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Think of the most dramatic, traumatic and tumultuous event in your life. Now completely disregard it, because it doesn't even compare to a large family gathering.

In fiction, the most life-changing events must happen at family gatherings. No family is immune, but especially not at a reunion or funeral. You can double the chance of chaos if the family happens to be black. If you are planning any sort of family gathering, you should always expect shocking revelations, death, divorce or even attempted murder. You can also expect a brief mention of a Noodle Incident, or it will become one (but only if there's a sequel). If this makes family gatherings sound dangerous, don't worry. There is always reconciliation in the end. And everyone comes out of it learning valuable lessons about life, love and the value of family.

Related to Picture Day and Dinner and a Show.

Tyler Perry is rather fond of this trope.

Examples of Family Disunion include:


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