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The Chroma is Spiral energy.

Well, it does have an unusual tendency to spiral around. Janos' cell is covered in drawn spirals, and every energy attack in the game has a distinct spiral look to it.

The Chroma is The Force.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, some midichlorian-saturated asteroid started off at an unlikely trajectory and eventually wound up on Earth at a US military base.

    • Lucas will build a lightsaber for himself in Indigo Prophecy 2.

The Indigo Child is Haruhi Suzumiya.

  • She's so oblivious because she's mentally absorbed in rebuilding the world. At first, Indigo Haruhi's fantasies are straightforward, and mostly involve getting snow days to cancel classes. But by the final chapter, we're dealing with a (mental) time-traveler, an organization of Espers who can slide between worlds, and a race of AI superbeings. The AI beings and Espers seek to control the Suzumiya Child, while Lucas Kyon, thrust into this mess against his will, only wants to keep the world from being destroyed. Those spiral symbols? Precursors to the SOS Brigade logo.
    • A variation on this hypothesis is that the Indigo Child is not Haruhi, but that she did ghostwrite the last few chapters.
    • Wow, both these theories are awesome enough to make the bitter dissapointment of IP's last few hours bearable. Well, almost.

David Cage is completely insane.

...wait, how is this a theory?

  • No points for stating the obvious.
  • It's a theory in the same way that science has the cell theory, the theory of gravity, etc. They're well-established ideas with a lot of proof backing them. But it's not a wild mass guess.

Lucas is Puma Man

That's why he has the abilty to fly around and do crazy stunts and yet, never really accomplish anything. The oracle is Vadhino gone bad.

One of Lucas' friends knows Ethan Mars.

Since Ethan gets Lucas' apartment if he makes it out alive with Shaun.

Next time Lucas gets into the fight between the Orange and Purple Clan, he will make a Heroic Sacrifice.

After having realized that he is no match between the two clans, he has activated the self-destruct power inside him, killing him and the two clans.

  • What if Lucas had the godlike powers from the Good ending?

The Oracle is Lucas' evil future self.

Think about it. He made Lucas kill John Winston to reactivate the powers he didn't use as a kid, and on the top of that, he planted visions where Lucas almost got killed. When the Oracle falls into the Chroma source, Lucas goes to the Indigo Child, who whispers him a revelation: the Oracle is himself from the future trying to prepare him to use his powers for good.

Lucas Kane is a long-lost relative of Neo.

The entire game is All Just a Dream for Lucas.

During the flashback of Lucas going to a Wishita hangar, he is shocked by what he saw in there. It is never shown if he recovers from the shock or not. Therefore, all this entire time, he goes into coma in order to cope with what happened in his childhood. All the characters (except Marcus) that are interacting with him are aspects of himself.

  • Himself = Self/Ego
  • Carla = his Id
  • Tyler = his Super Ego
  • Tiffany = his Anima
  • The Oracle = his Shadow Archetype

Lucas comes across a Marker in the Wishita base.

The Oracle is a time traveler.

According to Professor Kuriakin, he states that it is not possible that a Mayan Oracle could still live in the modern times. Somehow, in his timeline, the Oracle has gained a power to travel to the present day.

Lucas will fight the leaders of the Orange Clan in the sequel.

Why not? I would like to see that would happen.

The reason Lucas breaks off with Tiffany is...

  • Doesn't want to get a risk of hurting her ever since his childhood at Wishita.

Lucas Kane is autistic.

He has trouble with socializing anyone. This is shown in his childhood flashback when he refuses to play with Marcus and the other kids, and when he lives all alone in an apartment without Marcus or Tiffanny, whom he broke apart, around.

  • He has shown signs of high-functioning autism due to the fact that he is a bookworm reading Shakespeare books.

Lucas was really insane the entire time.

There really was no Oracle, nor was there an Orange or Purple Clan. Lucas was really a paranoid schizophrenic, who killed people out of a belief that he was getting possessed through a magic rite. When the cop visited him the day after the murder in the diner, his apartment was shown to us the way he saw it, when really it was the way Carla and Tyler saw it when they came to arrest him later on. The reason why the first cop didn't arrest Lucas following the diner murder is that there wasn't any real evidence indicating him right then.

The game is a Stable Time Loop.

Okay, here's how this theory goes. In the start of the game, Lucas is a zombie sitting alone in an unknown place. This is his future. Somehow, he manages to acquire a power to travel back in time to stop himself from gaining these powers. His reason to do this is because he never wanted to be a god as said in the happy ending.

From here, the events are being played out in the prologue, with Lucas doing something to lead him to this state. It would start with the Oracle having possessed him to kill John Winston in a restaurant. This sets off the events in motion such as being a fugitive of New York, and his powers are beginning to strengthen. While he supposedly travel back to the present, his monologue is vague. Therefore, the events of the game are played endlessly over and over again.

The crow is The Crow.

Just saying so.

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