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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the Phantom Lord's Arc, it is finally revealed that Mirajane is an S-Class Wizard. But in the Galuna Island Arc a few chapters before, Mirajane can be seen descending from the second floor- which is restricted to anyone but S-Class Wizards
  • After Etherion strikes the Tower of Heaven, Jellal and Erza are bombarded by howling wind. But when Siegrain comes to join them, the wind doesn't touch him and he remains immaculate. Being nothing more than a thought projection of Jellal's the entire time, he never had a tangible body to begin with, so why would it?
  • Cobra's poisonous snakes seem pretty silly next to the rest of the Oración Seis' powers, or just about anyone's in the series for that matter -- but he probably chose to raise them in the first place more for the sake of always having an external fuel source for his Dragon Slayer magic than in hopes that they would do any good in a fight.
  • Edolas!Mirajane acts exactly the same way are Earthland!Mirajane, it seems to be for comedic effect until you realize the reason Earthland!Mira had a 180 personality change was because Lisanna died. Guess who's still alive in Edolas? Earthland!Lisanna.
  • Subversion from the Edolas arc. It makes perfect sense for the two Erzas to have different surnames, because Erza Scarlet got her name when she couldn't remember it and Jellal just named the color of her hair. But she's the only one who should have a different surname, and they all do for some unexplained reason.
  • In the Edolas arc, it actually foreshadows that the whole plot to capture the dragonslayers was a sham, the whole time. Gajeel doesn't have a cat, which means that Wendy and Natsu really did stumble over the eggs by accident. If the Exceed really wanted to get all the dragonslayers, then Gajeel would of been forced one instead of having to look for one.
  • In-universe example. Laxus's whole takeover attempt was just a teenage temper tantrum fueled by fear that he was seen as nothing more than the master's grandson. Makarov throwing him out was publicly forcing him to take his own unique path.
  • Gajeel's secret technique is name Karma Demon Iron God Sword.
  • Everyone's wondering how non-S-class wizards (Natsu, Gray, Elfman) all managed to score victories against Element 4. In general it seems like Fairy Tail has a lot of mages who would make S-class somewhere else, but for some reason aren't here. Remember that being S-class means that they can go on far more dangerous missions, and the last thing Makarov wants is to see his guild members get injured or die, so his standards for S-class qualification are probably much higher than other guildmasters.
    • Is also because being an S-Level Wizard means much more than being strong: Natsu, Grey and Elfman may be very strong, but they lack the maturity and wisdom required for the job.
  • Also when Gildarts returns to the guild, Cana, his daughter is nowhere to be found.
  • Massive example from the Fighting Festival Arc: not one Fairy Tail member makes any significant victory against Laxus while acting alone.
    • Freed curbstomps Alzack, who was essentially a renegade at the time, but loses to Mirajane when she's fighting to save Elfman.
    • Bickslow takes out Gray and a number of other wizards. It takes Loke summoning himself to win, and he wouldn't have been able to do it without Lucy's help.
    • Evergreen takes out Elfman, but loses to Erza. Yes, she lost in a one-on-one fight, but Erza was specifically gunning for Evergreen because she knew from what Makarov had said that the stone spell would be reversed.
    • Bisca tries shooting one of the thunder lacrima and nearly gets killed. Even Erza couldn't do it alone. It took the whole damn guild to bring down the Thunder Palace.
    • Mystogan runs off when Laxus destroys his mask. When Natsu steps up to fight, it's obvious his life is in peril. He'd have died on two separate occasions if not for Gajeel's help.
  • In the Tenrou Island arc, why was Gildarts placed in route e for the first test? to make sure no one accidently stumbles upon Mavis' grave before the second exam!
  • When it was revealed that Fairy Tail brought in another team in the Grand Magic Tournament, Lucy was confused as to why Laxus was with them (among other things). Makes sense since she wasn't there when he was reinstated back by Gildarts.
  • Rogue and Sting are clearly shocked, moreso than Rufus and Orga, when they see Natsu curbstomping their guild. But remember that they haven't actually seen Natsu fight and they based their opinion of his strength on his failure to kill Acnologia, even though neither of them have seen the dragon in action. They underestimated him and they realized it. Sabertooth's "strongest five mages" probably aren't as powerful compared to Fairy Tail's mages as they thought they were.

Fridge Horror

  • Internet episode 9 of the Fairy Tail anime, we have a filler episode. They come upon a bunch of monsters at about the halfway point, and proceed to eat them. Later on, they break a spell and turn the monsters back into people. Yes. The monsters, that they ate, were people. In a comedy episode.
    • The characters have a moment of horror about this in the actual episode.
  • During the Edoras arc, the vast majority of the guild as well as the wizard population of Magnolia town are fused into a giant mass of Lacrima crystal, so that the Edolas Kingdom can harvest all their magic for their own needs.
  • Right after the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, we see Ivan turning a crow into a shikigami doll paper with his magic. Earlier he's seen talking to Gajeel with a human-shaped puppet. Do the math...
  • Alzack being disappointed for not being qualified for the S-Class Exam. Considering what happened: Acnologia nuking Tenrou Island, it was a good thing.
  • The fact that Flare was able to take Asuka hostage during her match should tell you how safe the rest of the audience in the Grand Magic Games actually are.
  • That egg Happy came out of was large enough to hold him as an adult, and his mom isn't any larger. Exceed pregnancy/egg laying must be the single worst experience in the multiverse.
    • That, or Exceed eggs somehow grow in size after being laid.
  • The Fairy Tale guild is known for causing massive amounts of property damage and destruction. It is really hard to believe that in spite of all the damage and destruction that guild caused over the years that not a single innocent civilian has even gotten hurt or killed because of it!
    • To be fair, that reputation is 1) largely overstated, and 2) almost entirely Natsu.
  • Chapter 281. Gemma berates the hell out of the entire guild for a mere setback and expels Yukino. Based on the behavior of the guild members, it seems it wasn't the first time they experienced witnessing someone being psychologically torn down by Gemma for even the slightest disappointment. Picture how short-lived the membership is even for talented wizards in that guild and how tense things are on a daily basis knowing one screw up can wreck their career.
  • The dragon slayers' noses. Say you go stab someone. They'll smell blood on you. Broke down and started pigging out on food you swore off of for a diet? They smell it. Some girl is trying to keep a pregnancy secret? They can smell that. You have an affair while your wife is out of town? Better wash up real good or they'll smell what you just did.
  • Kagura wants to kill Jellal. Assuming that Kagura is around 19-20 or even early twenties- she was at least 12 years old when the Tenrou team disappeared. Imagine what could have happened in that time.
    • If she has the same reason as everyone else-having been enslaved-then that means she would have been 4 or 5 at the tower, and Erza implies that they were all kept there for some time before the revolt as well.
  • When Meredy threatened Gray's life and Juvia heard that, that was clearly nightmare fuel. Now think of this: In the Fairy Tail OVA Fairy Hills she has a gray doll in her room.......imagine how scary Juvia would be she if saw her GRAY DOLL ripped...yeah. And if you really think about it the whole Fairy Hills OVA is actually a fridge horror action speak louder  than words if really think about how much she loves her  gray doll her WRAITH WOULD BE MUCH WORSE SHE WOULD SHOW NO MERCY LEADING TO DISPROPORTIONATE RETRIBUTION  SHE WOULDNT forget it it would be a death sentence. god knows how scary Juvia would be. She's. not on Nightmare. Fuel page for the valentines day episode also counts as fridge horror she has tons of gray dolls if they were damaged be honest. in a way she fits the dreaded trope  she's a walking fridge horror also it would be a idea to say her doll is stupid
  • Think about it , Remember how scared Erza was when she saw Juvias scary side?......imagine if the Fairy Tail  Guild members saw her scary side.......It's  clear that if they were to say whose the scariest  it would have to be Juvia not Erza. Juvias wraith is WORSE than Erzas wraith ,Erza might be scared of her cause of this its clear Erza wouldn't mess with her.
  • Also, think about it Juvia may aloof but like the comment above she still has her dark side.
  • I just had a thought about Edolas Juvia during Earthland Juvias encounter with Meredy it makes sense that. since there the same. person theres a high possibility that Edolas Juvia has Earthland Juvias   dark side … yeah
  • Sure, Juvias obessession of Gray  is played for laughs until you realize how creepy it is.
  • Juvia tends to stalk Gray right? everywhere he goes imagine if she knew where he lives.
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