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  • Mirajane, the good-natured Team Mom Proper Lady breaking her Power Limiter, defeating Fried in a Curb Stomp Battle, saving her younger brother's life, and revealing to all of us why she used to be called 'Demon.'
  • Mystogan revealing that he has defeated every subdivision of Phantom Lord by himself before gathering up all of Makarov's magic to heal him.
  • What about Natsu and Gajeel teaming up to take on Laxus? "I thought there was only room for one dragon in the sky?" "Maybe so. But with all this damn thunder around, the sky ain't fit for flying."
  • "I'll believe in the man that Erza believes in."
    • This last one is hilarious, considering that in the anime, Simon and Natsu have the same voice actor.
    • For anyone who cares, the above link is fraudulent. If you can somehow replace this link with one that works, please do so. You can remove this post whenever the link works.
  • Charle straight up bluffing to Edolas!Erza that she is the princess of Extalia and telling her that she should prostrate herself before her. It didn't work in the long run, but the unmitigated gall needed to do this from someone who was BSOD'ing a few chapters prior is impressive.
  • Juvia gets one when she sacrifices herself so that Cana can get the opportunity to take out Fried herself instead of fighting against each other in the trap, just to prove that Juvia truly loves all of Fairy Tail. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Lucy gets several in her fight against Angel. First, she goes into the fight fully knowing that this same person outsmarted and defeated Hibiki and Natsu, and even Jura, which she did not know about, and even despite several warnings that nobody should go up against one of the Oración Seis alone. She continues to fight even when Angel displays an ability to control her Stellar Spirits, and that, yes, she is perfectly willing to die if she can let any Stellar Spirit be happy. And finally, with help from Hibiki, she unleashes a top-level Stellar Spirit Mage spell, Urano Metria, and utterly decimates Angel. Pretty good for The Chick, and weakest member of her team (besides Happy).
    • How about using The Power of Friendship to get the Stellar Spirit King to ignore a law that for all we know has existed since the dawn of time.
    • Even earlier, Lucy gets one when Gajeel is brutally beating her, and even throwing knives at her pinned down body, narrowly missing her every time. She stares him down and gives a Badass Boast, telling him that he can kill her if he wants. But if he does, Fairy Tail would shadow him and make him live in fear for the rest of his life.
    • After Fairy Tail defeats Phantom Lord, Lucy decides to return she can tell her father where to stick it. The reason the Phantom arc happened to begin with was because he hired Phantom to bring her back she could take part in an Arranged Marriage.
    • Lucy kicks more ass in Chapter 184 in her fight against Byro. After being evenly matched against his "Liquid Magic" (how incredibly wholesome), he goes One-Winged Angel with a side of Combat Tentacles. Since she had all but depleted her magic reserves, she knew using magic was out. Thankfully, Virgo hadn't left for the Stellar Spirit World, she gave Lucy a gift from the Eridanus constellation: a whip. After fiddling around with it for a second, she succeeds in tying ALL of Byro's tentacles together and slamming him into a wall, simultaneously destroying it and winning Coco's allegiance. The awesomeness is then compounded by Natsu slamming Hughes into the OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL.
    • This whole list and not one mention of Lucy taking down like a hundred men by herself.
  • It's not hard to find them for Erza, since everything she does is awesome, but she does get a particularly good one in her fight against Ikaruga, where, for the first time, she fights without any armor at all, against somebody with Implausible Fencing Powers, and wins.
    • One could argue that the Phantom arc was even more awesome for Erza. Taking the Bullet is cool. Taking The Wave Motion Gun shot, stomping one of the strongest mage of the other guild and fighting the Master of this guild (which is on par with Makarov) is cooler.
      • Said stomping was against someone(Aria) who was curb-stomping Natsu. And she beat him in one blow, while he was at full-strength. Natsu, you have a long way to go.
    • In the Laxus Arc, Erza ends up chasing/following Evergreen into a building of some kind, with Evergreen tossing an impossible number of needles at her. Erza doges ALL of them; and after Evergreen DOUBLES the number of needles, Erza simply Ex-equips two swords, that she wields with her feet and then deflects the ones she doesn't just outright dodge. She then pins Evergreen to the wall with those two swords, which she threw with her feet. After they exchange some words, Erza tells Evergreen that if she releases everyone she petrified, she'll let her live and won't harm her. Evergreen threatens to turn all those petrified to dust unless Erza strips and lays on the ground for her. It looks like Erza gave in and she Ex-equips into this. On the next page, the first three panels on the top show Evergreen slowly realizing that she is completely FUCKED anyway or another; she screams in pain, leaving the reader to think that Erza turned her into a human pin cushion. Erza pulled off the ultimate bluff. All she did was punch Evergreen square in the face. Basically, the whole chapter was an extended Crowning Moment of Awesome for Erza.
  • Also, don't forget Erza's taking down of the two HUNDRED lightning lacrima, which would shock anyone who destroyed them.
  • Makarov's fight against Jose at the end of the Phantom Arc of the anime, which really, really shows that he's the most powerful character in the series. Special mention goes to the unraveling of Fairy Law, a spell that destroys everything... Everything that the caster considers an enemy, and only that. This is pure, distilled awesome.
  • Natsu has several more crowning moments: During the Phantom Lord arc, Gajeel was already established as the most powerful member of that guild. He lives up to that name by taking out Elfman. What does Natsu do? Pummels him across the FACE! "I'm the Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail!" He does a big damn heroes moment too, saving Lucy from Gajeel's dagger and pummeling him a second time. In fact, that whole battle could be considered awesome considering how everyone fears Gajeel except for the really strong mages.
    • Another one is during his fight with Jellal. Natsu eats Etherion and starts choking. Both Jellal and Erza think he's crazy for doing such a thing...and then he curbstomps him.
      • What happened after that in the arc's closure, easily tops all his previous moments. Natsu is carrying Erza in his arms after she tried to sacrifice herself. First he absorbed massive quantities of Etherion in her place; he was badly injured before that and he still goes around as badass as ever with Erza in his arms and the Etherion suppressed inside him. This event doubles as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and triples with Ship Tease all by Erza crying on his chest.
  • Gray has one during the Tower of Paradise. Fukurou the owl man defeats Natsu and Gray has to take over...and pwns the owl. It's nice because Natsu and Erza have always overshadowed the rest of the team, and Gray shows that he's just as capable and powerful, if not more powerful. It's also notable because he's the only one of the three that doesn't have an epithet.
    • This one's notable: this same guy took out Natsu.
    • We could also add that, to beat that guy, he froze his fire.
    • The Galuna Island Arc, which mostly focuses on Gray, has another one. Initially, Gray was fearful and as a result lost to Lyon easily. However, in their second fight, He tries to convince Lyon. He gets stabbed. Naturally, he's pissed and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of his senior, saying he's tired of trying to convince him.
  • Virgo, a Cloudcuckoolander Meido Summon Magic, gets one when she displays that she can also be an Action Girl, when she punches Byro in the face and then spikes him into a hole in the ground.
    • Further exemplified with her Dynamic Entry from doing so, and then when you take notice of her foresight and consideration for Lucy's safety by giving her the above mentioned whip.
  • Natsu and Lucy defeating Hughes and Byro at the exact same time.
  • Gray attempts to destroy the key that will kill his friends. When informed that said key can also save them, he destroys it anyways... then makes a new one out of ice that only he can use.
  • "I'm gonna make you my cat."
  • King Faust is completely pissed off that our heroes are meddling with his plans and so launches off on Doruma Animu, a magic fueled mechanical dragon with magic resistant armor. No attacks can pierce Faust's defense and the situation looks grim... That is, until Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy stand up to fight him as Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers. I think the right expression here is "Time to open a can!".
    • Wendy helping Natsu and Gajeel in the fight against King Faust, proving that she's a Badass Adorable on top of The Medic.
    • The way the battle ends, full fucking stop. Gajeel holds Doruma Animu in place while Natsu uses the propulsion and rotation of Wendy's roar, mixing the gale with his own flames. The result is an attack so fast and strong that he blasts through Doruma-Animu's chest, grabbing Faust and bursting from the other side with him.
      • Arguably, it is very reminiscent of Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill Breaker. Gajeel pins Doroma Animu down (like the boomerang shades' function), while Natsu becomes the drill with Wendy's Sky Dragon Roar. Again, made more awesome considering Natsu and Simon share the same seiyuu.
  • The entire Edolas Fairy Tail pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Lucy, Gray, Happy, Charle and Coco from the Edolas Magic Army.

 Edolas Lucy: Sorry for being late.

  • Erza Scarlet succeeding in talking down Erza Knightwalker.
      • This needs to be elaborated on. Since Erza's first appearance in the Edolas arc, she's been fighting her alternate self, Erza Knightwalker. Without a doubt, this was Erza's longest and hardest fight yet, fought in two parts with a rematch. She even had to use her absolute strongest armor, which she never showed in battle before. After both she and her opponent had no magic left, they were reduced to fighting with Good Old Fisticuffs while falling down hundreds of feet, and then crashing to the ground. Not only that, but her opponent's weapon had the same exact powers as Haru Glory's from Rave Master, a manga by the same author, possibly symbolizing that now Fairy Tail wins out over his previous work.
    • Also, points to Edolas!Erza for showing some Villainous Valor and for thinking of others in her own twisted way by having reasons other than just outright sociopathy to keep fighting. Flimsy reasons no doubt, but it's nice to know she's not motivated by just sadism.
  • The anime gives one to Lucy when Gray is trying to get the members of the guild to take out Laxus' lightning lacrima. After hours of fighting each other, it seems they are still holding grudges and time is running out. Lucy single-handedly quiets them all with a speech about how the Fairy Tail members are unstoppable when they're working together and rouses them into action. When did Lucy become The Heart?
  • In chapter 206, Gildarts does the one thing that no other hero/villain has done: he made Natsu fall to his knees through sheer force of magical power, and admit defeat. He truly deserves the title Fairy Tail's Strongest Mage.
  • Levy actually manages to save Gajeel's life in chapter 211. And she does it again even while leaving to inform everyone else about Grimoire Heart.
  • Gajeel's You Shall Not Pass moment in 211. Made funny when he points out the Irony of the situation.
  • Chapter 212. Gajeel gets his arm impaled from hand to shoulder by a sword. He gives a great Slasher Smile, clenches his fist, flexes his elbow, and breaks the sword. He then counter-attacks and beats his opponent. Made of Iron, indeed.
  • Natsu settling Mystogan and Pantherlily's argument over who does the Zero-Approval Gambit.
  • In the latest chapter Natsu squares off against Grimore Heart's Fire GOD Slayer and gets owned. Eventually being blasted back to where Makarov is laying after having been beaten. Makarov tells Natsu to run as the God Slayer approaches and Natsu starts shaking with fear just like when he fought Gildartz earlier. However when the God Slayer starts taunting him he reveals the only thing he's scared of right now: THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS GONNA TAKE DOWN THE GUY WHO HURT MAKAROV!
    • Hi, I'm Natsu. I'll just be eating the fire that is specifically stated to be impossible for me to eat, and then I'm going to kick your ass with it. And my own. At the same time.
  • I think a minor but very overlooked CMoA is Loke being in the Human World. 10 days was supposed to be absolute torture for Aries, another one of the Golden Key Zodiacs, so much so that Loke wanted to break her contract with Karen. Loke lasts THREE YEARS outside of the Stellar Spirit World, over 100 times the amount that would have broken Aries.
    • Only to be outdone by Capricorn who been outside even longer, 17 YEARS!!!
      • Capricorn was different, as he was actually Zoldeo merged with Capricorn's body
  • Though he didn't win in the end, Elfman gets major props during his fight with Rustyrose. After hearing of Grimoire Heart's plan, Elfman calls bullshit on it, charges Rustyrose and manages to grab the big claw his right arm is transformed into. He then proceeds to use Take Over on his own right arm, with the exact same claw Rustyrose has. While he blocked the attack, Elfman grabbed his glasses and crushed them, allowing Evergreen to turn Rustyrose to stone.
    • Rustyrose, the actual winner of said fight, in his own crowning moment, doesn't get turned to stone, because he summoned a new pair of glasses, revealing he had Reality Warper powers based on his imaginations (with several limits and conditions as he mentions). Then he summons a giant tower which lifts Elfman and Evergreen into the air before exploding.
  • Natsu and Lucy tag-teaming Kain Hikaru, using a voodoo doll.
  • Juvia scaring Erza.
    • To go into detail, Juvia just had the crap beaten out of her by the person she and Erza are fighting. Then Meredy mentions her intention to kill Gray. Juvia gets back up and is so pissed that Erza, freaking Erza gets scared.
  • Fairy Tail gets props for having one of these in a FILLER episode (Episode 72). Four words. Gray, Juvia, Unison Raid. Also, Gajeel saves Natsu by drilling through the lacrima/crystal thing that he's being kept in and telling everyone to feed Natsu with fire, and everyone feeding Natsu with fire.
  • Chapter 233. Cana arrives with Fairy Glitter engraved on her arm to save Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Makarov, Charle and Happy from Bluenote. Unfortunately, since Cana just got the Fairy Glitter, she's not used to using it properly, as Bluenote painfully points out to her. Just as he is about to deal a finishing blow, Bluenote get's blown away by Gildarts. And HE IS PISSED.
  • Chapter 234. Fried and Bickslow pulling a BDH moment for the rest of the guild.
  • Chapter 235. Azuma literally uproots the giant Tenrou Tree, and has taken control of the entire Island's magic through his Lost Magic: Great Tree Arc. On top of that, it turns out that tree's magic, and that of the island's, has been protecting the Fairy Tail members, and keeping them. Now that its gone, they're being drained of their magical power, and Mirajane and Makarov might actually DIE now.
  • Chapter 237 Erza defeats Azuma.
  • Chapter 238 has this: Azuma's body becomes the new Tenrou tree and the magic is back to normal and leads us to the following:
    • Bickslow uses his Figure Eyes to control Elfman because he had ONE EYE OPEN. Rustyrose loses concentration from a powerful punch and Lisanna grows wings to kick Fried and give him momentum. Fried uses his magic to deliver a powerful blow and finish him off.
    • Meanwhile with Bluenote, Gildarts got his magic back and was able to DESTROY A CORE that Bluenote was gonna used based on a BLACK HOLE. The last we see of Bluenote? Well, Gildarts made his own vortex of destruction to send him flying.
  • Chapter 239: Ultear reveals herself as the true leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, which means she's possibly more powerful than the guy who creates black holes and the guy who drained Fairy Tail of their magic. She tries to start monologuing about how she can't be beaten. But Gray is having none of that shit, and he knocks Ultear right on her ass. One can only hope this is indicative of how bad he's going to beat her.
  • Chapter 240: Gray freezing his own blood in order to combat Ultear.
  • Chapter 242: Shit just got real. Orcus on His Throne no more. Time to see how the Third Generation holds up to Master Hades. Let's Get Dangerous indeed
  • Chapter 244: When everything seems hopeless, we get a Big Damn Heroes moment from LAXUS of all people!
  • Chapter 245: This chapter should honestly be renamed “Why Laxus is Awesome”. Not only does is the only character as of yet to deliver Hades a bit of trashing with little effort, but his mature, calm and rather heartwarming decision to lend Natsu his power so a member of Fairy Tail defeat the man who toke down their Guild Master shows just how much Laxus has grown. Character Development FTW.
  • Chapter 248: I quote the last words of this chapter because anything else is either a spoiler, or does not do it justice: "This is our guild!"
  • Chapter 250: Zeref taking down Hades for good with a kickass pose.

  Zeref: Repent.

  • Makarov performing You Shall Not Pass on the giant Black dragon that took away various limbs and organs off of Gildarts.
    • A bit of tearjerker and heartwarming as well, but Laxus is the first to understand his grandfather’s intention and immediately saves Natsu and is leading the other members out the island, even if its obvious its breaking his heart to do so. This fully cements him as not his father's son, but his grandfather's grandson.
  • Chapter 253: We are shown what a real dragon is made of when Acnologia atomizes Tenrou Island. With all the Fairy Tail members there still on it. In one shot.
  • Chapter 257: Makarov, Mirajane and Erza head over to Twilight Ogre's guild to "pay them back" for the years of hardship they brought to the remaining members of Fairy Tail during their 7 year time-skip.
  • Chapter 271: Lucy summoning two spirits at once, (something that's rather difficult to do, which she could never do before her training) and using them in a combo attack against Flare.
    • Her bringing Cancer later on, which means she summoned three spirits at once.
    • And then still being strong enough after that to beat the crap out of her enemy with her whip. Action Girl, indeed.
  • In chapter 272, Lucy, after being beaten up repeatedly due to her opponent's underhanded measures, finally gets a chance to counter attack after Natsu helps her out. Her counter attack? The same spell she used against Angel. Too bad Raven Tail's not one to play by the rules.
    • Natsu saving Asca from Flare's hair strand, after figuring out why Lucy wasn't fighting back.
  • Midway through the Edolas arc: Alt!Erza has recaptured Lucy, Happy and Carla and is gleefully preparing to stab all of them when the wall explodes inward, revealing none other than original Fairy Tail Gray and Erza, uncrystalized and ready to kick some alternate reality ass.
  • Chapter 276: Even though Natsu and Gajeel only get the third and second to last place in that day's contest, their sheer Determinator nature inspires the rest of Fairy Tail and wins over the public that was jeering at them yesterday.
  • Elfman brings home Fairy Tail's first victory in the Magic Games, and does so by beating Bacchus.
  • Chapter 279: A match between Mirajane and Jenny Realight (of Blue Pegasus) that somehow starts off as a swimsuit competition (after it was learned that the two used to model together) with many Fetish tropes throw in into the mix, until Jenny, feeling confident about herself, makes a wager that the loser pose nude in a magazine, and suddenly changes the match into a battle of strength. Mirajane, in response, demonstrates once again why she is called 'Demon', and simply wipes the floor with Jenny's arse, and celebrates her victory by reverting to her Proper Lady persona. Cue Big No from Jenny who must now submit to her own wager.
  • Chapter 280 has another mage being taken down a peg: Yukino of Sabertooth vs Kagura of Mermaid Heel. Yukino decides to make a bet with Kagura saying that the loser of the match will owe the winner their life. Kagura hesitates but ultimately agrees, admitting that she hesitated because she doesn't let people out of promises easily. So Yukino busts out her spirits, hitting Kagura with a Gravity Screw and a Water attack from Libra and Pisces respectively. When that doesn't cut the mustard, Yukino brings out her trump card, Ophiuchus, the Snake-Bearer and 13th Zodiac key. This is it for Kagura, right? WRONG! Not only does Kagura slice Ophiuchus to ribbons, she comes within an inch of taking Yukino's life. All without even drawing her sword from its scabbard. As Kagura is hailed the winner, she coldly reminds Yukino that her life now belongs to her. Damn.
  • Natsu has one in chapter 282: After learning what Sabretooth did to poor Yukino, he goes berserk, storm their hotel kicking the asses of everyone in the way and challenges their Master Jiemma to a duel, on one condition: if Natsu wins, Jiemma has to leave Sabretooth forever, just like Yukino did. Wow...
  • The awesomeness of the previous chapter's ending continue in this one, with Natsu continuing his rampage. Jemma sends another guild member to fight Natsu in Jemma's place only for Natsu to one-shot him. Natsu then unleashes a barrage of attacks on Jemma, though Jemma isn't fazed, but he does get Blown Across the Room by one of Natsu's punches. Eventually, Minerva finally appears and calmly puts a stop to all of this.
    • The best part has to be when Natsu tells them to take care of their friends. Rogue contemplates these words as Sting is seemingly terrified (or maybe excited) of how strong Natsu is.
    • Oh, and he also gained Jemma's respect. Think about it.
    • Sabertooth's Exceed even mention that Natsu being able to one-shot the guild member Jemma sent to fight him would make him one of the top ten members of Sabertooth.
    • Natsu giving up the fight to protect Happy is also pretty awesome as well as heartwarming. It shows that Natsu took Gildarts' lesson of knowing when to back down to heart and it reinforces the message he gave to Sabertooth.
  • Erza utterly owning ALL of the one hundred monsters in the Pandemonium game in Chapter 284. The strongest of the monsters is said to be a challenge for a Wizard Saint - i.e. someone of MAKAROV's level!! And, if the double page spread is any indication, she accomplished most of this without any armour! The look of utter shock on the faces of most the other competitors (as well as the audience) is just the icing on the cake.

 Erza: No...With this, it's no longer a game. ALL 100 WILL BE MY OPPONENTS! MY CHALLENGE RIGHT WILL BE 100.

Announcer: Th-that's impossible! It's not set up so that one person could possibly defeat them all!

Erza: I don't care.

    • The set up is the creamy filling. The contest is explained and discussed in detail making everyone, including the reader, believe it will be a long endrance compitition. Erza however has other plans throwing everyone for a loop.
  • In chapter 285, Jura shows again why he's a member of the Ten Wizard Saints by scoring a whopping 8544 with his awesome spell, overshadowing Orga's 3852 points (which itself is stated to be obscenely high). Then Cana, who has behaved like a total drunk ditz the whole time, reveals that she still has the Fairy Glitter and scores 9999 points. Not too bad, is it?
    • To be clear, 9999 was the limit of the scale. Cana outright broke the thing!
    • Also awesome since this means that Cana has become powerful enough to use Fairy Glitter effectively.
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