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Let's face it, the entire series is made of these.

  • Everything about Ur.

 "With my two bright pupils growing day by day... Every day an adventure... That's all the happiness I need."

  • Episode 20 easily qualifies. We see a little more than in the manga the relationship that Natsu and Lisanna had when they were younger. It's also a little painful to watch when you know what finally happened to Lisanna.
    • The friendship of Natsu and Happy brings on the Heartwarming here too. Happy's origin story establishes that he made everyone in the guild happy (where he got his name), after the tension built between the guild members. After he and Natsu get into a falling-out, Natsu remembers that they're like family... and reconciles with Happy by bringing him a whole bunch of giant fish! Awwwwww.
  • The grand finale for the Tower of Heaven arc, Natsu carrying Erza on his arms after she thought of sacrificing herself to surpress the etherion power from going loose; doubles as a Ship Tease with Erza crying in his arms.

  "You don't die for your live for them."

  • The end of chapter 100 in the Fairy Tail manga where Erza is revealed to be alive, and for the first time sheds tears of joy.
  • Arguably, chapter 105, when Gazille, after being allowed to join Fairy Tail (invited by Jubia/Lluvia), is confronted by Jet and Droy of Shadow Gear, the team he attacked and practically crucified to a tree when he was with the rival guild Phantom. He acts arrogant, but takes all their hits while Levi (the one most affected by the attack) watches. Luxus, one of the S-class mages from Fairy Tail, arrives, and attacks Gazille in a rage about how people believe Fairy Tail to be weak. Still, Gazille takes the attacks, making Shadow Gear realize that he wasn't fighting back because he wanted to be recognized as True Companions by them and everyone else. As Luxus continues to beat on Gazille, the team tells him to stop, but he answers by attacking them with magic. The attack heads for Levi, only for Gazille to jump in front of it just in time. For someone who didn't seem to particularly care about anyone previously, this is quite the heartwarming moment.
  • This troper considers the entirety of Chapter 127, but especially the interaction between Natsu and Luxus, and Makarov's talk with Luxus, ending with Luxus's excommunication from Fairy Tail to be both this and a Tear Jerker. Especially the last two pages.
  • All of Fairy Tail's members doing Laxus's sign at the same time upon his departure is also smile-worthy.
  • Chapter 144, when Angel of the Oracion Seis commands Gemini to kill Lucy.

 Gemini: Lucy loves us from the bottom of her heart... Us Celestial Spirits...

  • Episode 76 is part tear jerker, part heartwarming.

   Natsu, lying in a river, staring up at the sky: Are you doing okay, Igneel? …Dad?

  • Chapter 177 Happy and Carla are given refuge after they rebel by an old exiled couple outside the city. They tell them they were exiled because they opposed an operation 100 years ago when their eggs were taken from them for a "Dragon extermination project". Happy and Carla leave the house without being told this, but it's quite clear that they are Happy's parents. Cue tears.
  • The end of the Edolas arc, when Natsu acts as the Big Bad in order to unite Edolas under Mystogan. Then he gives the three rules for anyone leaving Fairy Tail to Mystogan, and all of Fairy Tail and the Exceed being sucked into the sky back home.

 Natsu: You must never consider your own life to be of little value and you must never-

Mystogan: Forget about your friends, who loved you...

    • Basically, anytime somebody is given the farewell ceremony is this along with Tear Jerker.
  • Juvia intentionally sacrificing herself to get her and Cana out of Fried's enchantment, just to gain acceptance in the Fairy Tail guild. Cana tearfully insists that she was one of them all along. Doubles as Juvia's Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • After Mirajane's Crowning Moment of Awesome Curb Stomp Battle against Freed, a memory of Lisanna keeps her from killing him, she reverts back to normal and reminds him of all the friends he has in Fairy Tail, holding his hand as he cries and admits to never wanting to be a part of the battle.
  • After Lisanna returns to Earthland, the first thing she does is hug Natsu and explain everything that happened, from being stuck in Edolas to her tearful farewell to the Edo;as versions of Mirajane and Elfman, who knew all along that she wasn't their sister. She then goes to Caldia Cathedral, where she is reunited with her brother and sister as they are visiting her grave. Their faces of shock say it all, and the family is then brought together in a single hug.

 Mirajane: Welcome back.

  • Wendy, Chapter 167, after being reunited with Mystogan. Her Cry Cute makes it even more heartwarming.

 Wendy: You're the one from seven years ago... Jellal, back then... I've wanted to... see you again for such a long time.

  • In chapter 212, we find out that Makarov scouted Gajeel HIMSELF and we learn why he decided to let him join the guild. It's just the sort of thing you'd need to hear from a fatherly figure:
  • From the bonus chapter, when Lucy takes a look around Natsu and Happy's... house and sees his souvenir gallery from all the missions they've had together. Awwww.
  • A really nice one from the end of the Oracion Seis arc: Hot Eye's prayer was to meet his long lost brother again, who turns out to be Wally, Erza's childhood friend. When Erza tells Hot Eye that is brother is doing well, Hot Eye lets his tears out, and believes it is a miracle of the light side that he was able to find this out.
    • And later after the disappearance of Cait Shelter Erza comforts Wendy on her loss and invites her to Fairy Tail

 Erza: "Bury the pain of losing your loved ones... in the arms of your friends. Come with us, to Fairy Tail."

  • One of the omakes (animated as Episode 73) has Lucy out sick, causing her to miss the Magnolia sakura viewing. While in bed, she sees a beautiful multi-colored sakura tree, floating outside on the river. Turns out that Natsu and Happy did it to make Lucy feel better.
    • Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome since any girl would definitely fall head over heels for a guy who'd do something like that.
  • Episode 106: Mirajane shielding Lisanna from the time bomb she was trapped in and using her body to divert the explosion.

 Mirajane: I won't let you die again.

  • Chapter 224 Capricorn is revealed to actually be a benevolent spirit who was possessed by his master. After the battle, Loke asks if he'll lend her power. He replies no...and reveals that he's already given it to her.
  • Lucy refusing to run out on Natsu when he's trapped and she's clear out of magic. "I don't want to... run away by myself. Because no matter what, I want to be together with everyone."
  • Juvia finally defeated Meldy. How's she do that? Not by pure Yandere-rage fueled ass-kicking, but by overwhelms her by The Power of Love.

 "Although we may defeat our enemies, the mages of Fairy Tail would never take their lives!"

"Even you smile! Even you have someone important to you, too!"

"I live for the ones that I love! You've got to, too!! If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!!!"

  • Cana realizing how mistaken she was on just focusing on the test. She's now rushing to save her Nakama with the power of Fairy Glitter imparted to her by the first master of Fairy Tail. A power right up there with Fairy Law.
    • Which she doesn't know how to use anyway. Bringing up another Moment of Heartwarming where she's saved by Gildarts, who was revealed to be her father a few chapters ago. It's unclear whether or not he knows this.
  • The end of the Fairy Hills omake and OVA. Lucy is made to look around the women's dorms by the elderly matron, Hilda, in a Stripperific Catgirl costume. When she finally finds the treasure box, Erza tells her that Hilda has been dead for 6 years. When they open the box, it's full of jewels. Jewels that Hilda told Erza that she'd give to girl once she became an adult after seeing Erza pretend that she didn't need to accept one of the play jewels Hilda got for the children when she saw that there wasn't enough for all the girls. Lucy's monologue at the end clinches it.

  "People's feelings are connected. It transcends time, and it reaches your loved ones. I was able to feel that. And that's reward enough for me."

  • Chapter 241 As she fights with Gray, Ultear thinks about her past, about how Ur had abandoned her at a laboratory where she was subjected to numerous inhumane experiments, pushing her body and spirit to their utter limits. And when she finally escaped and made her way back to her mother, she saw that she had been replaced, which is what lead her to hate Ur as much as she does. This is why she joined with Hades, why she wants to create the great world of magic, and why she learned Arc of Time. With those two keys, Arc of Time, and the Great World of Magic, she could go back, back to when she and her mother lived in happiness. But when both she and Gray fall into the ocean, first a voice and then images begin to flow into her mind. Her mother, scared for her daughter's life due to excess magical power, begs the researchers to help her. Her mother, utterly broken when she's told her daughter is no longer living. It's that, and Gray telling her the one story Ur ever told her pupils about her daughter, that allows Ultear to realize just how mistaken she was about her mother, just how much Ur loved her.
  • Chapter 245 has this:

 Laxus: I'm no longer a member of Fairy Tail, but if something happened to the old man...I can still get angry about it, right?

Natsu: Of course you can!!!

  • Chapter 250: Meldy forgiving Ultear and stopping her from killing herself.
  • Chapter 251: Cana revealing to Gildarts that she's his daughter and his reaction is this and Tear Jerker at the exact same time.
    • As is Laxus checking to see if Lisanna was real. And patting her on her head.
      • Wendy is intrigued by Laxus but a bit afraid of talking to him. Erza then assures her that Laxus is not really a bad guy, just one difficult to understand. Coming from Erza, and remembering the last time they where face to face they where brutally fighting each other, This says a lot
  • Chapter 253: Three Words: "Let's Hold Hands".
  • Chapter 255: Romeo crying Tears of Joy and finally smiling after Natsu and the others return from Tenrou Island after seven years.

 Romeo: Welcome back, Natsu-nii! Everyone!

    • The chapter's cover page showing Alzack and Bisca's wedding.
  • The entire chapter 257. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker
    • To my beloved daughter, Happy Birthday, From Dad

  Lucy's father (through letter): Lucy, I've always loved you.

  • Chapter 259: Gildarts reinstating Laxus back into Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 262: Lucy's Celestial Spirits invited her and her friends to their realm to celebrate their homecoming
  • Chapter 263: The mages of Fairy Tail meet Jellal, Ultear and Meldy. It's just one panel, but Juvia and Meldy reunite and aw...just awww.
  • Chapter 267: Porlyusica taking care of Wendy and Carla after being attacked by Raven Tail.
    • Mavis cheering on with the rest of Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Tournament.
  • Both times Natsu stopped Gray from using Iced Shell. Particularly the second time, where Natsu stands in front of Gray as he's performing the spell, letting him know that if he wants to use that spell and kill himself, Natsu was going with him.

 Gray: Move, Natsu! Don't get in my way!

Natsu: I stopped you the first time because I didn't want you to die. Did you not get the message or something? If you wanna use that spell, go ahead.

Gray: Natsu...

  • Chapter 272: After Flare is declared the winner of the battle and Lucy getting jeered by the audience, Natsu helps a sobbing Lucy up and comforts her.

 Natsu: Don't cry, Lucy.

Lucy:'s so bitter...

Natsu: Let's save the tears for when we win. You were amazing! Thanks to you, we realized that we could fight in this world. Zero points? That makes things interesting, right? We'll turn the tide now.

Lucy: Yeah...I'm all fired up.

  • In chapter 273, Jellal states that, even if it's only temporary, nothing could make him happier than to be able to fight under the Fairy Tail name.
    • Ren, in his usual Tsundere way, telling his fiancée Sherry how much he loves her.
  • Chapter 276: Natsu's answer to why Fairy Tail entered the Grand Magic Games. It moved most of the other guild members to tears and even made some spectators finally cheer for them.

   Natsu: For seven years, they were always waiting for us. No matter how tough it was, no matter how sad, even if they were made fools of, they endured and endured and protected the guild. For our comrades, we'll show you. The proof that Fairy Tail has kept going! And that's why we'll keep moving forward!

  • Several in chapter 281. The first is Jellal being truly thankful that he and Erza can just speak normally to each other. A second is Erza and Milliana's reunion. The last one is Rogue comforting Frosch after the later started to doubt whether of not he could stay in the guild after Yukino was kicked out and Sting said she wasn't needed because she was weak.
  • Natsu gets one in Chapters 282-283 for storming into Sabertooth's grounds and challenging Jiemma to a fight after finding out what happened to Yukino.
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