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  • Everytime there is a Flash Back involving Lisanna, you can prepare yourself to wipe some tears from your eyes, because it is either this or a slightly less depressing Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. The anime expands her role and only makes it worse.
    • Then her return and her explanation. Especially the reunion between with her real siblings.
  • Erza's funeral. It's All Just a Dream, but that doesn't make it any better. Just seeing everyone's reactions, especially Natsu being mad with rage, with Lucy and Gray trying to hold him back, really drives the point home.
  • Laxus' big sendoff during the Fantasia parade. Especially in the anime, thanks to the Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • Makarov's royal thrashing. Yes, he's old and we shouldn't be too surprised, but he's always been there, to the point that something of that magnitude happening to him just seems impossible. And that's not even counting how it happened.
  • "I won't let you die again."
  • Episode 68 from Jellal's arrest (and Erza's breakdown) to the revelation that Cait Shelter was nothing but an illusion.
    • "Bury your pain in the arms of your friends..."
      • The title of that chapter in the manga is one. A Guild For The Sake of a Single Person
  • Cana's backstory.
  • Simon's Heroic Sacrifice and death.
  • Almost all of chapter 241.
  • During the very end of episode 89 (Edolas Arc), where the Dragon Chain is launched into the island with Magnolia's lacryma, we have a shot at Happy's reaction: trembling, bursting into tears, and his voice breaking. His Seiyuu conveys really well his distress.
  • Chapter 251. When Cana finally tells Gildarts that she's his daughter. Gildarts has a flashback of all the times he saw Cana while she was growing up (coincidently, she always looks sad), and he has an absolutely heartbroken expression on his face when he realizes that this whole time, she was suffering because of him. What happens next also moves this moment into the Heartwarming section.
  • Chapter 252 has Makarov fighting off Acnologia and giving the others his final orders as their master to run to the ship for safety. The tearful looks on everyone's faces tells it all.
    • The fact that Laxus is the first one to understand his grandfather's action and take action to save the others really hits home. He really is a changed man. Even more heartbreaking is when Natsu looks at Laxus and he can see the older man's grief clear as day.
  • Chapter 253. The entire thing.
  • The next chapter shows us what happened to the Fairy Tail guild after the seven year timeskip.
  • You know how after Lucy saw the reunion between father and daughter at Tenrou island she began to think that she'd like to go see her own dad? Well, she's finally able to in chapter 256, only to find out he died one month earlier.
  • The entire chapter 257. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • To my beloved daughter, Happy Birthday, From Dad
      • "Lucy, I've always loved you."
  • Lucy's defeat against Flare Corona during chapter 272: Flare cheats, threatening the life of Asuka Connell in order to persuade Lucy to give up. Lucy let herself be harmed, and wants to surrender. Except that Flare won't let her surrender; she gags Lucy with her hair, and is ready to tattoo her guild's sigil onto Lucy's, all the while enjoying herself. Fortunately, Natsu overheard her threat, discovers Flare's hair, and severed it, allowing Lucy to counterattack. She then summons Gemini, and cast her most powerful spell along with her double: Urano Metria... But the spell is cancelled, obviously absorbed by a member of Raven Tail. Lucy, exhausted, fall onto the ground. Flare is declared the winner, and rejoices. The public mocks Fairy Tail. Lucy bursts into tears. After all of this, Fairy Tail members and the readers share the same feeling: they want to see Raven Tail lose hard and burn in hell!
    • The worst part about all this? This occurred on July 1; her birthday.
  • In chapter 281 Yukino is thrown out of her guild for losing.