one vessel to hold. But they're going home, together, and that's what matters.

  • The final chapter of this Monster Rancher 4 Let's Play (which sort of straddles the boundary between that and Fanfic) has one for iScream, the Butt Monkey of the monster team throughout the entire playthrough. Sure, he carried his weight, usually, but he was typically mocked for his weirdness, surreal movements, and overall unnerving design. He gets reborn as a Zan, one of the slickest-looking monsters in the series. But the reason the First-Person Smartass provides for this? A killer:

  With three such powerful monsters, it would be easy to forget the importance of heart in a team--if only to keep them from ripping your head off. A Zan would seem an odd choice to provide that heart. Which is why iScream was a critical element in this fusion. As a Kagura, he will truly be the hero he always could be.

    • This also doubles as a Brick Joke (of a less jokey variety), since earlier, the main character wonders if it is possible to raise a strong Zan with kindness instead of cruelty.
  • In chapter 17 of the How To Train Your Dragon fanfic The Dragon Journals, which goes through the film from the perspectives of the dragons, has Toothless and Hiccup (called Fishbone by Toothless) sharing a deer that Toothless killed. It then gives us these couple of lines.

 He pawed my side and murmured his names for me. Ember-Hiss. Footfall. He was happy. I have never sired any young. But it made me feel strong and protective to see Fishbone eat and take strength from something I killed for him. It made me feel like an Alpha. There were embers in my heart. I love my Fishbone. He has saved me, and fed me, and shown me many amazing secrets. And he has brought me back to the sky. I will be his friend forever.


 AA: there

AA: i just made that em0tic0n smile

AA: and it didn't l00k stupid

  • The Soul Eater fanfic Drabbles On A Pudgy Meister has one where Liz finds a now rather-overweight Kid trying to cut out his own body fat as a desperate attempt to lose weight. She manages to pull the knife away from him, tends to his wounds, and hugs him tightly.

  "You look fine." she whispered as she wrapped her arms as best she could around him.

    • Also, when Liz, Kid, and Patti fall asleep on the couch with Liz resting her head on Kid's belly and Patti resting her head on Kid's chest. Aww.
    • The sequel fanfic More Pudgy Meister Drabbles also has a rather sweet moment where Lord Death finds Kid sound asleep after studying hard for a test. He then gently lifts up his own son and gently carries him to bed.

  "You've certainly grown quite a bit." Lord Death spoke in a somewhat joking yet loving tone as he tucked Kid into bed before turning out the lights and letting him rest.

  • I Hear Him Scream, a How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, has one of these when Toothless finally trusts Hiccup enough to call a truce with him. Amplified when you take in mind that Toothless was the one who turned Hiccup into a dragon and that Hiccup managed to forgive him and try several times beforehand to make amends despite being treated terribly the entire time. Even more amplified when you realize that they are touching in almost the same exact way as they did in the 'Forbidden Friendship' scene when they call the truce.
  • Test of Humanity, a Portal 2 fanfic about G La DOS turning Wheatley into a human For Science! has been full of these and Crowning Moments of Funny since about the middle, but this troper's favorite has to be the end of Chapter Seventeen. Four Words:


    • Wheatley confessing to Chell that he loves her is downright touching.

 "P-Please...Chell...Y-You have to believe me. I-I'm sorry...I'm sorry for everything I did." Wheatley cried, "I-I'm not...I'm not just saying that because what I did was horrible, and it was. B-But because...I...I...I love you."

    • At one point in the fic, Wheatley goes to see 2001ASpaceOdyssey with Chell and the roomates. However, seeing the scene with HAL causes Wheatley to leave the theater where Chell finds him sobbing in a bathroom and tells her that he saw himself when he watched HAL and how it reminded him of how evil he was back when he took over Aperture. Chell's reaction? She hugs him and lets him cry on her shoulder.
  • The Iron Man movieverse fanfic, 20 Questions. As the title suggests, Tony convinces Pepper to play 20 questions with him (although he only asks fifteen). His questions are mostly silly and humorous, until he gets to the final one. What does he ask? Will you marry me?
  • An Entry With a Bang brings us the moment where a mercenary company from a predominantly Muslim colony makes planetfall on Clancy-Earth... and sets eyes on Mecca, which in Battletech's backstory was obliterated in a nuclear attack. (For those not familiar with some of the teachings of Islam, there is literally no parallel to the spiritual significance of this city, not even Jerusalem or Bethlehem.) No matter your faith or lack thereof, their joy, relief and gratitude is deeply touching.
  • Chapter 25 of Soul Chess has Byakuya going for a walk with Hisana and watches the sunset with her. Afterwards, he asks her to marry him.
    • Also the beginning chapter, how Lelouch sees parallels in young!Matsumoto's behavior with Nunally, and his Big Brother Instinct naturally kicks in, such as letting her sleep with him after having a nightmare.
  • A little story of Love is pretty cutesy and half comic half pictures, making it seem kind of like a kids book but it is incredibly sweet and heartwarming. It's about kitten!Gokudera who wants to be have someone to love and to be loved in return but because he's afraid of being hurt he initially avoided others. When finally he gives his love to lion!Tsuna, Tsuna breaks his heart by telling him he can't return his love since he loves what seems to be a mouse!Kyouko. Gokudera is crushed and sees others couples around. Later he sits down somewhere to cry at which point puppy!Yamamoto shows up and tries to cheer him up. These lines alone are intensely sweet:

 "But....I only have...." the little kitten reached into his pocket, and pulled out the only bit of love he had left, "This is all I've got left."

"That's okay," the puppy smiled warmly, taking the kitten's love and pressing his own into the other's arms, "that makes this bit all that more special see?"

  • You'd never expect a story about Soviet soldiers in the Great Valley to be heartwarming, but it pulls it off with the Soviets' reactions to meeting the cast of Land Before Time.
  • In chapter 2 of Xanatos, Linda helps Near pack his things before leaving Wammy's House, and then hugs him and tells him she'll miss him. Doubles up as a bit of a Tear Jerker.
    • From the same fanfic, after Matt sees Linda freezing cold after taking a walk outside in the snow, he lets her borrow his coat. And then...

 Matt: Alright, now just follow me, okay?

Linda: I...can't. I can't feel my feet.

Matt: Fine then. I'll just carry you.

      • It could be said that most of chapter 3 consisted of this trope.
    • At the end of chapter 4 when Linda decides to come along with Matt.
  • The final chapter of the Silent Hill 2 fic There She Goes by Saint Sentiment is nothing but a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. It takes James's father falling ill to make him accept the platonic friendship of a now-teenaged Laura, and also of Henry and Eileen from Silent Hill 4. Who are expecting a baby, whom they name... Cynthia.
  • The Fate/stay night story Fate:Spiral Time has a lot, but has one that stands out the most; the dance Shirou and Artuia A reincarnated Saber with no memories as her life as King Arthur, but found out anyway share is nothing short but pure romance. What really clinches it is Artuia's inner monologue ( And if your face should haunt me to my grave, I will never regret having known you.) My beloved Shirou... and Rin's closing words " To a happy ending". The author even left the author notes for that chapter until the one after to hold onto the thought and give a toast.
  • The World Ends With You story, Know You Better has Shiki telling her best friend, Eri, of the Reaper's Game. Luckily for her, she believes her.
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