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Post any Fairy Tail Crowning Moment of Funny here.

  • Natsu,Gray ,Happy and Erza are in Lucy's apartment(she isn't home at the moment) and start searching the place. Cue Natsu searching where Lucy keeps her underwear. The others are about to call pervert until they see (we don't unfortunately) a pair of Lucy's underwear that just shocks all of them.
  • Gajeel singing a ballad.
    • Gajeel looking for a cat.
    • Gajeel finding his cat or deciding mid-fight that Pantherlily should be his cat.
      • Gajeel now has Pantherlily in Earthland, and proceeded to hug him in complete and utter happiness. Looks like he got his cat after all.
  • Erza. Strawberry cakes and acting are Serious Business.
    • Also add her terrible singing, and her (what this troper perceives to be) stage fright!
    • And at her reaction whenever lingerie is involved.
    • Erza tries to pull people into Marshmallow Hell ... while wearing her breastplate. Ouch.
    • One moment in the anime when she's right in the middle of delivering a lecture, falls into a pit... then gets out and continues as if nothing had happened.
      • Natsu's reaction to it in the dub:

 Natsu: She screamed like a girl!

    • Occurred in the manga to, what really made the scene was her going 'kya!', a very un-Erza like reaction.
    • Happens again in the second OVA.
    • Any time when she shows that she's just as wacky as the rest of the guild. When the Stoic Badass randomly breaks into Lucy's home or goes along with one of the bizarre notions Natsu comes up with, it's downright hilarious.
      • And every time she does something odd, Happy just says "That's Erza for you."
  • The audio commentary for the dub reveals that Ian Sinclair voices Bora. Director Tyler Walker instructed him to make it sound like "a bad 'Evil J Michael Tatum' impression" and wonders if that will bite in him the butt sometime later. He winds up sounding like a mix of dub!James of Team Rocket and said actor!
  • Episode 31 gives us the pillow fight and Lucy's Slow Motion Fall.
    • And the aftermath with Natsu and Gray wrapped in bandages.
  • Natsu. Every time he's not serious is just so goddamn hilarious.
  • Wendy playing a demon.
    • What really sells it is the total lack of reaction until Gajeel appears behind her and grits his teeth, causing the guy to run away screaming.
      • Wendy quietly apologizing afterwards.
      • Heck, even Natsu Great Demon Lord Dragneel is freaking hilarious, if only because of his hammy introduction.
  • Episode 2 of the anime: After the tango from Carmen plays, the freaking CAN-CAN starts up while the guild members get into a brawl (and Gray loses his boxers to Natsu).
    • This line is even funnier in the dub. After Natsu steals his boxers...

 Gray: [to Lucy in a deadpan tone] Excuse me miss, could I please borrow your underwear?

  • After Natsu and Lucy meet Edolas!Lucy, Natsu suggests they do a mirror-mimicry skit, to Lucy's protests. The funny part comes a few chapters later when they meet Edolas!Natsu, and Lucy indulges in a rare moment of snark to suggest that he does the same thing.
  • Lucy Tempting Fate in the Edolas arc. The King couldn't possibly have an amusement park in his castle, could he? Adult Child Natsu was pleased.
  • Lucy failing to seduce anyone.
  • During the fight between Hughes and Natsu in the anime. Hughes is evil-laughing uncontrollably the whole time while Lucy struggles to free a nauseous Natsu from the rollercoaster, and in the end when it crash lands into the lake, it turns out that Hughes was laughing the whole time over the hilarious "Best Shot" of a terrified Lucy and motion-sick Natsu.
  • Juvia taking a comment from Gray the wrong way and assuming Lucy is her rival in love. One particular moment occurs after Juvia had to hide Gray inside her body (literally). Juvia gloats to Lucy:
  • Lucy thinks that Natsu looks cute when he's sleeping, and as she's looking at him and smiling, but he suddenly hits her right in the face with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. She goes through the roof of the guild and lands in the river outside. Again, while he's sleeping.
  • Lucy and Cana defeat Fried and Bickslow... With the power of Fan Service! The fact that Fried faked it doesn't make it any less funnier.
    • It's even funnier in the anime.
  • This troper personally loves the episode in the anime where everyone gets switched around. Sure, it's filler, but it's hilarious. Gray and Lucy switch, Loke and Natsu switch and Erza and Happy switch. It's not only hilarious, but it's a moment of awesome for the voice actors.
    • Anyone reminded of the body switch in Rave Master? especially Gray in Lucy's body a la Musica in Elie's. I haven't seen the episode but if it's anything like it's Rave counterpart, expect comic violence.
  • During S-Class Exam, Natsu questions a random monster after beating it. And it responds with Vocal Dissonance.
  • Mirajane causing a massive Face Fault.

 Makarov just finished informing Fairy Tail of the plan. About half a minute later:

Mirajane: "Welcome Back, Master." Everybody except Makarov face faults with Natsu and Happy doing a Head Desk.

  • Hoteye's Heel Face Turn in the anime.
  • After Angel's defeat in the anime she announces her prayer That she wants to disappear into the sky like an Angel the she falls into the water and complains.

  Angel: "I said sky not water."

    • Then later after Brain is informed of her defeat. He thinks she dead. Cue to her floating in the water
  • Virgo teasing Lucy about her relationship with Natsu in the anime. What really sells the scene is that she neither changes her facial expression or deadpan voice while delivering Happy's line

 Virgo:"He lllikes you.

    • And she did the same with Gray after he complemented her on her Stellar Spirit Dress and Juvia was there.

 Juvia:"Juvia is so frustrated."

Virgo:"He lllikes her (all three of gets hit with Color Failure)

Lucy::"Please don't roll your tongue"

  • Gildarts splitting Natsu into about 20 different mini bodies.
  • Episode 19, which has the entire cast doing a Freaky Friday Flip.
    • Erza and Happy swapping is particularly hilarious; it's hard to beat Happy being stoic and serious, while Erza turns into a total Genki Girl with Happy in charge of her body.
    • Also, Gray maintaining his stripping habit while in Lucy's body, prompting Lucy to freak out and stop him.
    • Gray talking and acting extremely feminine, since it's Lucy in his body.
      • The ending, where Levy trying to fix things gets everyone else swapped around. The characters also Break the Fourth Wall when the episode ends with none of this resolved.
    • The best part? THE VOICE ACTORS STAYED WITH THE BODIES!! Gray's voice with Lucy's lines?! PRICELESS!!
  • Episode 50 where Juvia's attempt to use a Love Potion on Gray instead gives a giant Conflict Ball to every member of the guild, prompting random declarations of rivalry. Some of them, like Macao and Wakaba or Mirajane deciding to start back up her rivalry with Erza, kind of make sense. Then you have Erza deciding that a pillar she has to walk around is her rival, while Makarov declares alcohol his rival, or Gray deciding at the end of the episode that the horizon is his rival and when it wears off he ends up at Galuna Island.
  • Episode 52 when Happy sees Carla he asks Lucy to gives her a fish and Lucy uses this chance as payback for the all the times he tries to ship her.

 Lucy:"You lllllllllike her!

Happy:"You're mimicking me! And you're rolling your tongue 3 times more."

  • Also in Episode 52, when after a long, extravagant introduction of the suave Pegasus Trimens, including a sing song, spotlighted introduction, a commercial break, several posed, flowery introductions, and Hibiki's Weekly Sorcerer fame, the camera cuts to an unglamorous shot of a moaning, nauseous Natsu and a naked Gray exclaiming that he forgot his clothes. Lucy sweatdrops and says "not a chance."
  • Lucy slamming Kain Hikaru's voodoo doll into the ground while it's linked to him after . This becomes a Crowning Moment of Awesome for her when you remember that she did without even a hit of violence. For the curious, the moment in question.
  • Natsu and Lucy's tag team. So Lucy's been voodoo'd and Natsu grabs the doll and plays puppet master with her when he's stuck under a pile of rocks. Their banter and the victory pose at the end are HILARIOUS!
    • To reiterate: Natsu is using the doll to punch and kick Kain Hikaru. Then Natsu gets the great idea to put Lucy on fire--but the fire won't hurt her--and then Happy is given the doll. Now Happy is going to give her speed by throwing her into the air, and then Lucy is covered in fire and delivers a kick while Natsu and Happy call the attack Lucy Fire. What makes it hilarious is how Lucy is reacting to the whole situation. Natsu's face was hilarious as well.
  • Juvia confessing to Gray only for him not to be there.
  • When it's not being fanservicey, much of the first Fairy Tail OVA is this.
    • The scene where Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel saw Master Makarov naked literally made this troper fall off her chair laughing.
  • Episode 81, Gajeel meeting Edolas Gajeel. All of their interactions are hilarious.
  • The second OVA is also hilarious, especially considering the Continuity Cavalcade of gags squeezed into 25 minutes.
    • Erza, Wendy and Lucy are walking down the street and Mystogan passes by. Mystogan goes around with his usual tattered cape over a school uniform with a pair of spraying devices in his hands, reciting Naruto's creed about getting the people of the world to truly understand one another and then randomly yelling out: "ANIMA!" It's so random it's funny.
  • Juvia chasing Meredy, but because the former hurt her leg in their fight, she's chasing her on all fours, creeping the latter out.

 Meredy: "Gaah, She looks so gross."

 Natsu: Battles of the giant monsters!? Is it the end of the world!?

    • Later Natsu and Wendy not noticing Gray came to rescue them and he gets temporarily Heroic BSOD.
  • In Episode 87, Lucy throws Natsu into the changing box and procceed to change his clothes like he did hers.
  • Chapter 242, we get to see Pantherlily being afraid of lightning. It's so damn adorable that it HURTS.
  • Chapter 244, after Wendy is rescued by Horologium, without her clothes, Gray begins to state the obvious, then Horologium replies with "KYAAAA--!! what she says".
    • Hades going nuts, full stop. From shouting "bang bang!" while using his fingers as guns to flailing everyone around so they would "dance with his magic", he managed to ham a moment of high tension into a hilarious scene.
      • He used to be a Fairy Tail mage. Of course he's wacky.
    • Pantherlily freaking out with Happy before Laxus makes Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Chapter 246, Why's the cat trio crawling in the pipes? Happy suggested it, FOR NO REASON!
    • In the anime After Lily accidentally bumps into Carla's butt. Happy gets mad and challenges him to a duel.
  • Chapter 247: Patherlily performs a Barehanded Blade Block on a mook and takes his sword. When he realizes it's a Morph Weapon that can get huge, the expression of glee on his face makes it very evident that yes, he is Gajeel's cat.
  • Chapter 249: Juvia, upset over letting Zeref get away, asks Gray to punish her. While on all fours and waving her ass in his direction.

 Gray: I... I don't have those kinds of hobbies!


  • In episode 95 of the anime, Erza freaks out after seeing Nichiya and punches him, saying he reminded her of a certain "someone".
  • Earlier Natsu defeating Toby without lifting a finger.

 Natsu: "Hey, I think have something on your forehead."

  • Lucy unconsciously grabbing Angelica while it flies away and she Lampshades it.

 Lucy: AAH, I grabbed onto it for some reason."

  • Also Natsu's reaction in the anime, to the Demonic appearance to the Galuna Island villagers.
  • Chapter 251: Cana finally tells Gildarts, that she is his daughter. He immediately starts summing up the countless number of women he has slept with in an attempt to find out who the mother is.
    • Not to mention Natsu and Happy's reaction.
    • Also, when Laxus starts checking to see if Lisanna is real.
      • And in the same page Natsu vs Makarov Instant Curb Stomp Battle with Gajeel, Gray and Elfman with WTF faces.
  • Jet and Droy's expressions when Gajeel volunteers to be Levy's exam partner.
  • Any one of Mest's random space outs - the frozen river one is particularly prominent:

  I wanna knoooooooow!


    • Wendy's reaction to Reedus drawing of the future of her.
    • Gildarts going all Doting Parent on Cana much to her annoyance.
    • Carla's reaction to Reedus' caricature of the Exceeds.
  • Chapter 259: Makarov officially announces his retirement with Gildarts as his successor, only for Mirajane to show up in his place, to everyone's confusion.
    • Gildarts' order to make Makarov the Sixth Guild Master. Makarov is not amused.
  • Zancrow mocking Natsu when he asks if Igneel is related to some random gecko he was holding.

 Natsu: Igneel is not a gecko!

 Lucy: Don't touch my ass!

  • The whole chapter 262 especially the ending when everyone realizes they just lost the three months they needed for training. With Erza, Natsu and Gray doing a Face Fault
  • Chapter 263 has everyone still suffering from Heroic BSOD after the end of the previous chapter.
  • In Chapter 264, we have Ultear and Meredy criticizing Jellal for telling Erza he has a fiancee.
    • At the end of the chapter, after Crime Sorcière takes their leave, Happy draws something in the sand and tells Erza to look at it. Turns out it's a broken heart. Then, she punts him into the night sky.
  • In Chapter 265, Gray and Lyon basically fighting over Juvia. Only for her to think he's choosing Lyon instead.
    • In page 15 of the chapter, we see in the background that the three of them eventually went to eat at a restaurant. Gray and Juvia don't seem to be enjoying it.
    • Erza's paranoia when she inspects the room because of the 12 o'clock curfew. Also, her playing cards alone at the end of the chapter.
  • In Chapter 266, Lucy imaging Wendy as a Delinquent.
    • Erza, Elfman, Gray and Natsu SlasherSmiles after finding out about the maps.
    • Erza's Dominatrix outfit
    • The smug looks on Gray and Natsu's face when they made it out of the Sky Labyrinth, and everyone's stunned reactions upon being told they barely made 8th place.
  • Funimation's dub gives us this line from Juvia:

 Juvia: Oh, the pain! How can fate be so cruel?! My heart feels like it's been shred to bits! It hurts! Oh, it hurts! She's not worthy of my prince... Lucy Heartfilia cannot be allowed to live!

  • In Chapter 267, Elfman thinking how the hell he was going to wear Wendy's clothes
    • Mavis joining the cheer section of Fairy Tail.
    • Eve thinking that Elfman is Grown Up!Wendy.

 Elfman: Are you an idiot?

  • In Chapter 268, Everyone's reaction to Fairy Tail's B Team
    • Earthland Jellal disguising himself as Mystogan.
      • Mavis approving of this plan.
  • In Chapter 269, Mavis while explaining the Grand Magic Games skips over the teams calling them not important.
    • Juvia glomping a Gray clone in the hidden part of the Grand Magic Games and it's mistaken as an attack causing her to lose a point. Gajeel and Laxus's expressions were priceless.
    • Natsu getting sick after looking at all of the Hidden clones.
  • In Chapter 270, Juvia's Dynamic Entry on Lyon[1]
    • Makarov saying that which Fairy Tail team loses has to do whatever the other Fairy Tail team orders them to and the Imagine Spots that followed.
  • Chapter 272, Gemini copied Lucy right after she took a bath. So Gemini Lucy shows up in a bath towel.
  • Chapter 273, Natsu informs Erza and Elfman that Lucy is taking a shower and he asks if they want to check on her. Elfman refuses, Natsu then innocently asks why, Beat he then tries to run only for Erza to catch him.
  • Episode 118: Pantherlily breaking a doorknob after panicking from all the thunder. He hides it behind his pants.
    • Kain's thinking that Lisanna, Cana and Levi have feelings for him and his Harem Seeker delusions end predictably.
    • Kawazu makes a wall out of eggs to parry Bickslow's attack, which fries the wall. Prompting Elfman to devour the whole thing.
  • Episode 119: After Happy finds the power source of the Grimoire Heart ship:

 Happy: You just bumped into Carla's butt with a "pomp"...Lily, isn't that so?!! *cue Dramatic Thunder*

Pantherlily: Are you actually complaining about that?! Is this really the time?

Happy: It's very important to me! When we get back, we're having a duel! *cue Dramatic Thunder again*

  • Episode 120, Erza in her Naughty Nurse Outfit. Gajeel, Gray, and Natsu think she's crazy... while cutting in front of the line along with every other male. Erza then ties up Gray and Gajeel with bandages violently. Juvia and Levy were not amused while Wendy developed A-Cup Angst.
    • Lisanna tying up Natsu's hair in Girlish Pigtails. He doesn't even notice.
    • Laxus silently giving his approval towards Elfman and Evergreen's "relationship". Much to Elfman's dismay.
    • Capricorn telling Lucy that she should go on a diet because she was too heavy.
  • Third OVA: Present!Natsu, disguised beyond recognition and beaten to a pulp in his fight with Present!Gray, turns out to be the maniac who "gave him his scar".

 Past!Natsu: Ahhh!!! A monster!!!

Present!Natsu: How can you call yourself a monster?!

Past!Natsu: I don't know what you're talking about!

  • Chapter 274: People mention how awesome Jura is, Mavis is not amused. Turns out she has to go to the bathroom much to everyone's shock.
    • Ultear using Meredy's magic in order to stop Jellal from exposing himself. Also, everyone's reaction when he loses and Mavis is still not amused. Then there's Jellal's walk of shame.

 Jellal: "I have no words to respond with."

  • Chapter 275: Mavis is still upset over Jellal's loss in the last chapter.

 Mavis: "And you said he was strong..."

    • Juvia's two-page fantasy of Gray/Lucy. The two of them saw the whole thing.
    • Fried's reaction to Gajeel patting Laxus on the head

 Fried: What are you doing to Laxus!!! Our pride is being trampled on! Raijinshuu... ASSSEMBLE!!!

      • Cue to Ever and Bickslow out cold after Cana beat them in a drinking contest.
  • Episode 122: Bickslow and Fried see something that weirds them out and asks Gray what he's sitting on. He didn't notice that Juvia was acting as his chair.
  • The reveal that most (if not all) Dragon Slayers are just as bad with transportation as Natsu is. While it's definitively proven with Sting and Gajeel, Rogue notices that it's not just him and Sting that suffer from it, and Laxus?

  Laxus: Don't say a word to anyone else...

    • Gajeel's reaction is priceless

  Gajeel: "It... It can't be... I'm fine with transportation... Was fine..."

    • And the initial expression from Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 277: Sabertooth is currently in second place.

  Frosch: It's all Sting's fault!

    • Toby's secret? He's been looking for his missing sock for three months. The same "missing" sock he's been wearing on as a necklace the entire time.
      • Also Kurohebi's reaction to it... before his jerkass moment.
  • Episode 124: Alzack shows Lily, Gajeel and Wendy a picture of his daughter. Lily comments that she is small and cute like [2]. Gajeel is too late to warn Lily. Cue Wendy running in tears. Much to Lily's bewilderment, and Gajeel is facepalming in the background.
  • Episode 125: Erza aka the Dancing Demon[3], Everything Is Better With Spinning, NOT!!!
  • Episode 126: The Jiggle Butt Gang appears.
    • Lucy, Happy, Carla and Plue's reaction to their fart attacks.
  • Chapter 279: Bickslow suggests that Evergreen shares a bed with the injured Elfman, much to their dismay.
    • The reactions to the Mirajane vs Jenny swimsuit contest, especially Carla's.
  • Episode 127: The whole guild painting on Invisible!Lucy's face.
    • Erza being hit in the back of the head with a stool, a barrel and a chair. Before turning around and getting hit in the face with a table.
  • Just try to read the bottom three panels without snickering.
  • Everyone's reaction to Erza's statement to take on all 100 creatures in Pademonium in Chapter 284 is memorable.
  • Cana winning the Power Levels challenge with the use of Fairy Glitter, loaned to her from Mavis, and even breaking the scale. Even Nanoha wouldn't abuse her friendship-making arsenal for something as ridiculous as a game.
    • Mavis REALLY wants to win.
    • In the same game, Hibiki's much hyped performance count as one.
  • Episode 137, Sugerboy falls for Grey. Also Juvia having to deal with unwanted affections.


  1. Right before she lands on him. He comments on how he can see her panties.
  2. who's still sad at the fact that Reedus believe that she won't gain any assets.
  3. Anyone who dances with her gets sick to their stomach
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