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  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Chandler shoots you in the head in the intro.
      • Also a case of Promoted Fanboy since Matthew Perry was a very big fan of Fallout 3.
    • Veronica, as mentioned earlier is Penny.
    • Raul is Machete, and you better make sure the bad guy ain't you!
    • Arcade Gannon is Chuck.
    • Marcus is once again voiced by Michael Dorn.
    • Mr. House is voiced by Odo.
    • Caesar is Commissioner Rawls.
    • Wayne "Mr. Las Vegas" Newton is Mr. New Vegas.
    • Doc Mitchell is Colonel Tigh, or Armando Bailey.
    • Yosuke is a post-apocalyptic Roman.
      • And he apparently moonlights as a Powder Ganger, having won the only lottery that matters.
      • Grunting tells me he seems to be The Courier, as well.
      • Yuri plays a lot of unnamed characters in almost every group, and almost every named Scribe in the Brotherhood of Steel.
    • Lust is an NCR Lieutenant and at least judging by her grunts, might be the female Courier as well.
      • In Dead Money, she's also Vera Keyes and Christine.
    • Who's that schizophrenic cross-dressing nightkin on top of Black Mountain? It's Saren!
    • The ever-popular narrator is Ron Perlman.
    • Jason Marsden provides the voice for Boone. (Myron Took a Level In Badass!)
    • Dave Foley is Yes Man.
    • Duncan is a human doctor living among friendly Super Mutants.
      • He's also a crazy old man who got stung in the head a few too many times by radscorpions!
    • Gaara voiced many NPCs, including Pacer, Cachino, Major Knight and Jerry the Punk. Ever want to hear Akihiko do an Elvis impression? Well, here you go.
      • Also, if you really liked the sound of Akihiko's voice, stay pro-NCR, cause you'll be hearing him out of the mouths of almost every male NCR trooper you'll run into.
    • Wesley Crusher voices the Robobrains.
    • Travis Touchdown is credited, but doesn't seem to be anywhere. Same goes for Spike.
      • Spike plays one of the Vault 11 inhabitants and most likely other assorted voices.
      • Travis voices Deputy Beagle and the Super Mutants.
    • Chief Hanlon is Whistler.
    • Harbinger has assumed direct control of Joshua Graham.
    • Ulysses is Curtis Manning.
    • Dr. Venture is one of the Think Tanks, Dr. 0.
    • Reed Richards is a communist hating mad scientist/book chute.
    • Dean Domino is Sun Li The Glorious Strategist (or Pontius Pilate)
    • Roger Meyers Jr. is Big Sal.
    • Is that Captain Qwark playing Doctor Klein?
    • Dr Mobius is Liquid Snake.
    • Oh god, Bartz, what the hell did you do to Nipton?!
  • Jossed: The Epileptic Tree about Yes Man's "assertiveness" upgrade being meant to set him up as The Starscream. Word of God says that Yes Man was not foreshadowing a future betrayal. Quite the opposite, it was him being Genre Savvy and working to prevent himself from being turned against you in the next round of musical chairs.
  • Refitted for Sequel: The DLC is based around this. Originally it was going to be another partner named Ulysses, having been part of Caesar's Legion. He was removed from the main game, but was expanded to being hinted in the first DLC and then becoming a major character in Lonesome Road.
    • Fallout Van Buren was canceled, but some minor plot elements and Caesar's Legion was incorporated into New Vegas.
  • Shout-Out In Old World Blues, the Trauma Suit enemies look a lot like the Vashta Nerada. They even say "Hey, who turned out the lights?!"
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Romances were considered, but scrapped early on in development.
    • There were early plans to extend the game beyond the final battle, but the amount of variables (ie, programming a Mojave with the victory of four possible factions and numerous minor details) made it too complicated to program.
    • Ulysses, the antagonist of Lonesome Road, was originally intended to be a companion in the main game, but was cut due to time constraints. He would have been unique among the available companions as actually being sympathetic to the Legion and especially untrusting of the NCR. Much of that personality remains in his Lonesome Road appearance, but if he'd been in the main game as originally intended, there might've been motivation to actually work with the Legion. As it stands, you can earn a pair of Luck-boosting sunglasses...but you lose the loyalty of Craig Boone and Arcade Gannon, and you'll likely end up killing at least a few factions/settlements that you actually liked. Of course, Ulysses could be persuaded to reluctantly serve the bear or another cause and will tells you about the battle of Hoover Dam.
      • Similarly, Word of God also states that there were originally more Legion territories planned east of the Colorado River, but they were cut due to time constraints.
    • The image on House' monitor was originally this, but was changed due to making House look too Obviously Evil.

Arcade's Allusions

  • "Caesar can quote Cato to his purpose" is a paraphrase of a line from The Merchant of Venice: "The Devil can cite Scripture to his purpose." (Though Shakespeare is pithily reflecting much older wisdom.)
  • "Am I playing Vergil to your Dante?": The Divine Comedy, where Vergil serves as Dante's guide through Hell.
  • "Why don't you make like Odysseus and get lost?" The Odyssey, natch.
  • "Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni." is from Pharsalia by Lucan. Translated it is simply: "the winning cause pleased the gods, but the losing cause pleased Cato." Considering its context, it fits very well.


  The latest "Fallout" game takes place in this city after your character is left to die in a Mojave grave.

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