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  • Fletcher's proposal to Estelle.
  • After Steve and Myra survive a near-death experience, he realizes how much he really cares for her and decides to give up chasing Laura (for now, anyway) and let himself love Myra. He then gives her his Science Club Pin, and they kiss.
  • When Steve and Steffan both propose to Laura and she can't decide, Steve tells her he's moving to Russia with his parents so she can be with Stefan. This moves Laura so much she tells Steve right then and there that she wants to marry him.
  • Eddie letting Waldo know, in no uncertain terms, that they'll always be best pals no matter where they go after high school.
  • Waldo discovering that he is an excellent chef, and gives him a chance to be more than just the neighborhood idiot when he goes off to culinary school.
  • Waldo's defeated, repeated, "Aw, gee," when Maxine mistakes Eddie's messing around to mean that Waldo is too, and you see how broken up he is when he thinks the girl he loves hates him.
  • Eddie accidentally throws one of Laura's cherished dolls away, so Steve spends all of Christmas Eve looking for it at the dump. He finds it with the help of a dog.
  • Carl shows up for Steve at school when his own dad wouldn't, and Steve, in surprise, responds with "BIG GUY!" and glomps him.
  • Steve starts a drive to save a classmate of his who has leukemia, despite the fact that the guy is always bullying Steve. At the end, the classmate thanks Steve and offers to buy him lunch.
  • Laura dumping her snobby prom date when he demands she stop being friends with Steve.
  • When Carl learns Harriet is displeased by his lack of outward affection, he shouts his love for her through a megaphone so the whole neighborhood can hear. Harriet then announces Carl has to go to bed now, and drags him upstairs.
  • In the episode where Laura is nominated for Homecoming Queen, she really wants her crush to ask her to the dance and despairs of it ever happening. Steve finds out that the guy likes Laura back but is too afraid to ask her. Realizing how much this means to Laura, Steve encourages the boy to go for it, because he just wants Laura to be happy. When Laura realizes what he's done instead of his usual jealous shtick, she's so touched that when she's crowned Homecoming Queen she asks Steve to dance with her.
  • When Eddie tries to move out of the house after a fight with Carl, Harriet tells Eddie the story of how he was born in a snowstorm and Carl was delighted to meet his first child. This softens up both men, and they talk things out.
  • Estelle and Steve's friendship. She's one of the few people in the Winslow household who genuinely adores him and likes spending time with him, she even invites him to come to church with the family on Sundays.
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